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There is NO Facebook Lottery, Sweepstakes or Cash Promotions - Do Not Be Fooled My Scammers

There is NO Facebook Lottery, Sweepstakes or Cash Promotions - Do Not Be Fooled My Scammers

Beware of email messages, text messages, social media messages or posts, claiming that you are a winner in some so-called Facebook lottery, sweepstakes, promotion, or was selected by Facebook’s co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to receive thousands of dollars. The messages or posts were sent by lottery scammers, who are attempting to trick their potential victims into sending them their information and money. Again, there is no Facebook lottery, promotion or sweepstakes, so if you are contacted by someone claiming that they are from Facebook or a representative of Facebook, asking you to send your personal information or money in order to receive some form of lottery prize, it is a lottery scam. Also, Facebook will never ask their users or others, to send their personal information via email message, Facebook messenger, text message, or to send them money in order to collect some so-called prize.

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Here are some of the hundreds of email messages that we have received from persons who have been targeted by Facebook lottery scammers:

  • “I was contacted by a Danyille Marie Zimmerman on Facebook to give my personal info to collect $6,000,000 from Facebook Mark Zuckerberg request. Just wanted to find out if this is true, her page looks legit but now days you can’t trust anyone even though they show pics of people getting a huge check. I’ve been scammed before and lost hundreds on EBay to a Chinese scammer. Better safe than sorry.”
  • “She informed me I had won $950,000, giving me FB-0143-615208 Claim number. I need to send $255 to an administrative fee. I received an email from someone at “facebookpayment departmentfacebookpromotion2016@” They said i won 500,000.00 dollars and that a delivery man would come to my home to deliver the winner check to me on 1/29/2016. They did not ask for any money but when i tried reaching them i could not get them. They had been emailing me over the week and said to keep this to myself. The delivery man was in Germany delivering checks there and would be back in the USA on today which is the 26th of 2016 and would be at my home on the 29th. I kept some of the emails and will send them to you at your web address. What a scam after they kept telling me it was for real.”
  • “Had a friend request, thought it was a friend from back home and accepted the request. She started immediately talking in my chat box and claim to work on behalf of Facebook and said had I won 50,000 in a Facebook Random Drawing, and asked me where want the winnings sent to - what address. Now I have that person on my page in chat responding and leaving messages that are quite odd and all rude. 100 percent sure they have hacked my chat/messages and are problem sending them messages. I don't receive hardly as many messages as I used to. Found an address that was redirect to another friend of mine with the message: ‘Skype for Facebook’”
  • “I have been contacted by people who say that they are with Facebook and that i have won a large sum of money from the Online International Facebook Pool. I am very skeptical about this and am unwilling to send my information until i have conformation that this is legit. Can you please tell me if this is true? Did Facebook have a lottery promo to as they put it say thank you for using us as your means of communication with friends and family.”
  • "I've been friend requested by one person .Stating that I was on a list of winners . I clicked in the link to check.Long story short ...they want me to send $550 via Money order for them to send my money. ,'Face Book lottery power Ball. The scam came from "Grant Government Organization.'

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