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Free Ransomware Removal/Response/Rescue Kit or Tool Available Online

Free Ransomware Removal/Response/Rescue Kit or Tool Available Online

If you have been hit hard by a Ransomware infection, there is good news. Below is a link to a Ransomware Removal Kit that you may use to remove the malware/virus or decrypt your files that were encrypted or made unreadable by the malicious computer program. Thousands of computers around the world have been infected with Ransomware, which are malicious computer programs or malware that encrypt documents, photos and other important files on the victims’ computers, and then demand a ransom for the documents, photos and other files to be decrypted or made readable again.

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Also, Ransomware will block or restrict access to a victim’s computer and demand that a ransom be paid in order to remove the block or restriction.

Photos, documents and other files encrypted by the Ransomware cannot be viewed until they are decrypted. Attempts to open an encrypted file will display gibberish or some funny looking characters. The encrypted files will only be useful or readable after they have been decrypted.

Now, this is why it is important that you backup your files regularly. You may backup your files by copying them to a thumb drive, CD/DVD, external hard drive, or in the cloud. There are a lot of free and trustworthy cloud storage providers available on the internet that you may use to store a copy of your important files.

Victims of Ransomware should not pay the ransom because the cyber-criminals behind the Ransomware cannot be trusted. And paying the ransom will encourage them to continue tricking people into infecting their computers with Ransomware and paying the ransoms. Cyber-criminals are collecting thousands or even millions of dollars from victims of Ransomware by extorting money from.

CryptoLocker, CoinVault, FBIRansomWare,CryptoDefense and TeslaCrypt are some of the most popular ransomware, which are extorting money from their victims.


The size of the Ransomware kit is approximately 600 MB, and it is recommended that the tool or kit be used by an experienced computer user. The Kit consist of a Zip file that contains instructions for the removal of atleast 13 ransomware.

Remember, if you are attempting to decrypt files, please make a backup copy of the files first, before you attempt to use the kit or tool.

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