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Is the Website "" a Scam or is it Trustworthy?

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Is the Website "" a Scam or is it Trustworthy?

The website "" and the email message below that has a link to it, should not be trusted. The same website, which claims it helps consumers access money needed fast without a lot of hassles or time required, is not trustworthy. The website is not trustworthy because it collects very sensitive information from online users, but does not provide a secure connection to protect that same information.

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A secure connection (https), which is a requirement for websites that collect sensitive information, is used by legitimate companies to protect their online users’ sensitive information, when it is being transmitted over the internet from the users’ computers to their servers.

Also, the security and trust logos on the website are fakes, because they are not active. You cannot click on the logos to verify their authenticity.

The Website

Now for the email message (see below), which is being sent to thousands of people, encouraging them to visit the untrustworthy website: “”, we do not recommend following the instructions in it.

The “” Untrustworthy Email Message

From: Sarah
Subject: [name removed] from cv

[name removed],

Congratulations on your continued employment at cv with a monthly earnings of 1500. Do you still reside at [address removed] with the same phone # [number removed] and a birthday of 19710701?

We still have your application on file from earlier this year when you utilized our services to borrow some money. We are reaching out to you again because you're already fully approved to borrow money again should you have the need.

Since our records indicate that you made payments on time we are extending out another offer, except this time we can cut the fees and interest rate down by 80% and will get you setup again with absolutely no upfront expenses or further credit checks since your already in the system.

To take advantage of this offer we are presenting to you simply visit to apply via our dedicated portal only available to existing customers such as yourself. Should you no longer be interested in our services, simply click the unsubscribe button below to be permanently removed from our customer database.


Client Retentions
Now Owned By Bank Of America

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