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Beware of "Your Page Will Be Disabled" Facebook Phishing Scam

Beware of "Your Page Will Be Disabled" Facebook Phishing Scam

Facebook users who have received messages or posts claiming that their Facebook pages will be disabled or their accounts will be blocked, and they need to verify their accounts in order to recover their Facebook pages, should delete the messages or posts. The instructions in the messages or posts should not be followed because they are phishing scams, sent by cyber-criminals to steal their potential victims’ Facebook account credentials, personal and financial information.

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The “Your Page Will Be Disabled” Facebook Phishing Scams


Your page will be disabled.

Due to your page has been reported by other users.

Please re-confirm your page in order to avoid blocking. You violate our terms of service. If you are the original owner of this account, please re-confirm your account in order to avoid blocking.

To complete your pages account please confirm Http below:

https//lnkd in/bNF9BUY?


If you do not confirm, then our system will automatically block your account and you will not be able to use it again.

Thank you for the cooperation helping us improve our service.

The Facebook Team

The link in the message goes to the following phishing website or the fake "Security Page" that will steal the potential victims’ Facebook account user name (email or phone number), password or date of birth. All the information the cyber-criminals need in order to hijack their potential victims’ Facebook accounts.

Facebook Security Phishing Scam

!! Warning Page !!

Your page has been reported by others about the abuse, this is a violation of our agreement and may result in your page disabled Please verify your email account to prove this is your page and help us to do more for security and comfort for everyone.

Please check your account as proof of the legitimate owner of the account that you use. Make sure you enter the correct details below.


If you ignore this warning, your page will be lost forever and can not be restored. Sorry to disturb your comfort.

Once the cyber-criminals have stolen their victims’ Facebook accounts credentials, they will then attempt to steal their financial information, by sending them to the following page:

Facebook Phishing scam

Upgrade your payment

Recovery of payments on Facebook

Payment page you were laid off, please upgrade your credit card again to return the payment in Facebook


If you do not update your credit card your payment page will be disabled

Once the cyber-criminals’ victims have entered their credit card or Paypal information on the phishing page, their information will be sent to the cyber criminals, who will use it make the scam more deceptive, the victims will then be sent to a legitimate Facebook page.

Victims of the Facebook "Your Page Will Be Disabled” phishing scam should attempt to change their Facebook passwords. This will prevent the cyber-criminals from gaining access to their accounts using the stolen passwords. But, for victims who are unable to sign into their accounts, please click here for help.

Victims of the scams should also let their banks or payment processors (PayPal, Payoneer) know that they were tricked into entering their credit card or financial information on a phishing website.

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