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Phishing Scam - "Your Account Has Been Limited PayPal ID PP-658-119-34"

Phishing Scam - "Your Account Has Been Limited PayPal ID PP-658-119-34"

The email message below: "Your Account Has Been Limited PayPal ID PP-658-119-34", which claims that the recipients need to verify their profile information and restore your account access, is a phishing scam. The fake email message was created by cyber-criminals to trick the recipients into opening and completing the attached fake HTML form.

Please continue reading below.

Information (first name, last name, email address, date of birth, PayPal password and home phone number) submitted on the form will be sent to the cyber-criminals, who will use it to hijack the recipients' accounts, who have followed the instructions in the bogus PayPal email message.

For persons who have already fallen victim to the phishing scam, please change your PayPal password immediately and check your account for any discrepancies.

The Phishing Email Message

Subject: Your Account Has Been Limited PayPal ID PP-658-119-34

Identity Issue PP-658-119-347 Secure Transaction

Please complete the attached form to verify your Profile information and restore your account access.

Personal Information Profile

Make sure you enter the information accurately, and according to the formats required.

Fill in all the required fields.

Dear customer ,

As part of our efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for the online community, we regularly screen account activity. Our review of your account has identified an issue regarding its safe use. We have placed a restriction on your account as a precaution.

To lift the restriction we will require some further information from you.

If, once we review your further information and we're confident that the use of your account does not present a safety risk to our service and customers, we'll be happy to reinstate your account.

We have sent you an attachment which contains all the necessary steps in order to restore your account access. Download and open it in your browser. After we have gathered the necessary information, you will regain full access to your account.

We thank you for your prompt attention

Very sincerely,

PayPal Review Department

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