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Beware of www.lilplay.com - It is a Fraudulent Website

2016-02-12T10:21:50  +
Beware of www.lilplay.com - It is a Fraudulent Website

The website "www.lilplay.com", which claims it lets you play games, listen music, read books, watch movies and download software directly in your browser or download on your phone, computer and tablet, is being condemned or criticized by online users who have tried the service. So, is Lilplay a scam or not? Based on the information that we have gathered about the website "www.lilplay.com", we have considered it to be a deceptive website and do not recommend using it.

Please continue below.

Let us start with their cancellation policy. The website claims that they offer a 5-day trial period, but they will force you to use their “Express Online Cancellation service,” which will charge you $1. Please see the cancellation instructions below.

The Website's Deceptive Cancellation Request

Cancel your account immediately with our Express Online Cancellation service. Paying a small fee of just $0.99 ($1.00 during trial) will push your cancellation request to the top of the queue so it is effective immediately. You will receive an email confirming the details of your cancellation shortly after.

This is a very tricky way of deceiving people in a legal way. How can a company or organization offer a free trial and then ask their customers to pay a fee to cancel before it ends. And, why is there is an Online Express cancellation service that the company claims will put a request at the top of the queue. I think the owner of www.lilplay.com takes its users for fools, or is just outright scamming them.

Another reason we don’t trust this website is because of the fake “VeriSign Secured” and “Hacker Safe” seals or logos.

The Fake VeriSign Secured and Hacker Safe Seals or Logos

VeriSign Secured and Hacker Safe Seals or Logos

The security and trusted seals/logos on the website’s page that asks for credit card information are not clickable. Legitimate trusted seals or logos should be clickable, because this allows visitors to the same website to view the legitimacy of the seals or logos. Once visitors click on the seals, it should take them to VeriSign or Hacker Safe websites, where they will be provided with information about the website.

We have gotten a lot of complaints about the website lilplay.com and have listed some of them below.

The Complaints We Have Received About LilPlay

  • "I googled an ebook I wanted. clicked on a link to this site to get the ebook. Had to resister, used credit card, forces you to pay a £1 for a free 5 day membership. Searched for the ebook, it was not there. I think anything your searching for is not there, its just a front to get your money and forcing you to pay a monthly subscription. I ended up having to get a new credit card... Dont touch this web site Vic"
  • "They claim to have an ebook that I want and said I can sign up to access a 5 days free trial membership. I give my credit card information and they charge me $44.9 without my authorization. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CARD INFORMATION!!!!!! This is a scam!!!!"
  • "I signed up for the 5 day "FREE" trial and realized they didn't have the show they were advertising. I cancelled my account 15 minutes after I opened it. Well they CHARGED me $1 to cancel online supposedly. I called to complain and the rude woman finally refunded my $1.... well we shall see, she said she would refund the $1 dollar, I'll have to wait and check in a few days. But how many people I wonder do they charge a dollar that don't even notice because the amount is so minimal.total SCAM! DO not trust a website that says free 5 day trial, and cancel within 15 minutes but they charge $1 to cancel. Pathetic!"
  • "This site steals books and other works posted in other locations and then sells "memberships" to access these stolen works. This whole place is a scam, and I know dozens of authors who have sent in DMCA notices, and yet, they continue to steal works indiscriminately in order to sell these memberships."
  • "I went to the site for a free 5 day trial. They advertised several books I wanted. They had none of them. Then I found out they charge to cancel. They said they promised NOT to charge if I cancel. Then they have a FAQ they want U to read that says there is something in the fine print that costs me $20 Potentially illegal! Then I researched and found out they may not have title to sell the books they are selling. YOU won't get anything from this site, its a scam for your credit card info"

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Comments, Questions and Reviews
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  • Posted: 2018-03-12T05:45:42 by an anonymous user from or near: Hegins, Pennsylvania, United States

    I have the Malwarebytes program on my laptop and it picks up lilplay.com as an inbound and I have never visited the website, I don't understand why it keeps popping up and I want to stop it, could it be a cookie? If anyone knows how to delete this from my computer so I wont see my software blocking it all the time, it happens everyday and I want it GONE! If anyone has any input on how to delete this from my computer I would greatly appreciate it.


    • Posted: 2018-03-12T05:52:41 by info

      Probably you visited a website with malicious advertisements that was trying to create a popup window to lilplay.


  • Posted: 2017-11-24T11:40:11 by an anonymous user from or near: Rickmansworth, England, United Kingdom

    I found log information for lilplay . com on my iPhone keychain which I DID NOT put there, I hadn't even heard of it. Luckily, I couldn't find anywhere on the site to log in to see what was going on, then Googled it to find out more. Very dodgy.


  • Posted: 2017-06-01T18:21:57 by an anonymous user from or near: San Diego, California, United States

    Good information. I think I fell for it one time, thanks.


  • Posted: 2017-05-01T19:07:58 by an anonymous user from or near: Kingston, Jamaica

    www.geeker.com is similar to lilplay.com.


  • Posted: 2017-01-27T14:29:12 by an anonymous user from or near: Fleetwood, England, United Kingdom

    I have never contacted or knowingly subscribed to LilPlay, however they are regularly taking money from my debit card. I can only think that I have been scammed whilst subscribing to something else. I have contacted my bank today to report the matter.


  • Posted: 2016-12-28T11:23:52 by an anonymous user from or near: Illinois, United States

    I would like to cancel my account.


    • Posted: 2016-12-28T17:35:57 by info

      Do not trust them to cancel your account. Just contact your bank and ask them to give you a new credit card and/or cancel all the charges from Lilplay.


  • Posted: 2016-12-22T13:23:49 by an anonymous user from or near: Tucumcari, New Mexico, United States

    OMG, I used and it had charged my card 6 times in one month; did not notice until I looked at my transactions. DO NOT Use!


  • Posted: 2016-12-18T19:56:02 by an anonymous user from or near: North Richland Hills, Texas, United States

    I'm in real trouble, can someone help me? How I can contact these fraudsters. I really need to have a good chat with them before I face a real horror.


  • Posted: 2016-12-15T03:29:41 by an anonymous user from or near: San José, Provincia de San Jose, Costa Rica

    Lilplay.com and tzarmedia.com are the same site of scam that ask you as a requirement, in my case, was looking for chapters of a series that I never found.

    To create an account it offered a free service but to continue and be able to use it, it supposedly asks you to give them the data of your card only for, I perhaps at some point you want or request their premier service. NO I DIDN'T REQUEST A MEMBERSHIP OR I HAD USE OF THEIR FALSE SERVICES AND I GENERATED CHARGES FOR $22.95.

    The help in their request a premiery membership in their ads say no collections are generated if one does NOT request the premier membership and no other services have nothing to offer basically. They are cybercriminals who clearly take advantage of the carelessness and lack of suspicion. The best thing to do is contact the bank and report the card.

    Those who work on dismantling these types of crimes please do something so that these sites do not work as easily.

    You are looking for a book a movie etc ... in google and yutube and it directs you quickly to these sites. The site can have different name but opening tzarmedia takes you to Lilplay.


  • Posted: 2016-12-13T07:08:05 by info

    Received via email:

    I was searching for streaming episodes of few TV show i like. One of my co-worker refered me Popcorntime app.

    Since I couldn't find it on the AppStore, I was looking for it online and the download link sent me to Lilplay.com.

    Now look like they got me and I can't even go back to login and cancel it and make them stop taking money out of my card. It's like they blocked my user and password giving me an error message.

    How can I get to stop those payment without having to change my card?"


    • Posted: 2016-12-13T07:15:59 by info

      Contact your bank for help, they maybe able to block the transactions.


  • Posted: 2016-12-10T13:00:38 by info

    Received via email:

    "Just wrote a book that is listed on www.lilplay.com I want it off their list. What can I do?


    • Posted: 2016-12-10T13:17:58 by info

      Reflected Networks (www.reflected.net/) is hosting their website. Therefore, contact Reflected Networks using the following information:

      Tel: 18778883800
      email: sales@reflected.net

      Tell Reflected Networks that one of their customers is illegally selling your book. Let them know that their customer name is www.lilplay.com and they are using the following IP address:

      Hopefully, this will help convince their host to shut them down. The more complaints and proof their host receive that they are scammers, will help shut them down quicker.


  • Posted: 2016-12-03T08:38:00 by info

    Received via email:

    "I feel like a REAL IDIOT -- first SCAM I have fallen for in 20 years of the Interweb! Just like everyone else, I joined because they promised a book I wanted to download as part of my 'Five Day Free Trial' (hahahahahaha).
    Then, whatever you check, they ALWAYS charge your card $1 "for UNICEF" -- to test if it's a real card number, and because they hope you won't be bothered about a $1 charge to a "Good Cause" -- except UNICEF never even see the $1 of course!

    They ALSO charged 1c to my card! -- ALSO to test I hadn't put a STOP on the card, so the bank says.

    The bank has refunded my $1 already as a "good faith gesture", because REALLY getting the $1 back from them would actually cost the bank almost $50 apparently!

    My bank has had LOTS of reports about LilPlay, they say, but won't refuse ALL charges to it, OR add it to a FRAUDSTER database, "because it has legitimate aspects""


  • Posted: 2016-11-25T01:49:11 by an anonymous user from or near: Zurrieq, Iz-Zurrieq, Malta

    I have tried the website and without knowing I have been charged 5 us dollars a month.... do not beleive anything the website says... my question is how to get out of this and stop them.


    • Posted: 2016-11-25T05:20:56 by info

      Contact your bank and have them cancel and block further charges, or give you a new credit card.


  • Posted: 2016-11-24T21:13:27 by info

    Received via email:

    "Just notice my account has been hacked since July of this year. Have no knowledge of using this site.(lilplay.com) This organization is a ripoff; and has my account overdrawn almost $90.00"


  • Posted: 2016-11-24T15:18:37 by an anonymous user from or near: Taylor, Michigan, United States

    I didn't read before u registoring, now I gotta undo. Thank God for Chase they usually don't release funds to scammers without my consent.


  • Posted: 2016-11-10T06:04:01 by an anonymous user from or near: Sleidinge, Flanders, Belgium

    I was nearly fooled myself, the only thing you can do is stop your ceredit card and ask for a new one. Pete.


  • Posted: 2016-10-22T16:48:09 by an anonymous user from or near: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Run, run fast! This is a scam. To good to be true nothing in this world is free!

    These scam artists just want to max out your credit card.


  • Posted: 2016-10-08T21:35:46 by info

    Received via email:

    "Got burnt badly to the tune of $32.06.

    Took up 5 day free trial reluctantly / THEN DIDN'T feel right so I - put in a email to withdraw immediately after I somehow got coned into somehow agreeing .
    No reply , next I new 5 days later I had the above amount withdrawn for what ? THEY WORDED IT PENDING. PENDING FOR WHAT!?

    I will be changing my credit card number immediately . The damage has been done now big time .THEY ARE DEFINITELY A SCAM . PLEASE INFORM EVERYBODY OF THIS AND HELP SHUT THEM DOWN IMMEDIATELY.


  • Posted: 2016-10-03T10:54:25 by an anonymous user from or near: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

    My husband thought he could watch a game on here, signed up (3$) realized it was a fake website and deactivated his account (1$). 3 days later the comany charged 20$ to his card. CANCEL CARD.


    • Posted: 2016-11-06T00:08:57 by an anonymous user from or near: Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India

      Can you please tell me how to deactivate my account.


      • Posted: 2016-11-06T00:30:53 by info

        You can't, and even if they say otherwise, they can't be trusted. Please contact your bank and have them block all transactions from Lilplay or give you a new credit card, or else Lilplay will continue to charge your credit card.


  • Posted: 2016-10-01T18:51:21 by an anonymous user from or near: Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

    Could someone please help me find where we can cancel or unsubscribe to this site as I only wanted to see if they had anything worthy of offering?

    They did not email me to let me know that I had a 5 day free trail and as I try to look for the site I cannot find it so I cannot unsubscribe.

    They have taken money out of my account and I would like some help in terminating them from gaining anymore access from my account.

    Any help out there?


    • Posted: 2016-10-24T06:39:09 by an anonymous user from or near: Robstown, Texas, United States

      I had to cancel my debit card. I got info from bank as to how to contact them.


    • Posted: 2016-10-16T00:31:07 by an anonymous user from or near: Illinois, United States

      Best bet seems like youre just going to have to cancel your current credit card.


    • Posted: 2016-10-01T19:58:44 by info

      You cannot cancel or unsubscribe, therefore, please contact your bank for help. They will either block the fraudulent transactions or give you a new card.

      If you don't take action quickly, the scammers will continue to charge your card without your consent.


  • Posted: 2016-09-28T11:31:20 by an anonymous user from or near: Salinas, California, United States

    It is a scam. I called today to cancel a membership that I did not authorized and the answering machine do to certain issues we can't answer your call. I was like, what the hell, what does that have to do with it and it seems like it's a middle Eastern company, what can you expect. Dam! I feel dumb for falling for the web site and not to tell you Youtube promotes it on their website don't use Lilplay. It's a fake page; now I am cancelling my card after I got charged $2.96 for a 5 day free trial and then a 0.01 cent I don't know for what.


  • Posted: 2016-09-23T08:13:34 by an anonymous user from or near: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

    I too saw several charges on my statement, but it was for just a penny. Nevertheless, I was baffled about the charge. So I googled the site and looking thru my options I ended up here. Upon reading other people's comments, I found out it could be a cancellation fee. I recall reading a phrase saying my card would not be charged. What da f***.

    I was searching for a movie that I really wanted to see, and they did not even have it. Why do they advertise false things like that. Shouldn't that be illegal. Surely someone should stop these sites from pulling that bullshit on people and publicize it. Better yet, ban the site.


  • Posted: 2016-09-19T23:31:01 by info

    Received via email:

    "I went to a site that typically streams movies for free. I've been on this site a few times and never been asked to set up an account but it's been a while so I assumed things changed. When you click to play the movie it routed me to lilplay.com requesting me to enter my email and create a password. It then asked for my credit card info saying it's only stored for future use in case I upgrade to the premium plan. Once I entered my card info I received a pop up message saying lilplay could not authorize my credit card number and said to enter a different card number. I checked my online credit activity and there is a payment pending for .01 cent. The site never played my movie! I'm canceling my credit card now. This is a major scam and I feel major stupid for believing it was legit.


  • Posted: 2016-09-19T23:15:29 by info

    Received via email:


    The web already taken from me three times from my bank account without me knowing anything. I just saw this EIMHIR*LILPLAY.COM in my credits card payment details and I find out they scam me. They wrote 5 days trail without charging but they took my money three times from my bank account. What can I do?"


    • Posted: 2016-09-19T23:16:24 by info

      Contact your bank and let them know that a fraudulent website is charging your card. Have them reverse the charges and refund the money back to your account, and tell them to block further transaction.


  • Posted: 2016-09-18T19:20:24 by an anonymous user from or near: Northfield, Ohio, United States

    I was looking for a textbook online. I had to join (but they *guarantee* no charges!!) to access the book. Of course they didn't have it. Cancel online! Any time! Yeah, how!? I can't find anywhere on the site to cancel. This is a complete waste. There is nothing new on on it, I checked since I just paid $20. Old books, old movies...ugh. Can't believe I fell for this.


    • Posted: 2016-09-18T20:33:26 by info

      They will continue to charge your credit card, so please have your cancel the current charges and block future transactions from them.


  • Posted: 2016-09-16T07:53:00 by an anonymous user from or near: Houston, Texas, United States

    They took $1.07 two days in a row on the 12th &13th of this month so I'll report them because u canceled right away after the movie I wanted to see wouldn't appear.


  • Posted: 2016-09-08T09:11:08 by an anonymous user from or near: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

    Total rip off. I don't even know where this charge came from but I don't have time to argue with thieves so I just report it to my bank.


  • Posted: 2016-09-06T08:34:18 by info

    Received via email:

    "How do I block payment to EIMHIR*LILPLAY.COM which is charging me 35 USD every month"


    • Posted: 2016-09-06T08:34:41 by info

      Please contact your bank for help.


  • Posted: 2016-09-02T04:15:12 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

    How am I going to be getting my money here. I mean what to do an how to request my money.


    • Posted: 2016-09-02T06:32:45 by info

      Please contact your bank. Have them cancel the transaction and block anymore transaction from them.


  • Posted: 2016-08-30T17:38:12 by an anonymous user from or near: Hadleigh, England, United Kingdom

    Scam! I'm not happy because i signed up and now they are causing me lots of stress. I cant believe the site aint taken down; shame on them people; taking money from people.

    Please do not sign up or give bank details; stay away.

    I need to sort this mess out now just because they scammed me!


  • Posted: 2016-08-28T07:36:39 by info

    Received via email:

    "Hello, The website Lilplay.com charged 19.95 on my credit card and I never opened an account with them. I'm highly upset by this scam. Please put a stop to this. Thanks!"


    • Posted: 2016-08-28T07:38:05 by info

      Please contact your bank. Have them cancel the transaction and block anymore transaction from them.


  • Posted: 2016-08-21T17:42:38 by an anonymous user from or near: Edgware (Colindale), England, United Kingdom

    The site is a total scam. When I signed in to watch a film I clicked on films and a notice came up to subscribe to their premium site at £6.95 a month. There was no way to watch anything without signing up to this so what happened to the 5 day free trial I have no idea. Well I knew then I had been duped I did not sign up for the premium site. I then rang my Bank cancelled the card, then found an email communication and told them what I thought, and I wanted my supposed free trial cancelled and my card has been blocked by the Bank so no payment can be taken. They did reply saying my account was cancelled and no further payment would be taken. I laughed I thought well you cannot take further payment. They never explained themselves were just Happy to let me go If you have signed up just ring your Bank cancel your card then email them that you want it cancelled, They cannot then come back on you . I have learned to stay away from all such sites.


  • Posted: 2016-08-17T16:24:44 by an anonymous user from or near: Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States

    I was also fooled into the phishing site looking for movies that weren't available on Netflix or Amazon. But now I see my account has been charged 35.50 a month for this service. THIS IS A SCAM! DONT FALL FOR IT!!! My credit union said the only way to stop this is to cancel my present credit card. Well, I guess that's what have to do.


  • Posted: 2016-08-14T22:16:06 by an anonymous user from or near: Chicago, Illinois, United States

    I joined lilplay and I was taken; they deducted 4.99 so far. How can I cancel my account please.


    • Posted: 2016-08-14T22:41:42 by info

      They say you can cancel, but we do not trust them. Contact your bank and ask them to block transactions from lilplay or let them give you a new card.


  • Posted: 2016-08-14T20:56:08 by info

    Received via email:

    "I recently signed up to lil play to see if there was any good movies. Ave cancelled my account and that is now 3 times I have went on and done it and they keep taking money out of my bank !! I am fuming and don't know how to put a stop to it !!"


  • Posted: 2016-08-13T19:53:38 by an anonymous user from or near: Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

    On my visa account EIMHIR*LILplay.com shows on my statement this month It Shows June 29/16 for 42.13 then at the bottom shows July 29/16 for 42.58 its like its going up a little at a time. This site is showing on my account for a long while. I make monthly payments all the time but this amount come back a little more every month. What do I do?


    • Posted: 2016-08-13T21:03:27 by info

      Contact your bank and dispute the charge and block future transactions from lilplay.


  • Posted: 2016-08-07T15:28:26 by info

    Received via email:

    "I joined lilyplay for 5-day trial. but $44.89 was deducted from my bank account without my authorization. I want to cancel membership and my credit card detail. but I don't know how. can you help me please??"


    • Posted: 2016-08-07T15:30:57 by info

      Please contact your bank and let them know that you have used your credit card unknowingly on a fraudulent website. They will determine whether to cancel your current card and reissue a new one, or cancel the transactions and refund your money.


      • Posted: 2016-08-13T19:54:41 by an anonymous user from or near: Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

        Will on monday when bank is open.


  • Posted: 2016-08-04T20:37:35 by info

    Received via email:

    "How do I stop EIMHIR*LILPlay.com London from taking money out of my account when I don't use there service."


    • Posted: 2016-08-04T20:38:35 by info

      Please contact your bank and have them reject the transactions or issue a new card to you.


      • Posted: 2016-08-13T19:56:07 by an anonymous user from or near: Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

        I just had my card replaced because it was lost. This was used on the older Visa card.


  • Posted: 2016-07-30T10:12:43 by info

    Received via email:

    "Good afternoon. I can do to cancel EIMHIR * LILPLAY.COM I wanted to buy an e-book and I found it a fraud and still charging . I will appreciate your help.

    J. Antonio"


    • Posted: 2016-07-30T10:14:27 by info

      Please contact your bank for help. Let them cancel the transaction or change your credit card. The bank will advise you. Let them know you unknowingly used your credit card on a fraudulent website.


  • Posted: 2016-07-21T03:11:46 by an anonymous user from or near: Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

    Hi, I've just checked my bank account details and Lilplay.com have taken 2.99 out of my account how do I stop this.


    • Posted: 2016-07-21T06:24:08 by info

      Report it to your bank.


  • Posted: 2016-07-18T21:40:32 by an anonymous user from or near: Hartselle, Alabama, United States

    It is a bad site.


  • Posted: 2016-07-17T07:44:43 by an anonymous user from or near: Motherwell, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Stay away from lilplay.


  • Posted: 2016-06-30T17:06:58 by an anonymous user from or near: Picayune, Mississippi, United States

    I put my information and clicked continue but when I tried to cancel it, the site had already taken the money out of my account and if I cancel it, do I get my money back?


    • Posted: 2016-06-30T17:26:13 by info

      The website cannot be trusted, even when they say they will cancel your account. They may even charge your card after the so-called cancellation.

      I recommend contacting your bank. Let them know that you have unknowingly entered your credit card information on a fraudulent website.


  • Posted: 2016-06-27T11:15:59 by an anonymous user from or near: El Paso, Texas, United States

    A $34.95 charge appeared on my Sam's MasterCard July statement from LILPLAY.com. Sam's is not being very helpful. What can I do on my end?


    • Posted: 2016-06-27T12:16:59 by info

      Contact your bank. They may ask you to cancel your current card and get a new one.


  • Posted: 2016-06-27T05:55:13 by info

    Received via email:

    Hi I was wondering could u help me here because I obviously signed up for this ages ago and cannot remember this and it's taking money out of my account every month and I want it to stop please. I don't want to be signed up for this anymore.

    Can u try and help me please


    Please get onto me ASAP



    • Posted: 2016-06-27T05:56:57 by info

      Please contact your bank for help. They may cancel your current card and give you a new one.


  • Posted: 2016-06-12T10:53:33 by info

    Received via email:

    I was looking for a movie, was directed to lilplay, signed up with them, gave my credit card details, and then when I searched for the movie...no movie. I cancelled immediately. Still not sure what is going to happen now, but beware, I think it is just a scam to get your credit card details. I think my next step is to cancel my credit card. Suck a waste of time and money.


  • Posted: 2016-06-09T08:08:09 by info

    Received via email:

    I just registered at LilPlay.com and regretted doing initial investigation and/or background check about the company. I'm on a 5-day free trial. Is there a way I can safely cancel my membership without incurring any charges?


    • Posted: 2016-06-09T08:19:23 by info

      The website cannot be trusted, therefore, there is no guarantee that they will not charge your credit card, even after you have canceled.

      Please contact your bank for advise. Ask them if they can stop credit card transactions from the website.

      They may ask you to get a new credit card.


  • Posted: 2016-06-05T10:06:25 by an anonymous user from or near: St Louis, Missouri, United States

    They also deceive you with the fact that the website is free $0.00 and when u put in your credit card information it reveals the real cost, it is a total scam website everyone should beware of. I fear they might be selling credit cards to scammers around the world.


  • Posted: 2016-05-26T11:54:27 by an anonymous user from or near: Bracknell, England, United Kingdom

    Be careful - Tzarmedia appears to be the same website as www.lilplay.com and may have the same problems? The website is the same format as lilplay so is this the same thing? please advise!


  • Posted: 2016-05-26T11:48:20 by an anonymous user from or near: Bracknell, England, United Kingdom

    This is what they say about their cancellation:

    Cancellation by You.
    The initial repeated Eimhir Ltd monthly premium cost is valid for an initial period starting on the date your paid monthly service begins, and it will continue until through your next anniversary date.to illustrate, if your trial ends on the 15th of August, and your paid monthly premium starts on the 16th of August, your monthly premium cost gives you access to Eimhir Ltd benefits until the 16th of September, and then you will be invoiced on September 16th (which is your anniversary date) for the following period of time (the 17th of September to the 16th of October). You can cancel this at any point, and you won’t be charged. So, for that same example, if you cancel on the 31st of August, you won’t get invoiced on the 16th of September, but you will still have your benefits until the end of the period that you had paid for.to cancel your plan, call 44-203-300-0135 for Canada and the United States, or 1-302-722-4141 for international customers; these numbers are available 7 days a week from 0AM to 12PM. When you call to cancel, you will have to provide a reason to Eimhir Ltd as to why you are doing so.

    From many coments, this is by no means true.


  • Posted: 2016-05-25T10:43:28 by info

    Received via email message:

    I didn’t sign and join the member on the www.lilplay.com. However start this year, at the beginning of each month, my debit card start pay for this website. $35.75 each month. I didn't notice that at the beginning, i found out three days before. Is there any ways that i can recover my money?
    Thank you



    • Posted: 2016-05-25T10:43:40 by info

      Please contact your bank.


      • Posted: 2016-07-10T06:08:56 by an anonymous user from or near: Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines

        Aside from contacting your bank, what other option is there?


        • Posted: 2016-07-10T09:34:02 by info

          There is none known to me.


  • Posted: 2016-05-21T07:42:23 by info

    Received via email:

    I didn’t sign and join the member on the www.lilplay.com. However start this year, at the beginning of each month, my debit card start pay for this website. $35.75 each month. I didn’t notice that at the beginning, i found out three days before. Is there any ways that i can recover my money?

    Thank you"


  • Posted: 2016-05-12T17:28:32 by an anonymous user from or near: Kahului, Hawaii, United States

    It's a scam site with hidden fees; they charge you 2 dollars to give donations to the poor and won't allow you to sign off or click out unless the donation is paid from your credit card or debit. And there is no books or videos on the site you want, so I canceled the same day this week.

    I saw how much money I had in my account and noticed lilplay charged my debit card 69 dollars to quit.

    Don't deal with the company, they make money canceling your account for 69 dollars.


  • Posted: 2016-05-09T23:44:08 by an anonymous user from or near: Rochester, England, United Kingdom

    I signed up for 5 day trial and when I came to cancel it said I have no account with them but for 5 months now they have debiting my account £6.95 and I cant seem to stop it can anybody help urgently please.


    • Posted: 2016-05-10T06:04:50 by info

      Please contact your bank and report the fraudulent changes to them.


  • Posted: 2016-04-20T11:25:23 by info

    Received this from an anonymous user:

    "Lilplay charged me 26 Brazillian Reals, and I have no memory of the website, and i certainly never gave them my credit card number, they're hackers and they're menacing"


  • Posted: 2016-04-18T05:40:30 by an anonymous user from or near: Houston, Texas, United States

    I put in my info but it declined my card & my account was never made, am I safe? Does it still have my information? Or it doesnt because the account was never made?


    • Posted: 2016-04-18T05:59:45 by info

      Yes, your account is OK now, but the website may continue to attempt to charge your card. Therefore, continue to check your credit card statement keenly every month.


  • Posted: 2016-04-17T13:54:33 by an anonymous user from or near: Avon Lake, United States

    How do i delete my account help?


    • Posted: 2016-04-17T14:25:42 by info

      The website cannot be trusted to delete your account. They may claim your account is deleted, but may charge your credit card at anytime, therefore, we recommend contacting your bank for help. Your bank may issue a new card to you or block the transactions from the website.


  • Posted: 2016-03-28T10:57:44 by an anonymous user from or near: Campbell River, Canada

    Somehow this company showed up on my credit card statement and started charging me...I have now cancelled my credit card...beware and thanks for the info.


    • Posted: 2016-04-07T20:49:34 by an anonymous user from or near: Fayetteville, United States

      Have you ever used their site?


  • Posted: 2016-03-18T22:28:44 by an anonymous user from or near: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    So, I got caught by lilplay. What is the best way to stop them?


  • Posted: 2016-03-17T07:35:33 by info

    Here is another scam:

    "From: Publisher Clearing House
    Date: 03/13/2016 6:11 AM (GMT-05:00)
    Subject: PCH- Lotto Winner !!

    Congratulations you have won (*$1,000,000.00 USD*) from Publishers Clearing
    House Sweepstakes draw that was held today,Email us back LOTTERY Claims
    Requirements are:
    (Name)_ (Address)_ (Mobile#)_ (Sex)_ (Occupation)_ (Country)_
    Email us back: pchgameresult@zoho.com
    Yours Sincerely,


  • Posted: 2016-03-17T06:53:30 by info

    Received the following an anonymous user via email:

    "please help me unsubscribe to the stupid website that seems to be charging me monthly in my credit card for nothing...i do not remember enjoying the service from them...I being charged $5.50 monthly....what a horrible scam!

    thanks much !"


    • Posted: 2016-03-17T06:56:13 by info

      It is virtual impossible to unsubscribe from the fraudulent website. Please contact your bank and have them reject the monthly charges or cancel the credit card that LilPlay is charging.


  • Posted: 2016-03-15T05:53:27 by info

    Received the following from an anonymous user via email message:

    "I too been fooled I signed up and cancelled right away when it said it would charge me a dollar to cancel so I did. And that was a month ago just yesterday March 13th I was charged $30.00 from lilplay.com I canceled so they should of never touched my money from my debit card. So now im fighting with my bank about it. I don't know what else to do."


  • Posted: 2016-03-14T22:47:36 by an anonymous user from or near: Orange, California, United States

    I am also a victim of Lilplay.

    I got to delete my Lilplay account by emailing them that my Mom is a lawyer (which is true) and told them to "please delete my account"

    Now I can't sign in anymore ( tried 5 times with the email and password I always use).

    Hopefully they did not write down (or have it in their data base still) my card number and still charge me
    cause my card is connect to my Mom's bank account

    That what I did.


    • Posted: 2016-03-14T22:53:02 by info

      Telling them that your mom is a lawyer will not stop them from charging her credit card again. Please let your mom cancel her credit card.


      • Posted: 2016-03-15T05:48:42 by an anonymous user from or near: Orange, California, United States

        What I mean is that the credit card has my name on it, but it is under her bank account.


        • Posted: 2016-03-15T06:10:05 by info

          Regardless of how the card is setup, it needs to be cancelled, or else you will continue to be charged. Please read the comments made my other victims below for information.


          • Posted: 2016-03-15T10:28:00 by an anonymous user from or near: Orange, California, United States

            After I tell my Mom to cancel my card. What about the refunds that I will be getting back in 5-10 business days? Should I wait for the refunds then cancel the card or vise versa?


            • Posted: 2016-03-15T11:52:27 by info

              If you want to, you may wait the 5-10 business days for the so-called refund, but I doubt you will receive it. If you read the comments from other users, you will realize that no one has received the refund that they were promised. The website only kept taking money from their credit cards.


  • Posted: 2016-03-14T22:23:48 by an anonymous user from or near: Orange, California, United States

    I am also a victim of Lilplay. I immediately cancel my superscription after I found out it was a scam. So I was wondering what should I do if my credit card is under my Mom's bank Account? I don't want Mom to know about it (she is going to be really p*ssed) and have her pay for the the amount of charges that Lilplay might charge it

    Any suggestions?


    • Posted: 2016-03-14T22:41:24 by info

      We do not trust LilPlay. Although they claim that they have cancelled your subscription, they may continue to charge your Mom's credit card. Please tell your mother about it, she will not kill you, and have her ask her bank if she should cancel her credit card, because it was used an untrustworthy or a scamming website.


      • Posted: 2016-03-15T11:24:38 by an anonymous user from or near: Orange, California, United States

        Also, my credit card is under my Mom's bank account. What about my Dad's credit card and my brother' credit card, since both are also under her account and also her credit cards? Are they safe from scamming? I only put in my card number in Lilplay.


        • Posted: 2016-03-15T12:02:13 by info

          Only your credit card will be affected, although they are under the same account. The website doesn't have your other family members' credit card information, so the website will not be able to charge those cards.

          Please remember to be careful when using your credit card online. There are a lot of fake/phishing websites that are created by cyber-criminals, so you should only use your credit card on popular and trustworthy websites.


          • Posted: 2016-03-15T15:05:52 by an anonymous user from or near: Santa Ana, California, United States

            Also if I cancel my card
            should I pay the statement balance (bill) before I cancel the card?

            Cause I recieve a statment balance (bill) yesterday that has the Lilplay charges and one other charge for something else (not Lilplay).


            • Posted: 2016-03-15T16:15:21 by info

              Dispute the charges with your bank. Tell them you were tricked into using your credit card on a fraudulent website.


              • Posted: 2016-03-15T18:06:19 by an anonymous user from or near: Orange, California, United States

                I did called the Bank and dispute the charges for my current statement that I receive yesterday.They said that don't need a new credit card or new number.

                After I dispute the charges. Will Lilplay still charge me even after my account and membership is cancelled with the dispute charges?


                • Posted: 2016-03-15T18:42:40 by info

                  If your bank blocks the transaction, then you are ok. But, always check your statement for charges from LilPlay, and if you find any, please report it to your bank again and tell them it has to stop. LilPlay may stop charging your card now, but they may continue to do so in the near future.


  • Posted: 2016-03-14T17:02:05 by an anonymous user from or near: Albi, Occitanie, France

    ref . 083 82 1367420395

    I cancelled my subscription with LILPLAY that was made in error 20 minutes ago.

    I also cancelled the debit and warned my bank immediately.

    Thank you.
    C. Brunet.


  • Posted: 2016-03-14T07:58:45 by info

    Received the following from an anonymous user via email:

    "My 14 year old grandson has discover charges to his card for over £30 by lilplay. He has never entered his card on line or hea d of this site.

    The bank can't help because they say the correct details. Must have been entered.
    They have emptied a child's bank account. When they couldn't take full amount they kept coming back for smaller amounts until it was. Empty

    The lowest of the low. But scammers don't care who they hurt. About time they were shut down b cause they are doing this globally"


  • Posted: 2016-03-10T16:51:01 by an anonymous user from or near: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

    They just cancelled our subscription and I think I should have a refund coming back to me for 19.95. My name is Lila. Thank you.


    • Posted: 2016-03-12T23:47:02 by an anonymous user from or near: Burwood, Australia

      How do you cancel the registration?


      • Posted: 2016-03-13T06:00:31 by info

        The website cannot be trusted, so we do not recommend using their cancelation process. Online users who said they have canceled their accounts, said they are still being charged monthly.

        So, if they have your credit card information, please cancel your card, and if they do not, just stop using the website.


    • Posted: 2016-03-10T17:00:02 by info

      Do not take their word for it. Call your bank and dispute the charges.


  • Posted: 2016-03-09T15:18:53 by info

    Received the following from an anonymous user via email:

    "I can't remember signing up with lilplay.com they've just accessed my account and deducted $29.90"


  • Posted: 2016-03-07T10:52:31 by an anonymous user from or near: Summerville, United States

    Thank you sooooo much for the warning!

    I was about to type in my credit card information until I came to the realization of "why couldn't I just have the membership and THEN pay for a premium membership if I WANTED it?"

    So before I went any further, I googled if the site was safe and legit. Immediately all these different sites kept saying that it was a scam and fraud. Then, I came across THIS website and once I read the warning, I felt really stupid even considering to type in my credit card information to a site where you can’t even click the security links.

    I read all of your guy’s comments and I just wanted to say sorry for what happened. That was unfair and not right.

    Now I’m just worried that they will find some way to hack in and make a charge to my credit card because I already typed in the email and password that I would’ve been using for the site.


  • Posted: 2016-02-19T04:39:16 by info

    Received from an anonymous user:
    "lilplay.com have taken £40 out of my bank account without authorisation!! How do I get all of my money back and cancel my account?! ITS A SCAM"


    • Posted: 2016-02-19T04:43:37 by info

      The website will not allow you to cancel. But, please contact your bank and let them know that you didn't authorize the transaction. Dispute the charges, because like you, hundreds of other persons (see the comments in the article) have suffered the same fate.


  • Posted: 2016-01-31T03:25:46 by an anonymous user from or near: Dallas, Texas, United States

    I was billed three separate charges on January 29, 2016. One was for $2.95. Second was for $1.00 and the third was for $9.95. I called the number provided on there website. The website is LiLplay.com. I have never been or even heard of this website.

    The last said they only had one charge of $2.95 on there computer. Not the other two. I just got of the phone with them and I didn't get anything accomplished. Was told to have my bank give them a call so they can verify the other charges. What more can be done legally? How can you help me?


    • Posted: 2016-01-31T03:28:06 by info

      Tell your bank that your credit card was used on a fraudulent website without your knowledge, and you want the charges remove.


  • Posted: 2016-01-20T21:56:56 by an anonymous user from or near: Auckland, New Zealand

    My bank told me to send an email to support@lilplay.com. They have sent "Cancellation" Still don't know what they are cancelling. They have offered a refund. I'll believe it when I see it. I've cancelled my credit card. Not sure how they got my credit card details and what they deducted 30NZD twice for - what service. I never signed up to anything to my knowledge.


  • Posted: 2016-01-20T21:48:44 by an anonymous user from or near: Auckland, New Zealand

    I received a bank statement saying two payments of 30NZD were taken out by - lilplay London. I don't know how this company got my credit card details or what service I received from them?


    • Posted: 2016-01-20T22:30:49 by info

      Report it to your bank and dispute the charges.


  • Posted: 2016-01-14T18:02:19 by an anonymous user from or near: Glen Iris, Australia

    I can't find the cancel membership anywhere on the site, so I called my bank instantly and cancelled all my cards. I only signed up because I thought it was linked to YIFY. Feeling very silly for putting card info up... lesson learnt! Then I find in small print to cancel their membership you have to call a number in U.S or Canada... there is no email option I could find. SCAM!


  • Posted: 2015-12-26T04:54:19 by info

    An anonymous user sent the following to us via email:

    "LILPLAY.com are really a big 419 scam. They just stole my money and i have never visited any website like that. I am wondering where they got my bank account detail and how they deducted my money. I will make sure my money is refunded.

    Here is the transaction:

    "Guaranty Trust Bank eLectronic Notification Service (GeNS)
    We wish to inform you that a Debit transaction occurred on your account with us.

    The details of this transaction are shown below:
    Transaction Notification
    Account Number : ****
    Transaction Location : CORPORATE H.O.
    Description : POS
    Amount : 270.00
    Value Date : 29-Dec-2015
    Remarks : -656370- -LILPLAY.com London GB 1 USD STAN9999656370
    Time of Transaction : 5:10 AM
    Document Number : 9999656370"


  • Posted: 2015-12-23T14:28:18 by an anonymous user from or near: Miami, Florida, United States

    I was charged $1.00 for the "Free" five-day trial. Immediately went to cancel and saw the "Pay $1.00" to cancel. If choose the option sorta hidden down further on the pay to cancel for free it states could take up to three days. I captured the screen saying I was canceled and received an email saying so as well, but don't trust this site at all.

    After being receiving the email that I was canceled, I checked back on the site to make sure and kept getting pop-up windows saying click here to confirm renewing my membership and the only way to close the windows looks like the "confirm" button. They make the "x" to close hard to see and almost hidden.

    Another issue is they claim to be a company within the USA, but the charge they ran against my bank was overseas.

    All very shady practices.

    Contacted my bank, have placed a complete block on any charges from the company.


  • Posted: 2015-12-17T21:05:14 by an anonymous user from or near: Savannah, Georgia, United States

    I was looking for 'Daddy's Little Girls' and it took me to youtube. The Youtube site said to click this link to get 'Daddy's Little Girls'. When I clicked on that link it took me to LilPay, it said I had 5 day trial with them but I had to give them my credit card info.

    After signing up I looked for that movie and it was not found there on their website.

    At that point I immediately wanted to cancel but couldn't find the cancellation link, so I called and the automated voice wanted me to enter my credit card number, after I did that it said "Your account is cancelled", but it didn't give me a confirmation number. I had a bad feeling about that cancellation.

    So on the fifth day I went back to that website again and this time I saw the cancellation link, I clicked on it to cancel. I noticed that it asked .99c for an express cancel which I skipped. But after I successfully cancelled I notice that it said that it will cancel me one month from now and that I have a premium membership active.

    Talk about the height of sneak attacks this site put out to entrap and take advantage of unsuspecting public.

    Thankfully I was paying attention and called their customer service and got my premium membership dissolved.

    So don't fall for LilPay's sneaky tricks. I rather sign up for Amazon's PrimeVideo which give you 30 days free trial has more content and more movies than LilPay, then to be had by Lilpay even if they had the contents I wanted..

    Upset with LilPay


  • Posted: 2015-12-17T18:29:35 by an anonymous user from or near: Springfield, Missouri, United States

    I live alone, & my credit card is never out of my reach. One day I looked at my bank statement & this website popped up.totally thought it was fraudulent & it was. Called & they didn't refund me.


  • Posted: 2015-12-02T12:46:45 by an anonymous user from or near: Woodland Hills, California, United States

    I was going to give them my information so I could use the site, but something told me to research them first. Glad I did.


  • Posted: 2015-10-28T17:13:48 by an anonymous user from or near: Duncanville, Texas, United States

    Please DO NOT give Lilplay your credit card number!! Believe me, I fell victim to their scam too! It's NOT worth it.


  • Posted: 2015-10-28T03:37:11 by an anonymous user from or near: Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

    I had to google this, as I had £4-5 taken out of my account in three different transactions by this company and didn't know what it was.

    Even now, I'm not sure what I or my granddaughter had clicked but I think it could have been an Ebook as granddaughter knows not to buy anything. I had to go to the bank to stop these transactions. Not pleased at all.

    I'll go and check if logging into their website says what I supposingly have bought.


  • Posted: 2015-09-25T12:43:15 by an anonymous user from or near: Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia

    I was charged $18.50 USD without any notification. After my "free trial" expired, my membership was automatically switched to premium membership and I didn't know that until today when I found out they took the money from my bank account for the first billing period.

    Do not register or immediately cancel your membership if you already have one! I would be glad for any advice on dealing with this situation.


    • Posted: 2015-09-25T14:11:52 by info

      Please contact your bank and dispute the charges.


      • Posted: 2015-11-13T10:11:28 by an anonymous user from or near: Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

        How do I cancel the subscription?


        • Posted: 2015-11-13T10:21:55 by info

          Since the website is untrustworthy, you cannot rely on them to cancel your subscription. So, the best thing to do, is to cancel the credit card that you have used on the website and get a new one.


  • Posted: 2015-09-21T22:51:45 by an anonymous user from or near: Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

    Lil play is an absolute scam, joined as it stated on YouTube it had a film I was after (Hard Men), guess what, they freakin' well didn't, but sure as night follows day, they got my money, the site is a deceptive fraudulent site and should be shut down!


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