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Is, Email Processing 4 Cash or Posting Ads for Profits a Scam?

Is, Email Processing 4 Cash or Posting Ads for Profits a Scam?

The website "," which claims it does "email processing 4 cash" or "posting ads for profits," is just another online scam. The fake work-from-home money making system promises making money by promoting the idea of making money. But, you only make money when you trick people into signing up for the same website.

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They call it “email processing” which is actually processing emails from people who just got scammed into sending you $25 for no real product or service. The same people will then convince others into giving them $25 to do the same.

This is just a modern day version of the Envelope Stuffing scams that were running rampant years ago. You make money by promoting the idea of making money, which is misleading.
Envelope stuffing scam is one of the oldest schemes around, but for many scammers it's still a license to steal. Stuffers pay a nominal startup fee for the opportunity to pull in a ridiculous $1 or $10 for every letter licked. When the envelopes never arrive, the unsuspecting realize they were the ones who got stuffed.

Craigslist, Backpage and Paypal are cracking down on this scam. You won't even be able to post to Craigslist, Oodle, Backpage or any major advertisement companies because they have blocked anything that has to do with the name of the website.

Also, when you join EPS they tell you to post your ads in the jobs section of major cities on the Craigslist, even though this is an indirect violation of Craigslist posting rules! If you do succeed in getting your ads posted, you will be competing with literally thousands and thousands of other people who are posting similar ads, hoping to find people to trick into buying into the scam.

With EPS, you are selling nothing but promises. There isn’t a product or a service. The $25 is a “finders fee” and there is a $10 fee that goes to Ya Ya Services if you choose to let them “build” you a cookie-cutter website.

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