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See How Child Predators Can Easily Use Social Media to Pick Up Children

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See How Child Predators Can Easily Use Social Media to Pick Up Children

Online prankster, Coby Persin, has created a video (see below) showing how easily it is to convince teenagers into meeting with him in person, using a fake Facebook account. Coby decided to do the video to educate parents about the dangers of children using social media websites, after learning of a Los Angeles father who witnessed his 12-year-old daughter being abducted by a man she met on social media.

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Coby Persin created a fake Facebook profile posing as a 15-year-old boy and sends friend requests to three girls, ages 12 to 15, with their parents' permission. Coby then convinces the girls to meet with him. The teenagers' parents along with Coby surprised the girls at the meeting spot, telling them the person they thought was a 15-year-old boy on Facebook could have been a pedophile or some other crazy people who could have kidnapped them.

Coby Persin's Video Showing The Dangers Of Children Using Social Media

Click the image below to watch the YouTube video.

In the video above, it was surprising to see the teenagers meet with a complete stranger at a public park and at their homes. But, this only shows that most teenagers are unaware of the dangers of meeting people in person that they have met on social networking websites, without their parents’ permission.

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