Beware of Paid Surveys Secret Shoppers Inc Scams

Beware of Paid Surveys Secret Shoppers Inc Scams

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Below are samples of Paid Surveys Secret Shoppers email scams that scammers are currently sending to potential victims. The victim of this scam will be provided with a fake or counterfeit check (cheque) and is advised to cash it and then asked to use some of the proceeds to do some form of mystery shopping and send the rest to someone. Also, the victim may be asked to take part in surveys or other promotional services. But, the counterfeit check will bounce and the victim who cashes the check will be held responsible for the money lost in the transaction and any additional fees imposed by his or her bank. They may even get arrested for fraud.

If you have received Secret Shoppers scams, please post them in the comment below to help others.

Samples of the Paid Surveys Secret Shoppers Inc Scams

From: d-support29@funge.uva.es
Date: Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 1:12 PM
Subject: Welcome to First-Selections


We have a customer service survey assignment in your location and we will pay $283(USD) for each assignment.

Which would come in the form of a cashiers check for you to perform your assignment.

The job entails an Evaluation process such as visiting Wal-mart/K-mart,e.t.c

Send below information to get started If you are still Interested Applicants are to forward Information below:

Names: ______
Your Address: ______
C.i.t.y: ______
S.t.a.t.e: ______
C.o.d.e Zip: ______
Phone: ______
Age/Gender: ______

Barbara Morgan
Recruitments Department

From: Mike Smith michsmithforsmithtextille02@gmail.com
Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 11:06 PM
Subject: Re: Welcome to First-Selections

Dear Representative,

Congratulations, we thank you for your response to our email. We would like to let you know that you have been selected in your area. Thanks for the response and expression of interest. We do have all the required details needed and we are happy to congratulate you on your new part-time employment. So I have documented a file for you and it's in record.

Shopper's Guide wants you to run a survey on two prominent companies in your area.

The First is to Evaluate any : WALMART , CVS-PHARMACY, KROGER , RITE AID , KMART,7ELEVEN OR DOLLAR-GENERAL store location nearest to you by buying any product of your own choice Which you will be provided with funds to purchase .

Financial Sector


There has been reports about laps in the services of their Management and some of their staffs,the complaints were based on reports which their customers forwarded anonymously and Phone calls which were also made to the head office due to Negligence for the following reasons:

I) Customers have reported their money missing

II) Slow services

III) Unbalanced transfer charges

The 2nd company was reported to be rendering

(I) Poor services

(II) Rudeness to customers

(III) Excess charge

(IV) Late opening time and Closing before time. Your Secret Evaluation would be

Note: You Are not required to use your money upfront for any reason. We would be sending funds for the survey.

1) You will be sent a certain amount of money to perform your survey evaluation on the stores or restaurant close to you.

2) You would have to record the time at which you go to the location and how many minutes it took you to get service.

3) You would be sent a check/Money order which would cover your payment of $300 and also for the duty. As soon as you receive the check/money order, you would cash in at your bank, and deduct your $300, and use the rest of the money for the services.

4) Upon receiving the funds and after processing the funds, you are to go into one of these stores which you will indicate in your report the one in which you evaluated , most times it is easier you evaluate the closest store to you and You would have to keep a comprehensive report on every activity you carry out.

5) You would also provide me with the name of the cashier that attended to you. Note: Please, confirm that you did receive this message so that we can process funds that would be sent to you for the assignment.

We want your total Co-operation, Support, Availability and Trust.

****Please confirm****(Acknowledge)**** receipt of this email, by writing back before we proceed confirm with , Your NAME and ADDRESS for Payment Delivery .

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation in order to start work soon.

Mike Smith
Paid Surveys
Secret Shopper Inc USA/Canada
Secret Shopper

Note: Some of the names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or other information in samples on this website may have been impersonated or spoofed.

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Comments, Questions, Answers, or Reviews
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  • July 16, 2019 at 11:37 AM by an anonymous user from Washington, District of Columbia, United States

    I was approached by text and email too. Could not call. Here is the email:

    "From: Retail Survey |Kevin Porter <shoppers@retailsurveyreviews.com>

    Reply-To: Retail Survey |Kevin Porter <shoppers@retailsurveyreviews.com>

    Date: Friday, July 12, 2019 at 2:17 PM

    Subject: First Assignment task approved for delivery

    Good Day

    Your application has been approved. You have been selected for the retail store evaluator .

    Your First task instruction letter will be mailed to you via USPS priority mail within 1-2 business days and Excepted to be delivered on Monday 15th or Tuesday 16th of July


    Kevin Porter

    Client Services Representative"


  • June 20, 2019 at 1:43 PM by an anonymous user from Washington, District of Columbia, United States

    I was initially contacted by a scammer via text message on June 20, 2019, which carried over into email exchanges below.

    On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 11:09 AM HR-II < leonardnicoll8@gmail.com> wrote:

    Dear Evaluator:

    This is to inform you that your first store evaluation has been approved with a $500 assignment fund which will enable you to purchase the gift card you are assigned to evaluate during your first assignment.

    Please find attached file, your evaluation survey sheet.

    You shall receive account information and disbursement instruction to access your assignment funds shortly after this email.

    To proceed, please kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email.

    Thank you,

    Mathew Lawrence

    Dear: Mystery Shopper

    Please find below, Authorized Account information and disbursement instructions to access the funds;


    Bank name: Bank Of America, N.a.

    Routing No.: 061000052

    Account No.: 334058878851

    Account type: Business Checking

    Authorized Amount: $650.00


    1. Login to your credit card account;

    2. Then click on "Pay Card"

    3. It will redirect you to a page where you'll be asked to choose

    account you want to pay from, Click on "add account" or something

    similar to that phrase depending on your card issuer.

    4. Enter the above authorized routing number and account number.

    5. Automatically, it should generate the bank name itself, if not enter the bank name manually.

    6. Enter the authorized amount only.

    7. Click "Okay" or "Proceed"

    8. Click on Confirm.

    You can therefore go for the store evaluation at the assigned store as soon as the funds is available in your account.

    However, should you have any difficulty(ies) in the process, do not hesitate to contact me for support.

    Mathew L.


  • November 3, 2018 at 2:08 PM by an anonymous user from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

    I recieved a check for 2950 instructed to deposit the check and wait 24 hours for it to clear.

    You will be evaluating any Walmarts, Walgreen, Target kmarls, krogers,best buy cvs pharmancy in my city the payment you recieved covers all expenditures including shopping and your compensation of $400 dollars.



    • November 3, 2018 at 9:18 PM by info

      Yes, it is a scam.


  • November 1, 2018 at 10:21 PM by an anonymous user from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

    Similar scan. Sent name and address. They sent cashiers check for $1,770 with a page of instructions that follows the pattern.

    I suppose calling it a cashiers check was supposed to ease one’s mind but I’ve always gone by the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.

    I’ve been a legitimate secret shopper and they are strict even to the point of requiring a police issued work card here in Las Vegas. Will round file this one.


  • June 30, 2018 at 4:21 PM by an anonymous user from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    I edit the emails in this. The To: email wasn't even to my email. I forwarded this to onlinethreatsalerts.

    From: <*****@proximus.net>

    Date: June 30, 2018 at 5:02:41 PM ADT

    To: <*****@gmx.com>

    Subject: [ Mystery - Shoppers. ]

    Reply-To: <john.prisco@gmx.com>



    We have a customer service survey Assignments in your location,we will pay $600.

    which would come in the form of a cashier's check for your a'ssignments.

    The jobs entail's evaluation process such as visiting walmart/k-mart.

    Following details below :



    Address Line:


    Postal Code:


    Phone Number:


    Sheila Stone

    Team Recruitment

    (Photo of Mystery Shoppers Of US)


  • June 30, 2018 at 1:42 AM by an anonymous user from Pasco, Washington, United States

    I just received a 2500.00 check . The survey company said to deposit or cash it . Then go to the post office and to text them when I got to the parking lot at post office, then go inside purchase 2 $1000.00 money orders and 2 rolls of stamps.

    Then I was to keep 300.00 and send them the money orders and stamps all while checking out the service at post office which have had some complaints

    in this area.

    Well I could not find this company on line . The check looks good but I knows it isnt and would like to report them. How do I do this?


    • June 30, 2018 at 7:36 AM by info

      Take the check to the police.


  • April 10, 2018 at 4:05 PM by an anonymous user from Bellevue, Washington, United States

    Received this scam:

    "SUBJECT: OneVanilla PrePaid VISA Cards"

    Scam sends a large ($1800) Check, telling you to keep $300, and buy (3) of the Subject cards for $500 each, take pictures of all the details on the card, and e-mail it to: retailsurvey@consultants.com


  • March 28, 2018 at 8:11 PM by an anonymous user from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

    Mystery Shopper scam tied to Target.

    Still in contact, lots of texts, changed criteria a few times, other phone numbers used:

    (585) 502-8103;


    and 585-598-0108

    Asked to type _LOCATION_ after check was cashed.

    Names used John Saddle Elizabeth Els-wick

    sent cashier check in the amount of $2982, via Priority Mail

    I am to keep remaining amount after doing Walmart to Walmart transfer of $1280.00 to Tony Abraham, 124 St Anthony Dr, Crowley, TX 76036 and another $1280 to Peter Andrews to same as above address.

    Suppose to do detailed writeup of store, shoppers, cashiers and experience.

    They originally were sending me to a Target 2hours away from my home to get 4 REloadit prepaid cards at $650 each, changed it when I told them it was too far. They agreed and didn't want me travelling more than 15 miles to do the 'survey'.

    Email Below:

    "The payment enclosed in envelope is made out to you in respect of the Store/shop job you applied for online. Your job is just to act like any regular customer and perform a normal business transaction while you conduct a simple survey/ evaluation (without being noticed) and gather information about the quality of service by staff, customer service professionalism, behaviour of staff and other issues at such locations.

    Your 1st evaluation will be on any participating family of stores near you (Target). There have been reports about unqualified staff, slow processes and lapse in the services of some of their staff and management. This evaluation is necessitated based on reports which their customers forwarded anonymously and phone calls which were also made to the head office. This is an undercover survey so it is imperative that you keep confidential so as to guarantee an unbiased survey.

    After receiving the check for $2,982, you are to cash or make a next day deposit at your bank, deduct $300 as your commission. After cashing the check, you are required to email _LOCATION_TO surveyjobs003@aol.com and also text _LOCATION _ to 585-502-8103 to receive the specific address of the business location you will be evaluating. You will then proceed to the location given to you to conduct your survey as instructed. Make use of $82 for your transportation and expenses.


    Money Received .......$2,982

    Assignment Salary .......$300

    Reloadit pack fees & Transportation ...$82

    Purchase Four (4) Reloadit packs $650 each....Total $2,600


    You will need to make use of cash to conduct your evaluation, so you are to have the check cashed at your bank before texting _LOCATION_ to receive your specific location address. You will then proceed with the cash to conduct your survey at the location given to you via text or email. You are required to perform the survey evaluation professionally (without being noticed) while you transact like a regular customer.

    - Take down the address of the store visited

    - Time of the day

    - Ambient outlook of the Store

    - Was it easy to spot the Reloadit packs or did you have to ask for assistance?

    - Were you greeted by the security guards?

    - How many Cashiers can you count at the store?

    - Note if the Cashier is wearing a name tag. if yes, take down the name without being noticed

    - Gender and age bracket of the Cashier

    - How friendly, helpful and professional is the cashier

    - How long did it take you to get the Reloadit packs?

    - Narrate your total experience and any other information you would like to add

    - You will keep the Reloadit packs as they will be used for subsequent evaluations. Your feedback should be sent via email to Surveyjobs003@aol.com


    A good survey evaluation would require the surveyor to remain calm, confident and confidential throughout the experience. Ensure that you use your discretion to make sure you complete your evaluation. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

    John Saddle




  • January 28, 2018 at 7:26 PM by info

    Here is another scam:

    "From: danielafortu@zitcom.dk <danielafortu@zitcom.dk>

    Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2018 5:05 PM

    Subject: [ Welcome : Mystery Shoppers. ]

    Good News !


    We have a customer service survey assignments in your location, we will pay U.S500.

    which would come in the form of a moneygram you to perform your assignments.

    The job e'ntails an Evaluation process such as visiting Walmart/k-mart,e.t.c.

    Following details below :


    Address Line:


    Postal Code:


    Phone Number:


    Sheila Stone

    Team Recruitment"


  • December 7, 2017 at 9:15 AM by an anonymous user from Burien, Washington, United States

    Here is another scam, please do not follow the instructions in it:

    "From staf.d19@ulb.ac.be



    Dear candidate,

    You have been selected as a "Secretshopper" in your area.

    You will be assigned to visit a shop.

    You will receive funds for the assignment.

    You will receive instructions for your assignment via email on

    the location and details of the task.

    Reviews and surveys for collection-of-data.

    You need to be collecting and analyzing primary data.

    We provide you with all the costs necessary for the assignment

    Rewards (Salary) range US$300 - US$500 per-assignment.

    Join Now, Please fill-in your info below :

    1. Name (first/last) :

    2. Address :

    3. State, City, Zip :

    4. Phones (cell/home) # :

    5. Age & Sex :

    6. Alternative email :

    7. Occupation :

    We will soon provide more information to your email.


    MS Networks Team"


  • October 2, 2017 at 7:37 PM by an anonymous user from Richardson, Texas, United States

    Here is another scam:

    "We have a service survey assignment in your location for you. We will pay $250 per assignment which would come in the form of a cashiers check along with comprehensive details in regards your assignment. The survey Entails an Evaluation process such as visiting Wal-mart, Rite-aid, Walgreen e.t.c. Send information below to get started If you are Interested.


    Full Address (No PO BOX):


    State :

    Zip Code :

    Phone_Cell :

    Gender_Age :



  • June 26, 2017 at 11:39 AM by info

    Received via email:

    "I received an on-line shopping check that I believe is a scam. It includes a survey and cashiers check from University Federal Credit Union in Austin Texas for the amount of $2,350 dollars. The return address on the USPS envelope is CSE Organisation, 1690 Calle Parana, San Juan PR 00909

    Please advise if I should take any action."


  • May 22, 2017 at 3:45 PM by an anonymous user from Louisville, Kentucky, United States

    I got a letter from Kroger with a check for $2,972.00 to participate in a survey. I was asked to cash the check or make a next day deposit at my bank. After receiving the cash I was to Email "LOCATION" to surveyjobs003@aol.com. Also to text "LOCATION" to (585)502-8103. At this point I would be given the address of the business location I was to evaluate. Keep $300 as my commission and $72 for my transportation and expenses.

    It also came in a Priority Mail 2-Day envelope with the return address of John Shannon, 104 St Anna Drive, Schenectady NY 12303

    They must think I am a real idiot!

    I'm going to enjoy taking this to my local Kroger store and see their reaction!

    Gina B.


    • February 21, 2018 at 10:36 PM by an anonymous user from Huntsville, Texas, United States

      I received the exact same letter last week with the same amount and same instructions. I have been receiving a text message every day asking if it has been received and when I am going to proceed with cashing or depositing it.


    • December 19, 2017 at 11:15 AM by an anonymous user from Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States

      I got the same letter and check. thank god I did some research.


  • December 14, 2016 at 4:10 PM by info

    Here is another scam:

    "Dear Ma/Sir,

    We have a customer service survey assignment in your location

    and we will pay $300(USD) / Assignment.

    Which would come in the form of a cashiers check for you to

    perform your assignment.

    The job entails an Evaluation process such as visiting Wal-mart/K-mart,e.t.c.

    Send below information to get started If you are still Interested

    Applicants are to forward Information below:

    1. Full_Name :___

    2 Your_Address :___

    3. Citys_States_Countrys :___

    4. Zip_Codes :___

    5. Phones :___

    6. Ages :___

    7. Gender :___

    8. Alt. E-mail :___

    NOTE: ( We prioritize candidates from USA & Canada to apply for this Offer )


    Evaluator Managers

    Greet America, Inc @2016"


  • December 7, 2016 at 8:09 AM by an anonymous user from Gainesville, Georgia, United States

    I received this letter and questionnaire. Is it legit?

    "Part-Time (Job Opportunity)

    Michelle Margie

    Today, 7:46 AM


    We have a new Walmart survey assignment available in your area and we would like you to participate. Get paid '$200' for each completed survey.

    >>Click Here<< to Participate if interested.

    Thanks for Participating.

    Secret Shopper

    Survey Sampling Company ©2016 Copyright

    Registration Form

    Please fill in the form below.

    Full Name *

    First Name

    Middle Name

    Last Name

    Address *

    Street Address

    Street Address Line 2


    State / Province

    Postal / Zip Code


    Date of Birth *




    Pick a Date

    Phone Number *

    Area Code

    Phone Number

    Current Occupation

    E-mail *

    ex: myname@example.com

    Submit Form

    Powered by JotForm"


    • December 7, 2016 at 8:43 AM by info

      It is a scam.


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