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Hoax - "New Killer Insect SOS Alert" Created by Pranksters

Hoax - "New Killer Insect SOS Alert" Created by Pranksters

The post below shows a giant insect and the hand of someone riddled with what seems to be horrible holes. The same post claims that the horrible holes are caused by a virus that is being spread by the same giant looking insect or bug with holes on its back that should not be touched with bare hands. But, the post is a hoax. There is no such virus carrying bug.

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The "New Killer Insect SOS Alert" Hoax

New Killer Insect SOS Alert

New Killer Insect (See Photo) If you ever see this Insect, please don’t try to kill it with your bare hands or touch it, this insect spreads virus to the place of bodily contact and circulates the entire human system in minutes, it was first sighted in India. Be kind enough to forward this information to friends and families, do remember to educate the children never to kill an insect with bare hands or allow its secretion to touch their body.

This is an SOS Alert!!!!

The bug in the post is a male Giant Waterbug that doesn’t transmit viruses and the things that appear to be holes on the bug’s back are actually eggs that were laid there by a female Giant Waterbug. The male Giant Waterbug protects the eggs by carrying them on its back everywhere it goes until they hatch.

The hand that is riddled with holes in the post was created by a makeup artist with mold putty, wax and oils using the Trypophobia tutorial.

Hand make-up cream and wax

You may click here to watch a video on YouTube to see how the make-up artiste create the fake holes.

Since there are so many fake-news and hoaxes online, it is important that online users research social networking messages before sharing them with their friends and family. And, online users should always check with the popular or reputable news websites to verify the authenticity of messages or posts before sharing, especially ones that talk about serious threats.

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