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Android Malware Called Gooligan Breached More Than One Million Google Accounts

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Android Malware Called Gooligan Breached More Than One Million Google Accounts

Check Point Software, an I.T Security provider, has revealed a new and alarming malware campaign called Gooligan, which has breached the security of more than one million Google accounts, exposing the owners of those Google accounts messages, documents, photos and other sensitive data to cybercriminals. The number of infected Android devices continues to rise at an additional 13,000 breached per day. Gooligan is the largest Google account breach to date, and Check Point Software is working with Google to continue the investigation. They encourage Android users to validate whether their accounts have been breached (see link below).

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Click the following link and enter the email address associated with your Android device on the web page that you will be taken to, to determine if your account has been breached:

If your account has been breached, the following steps are required:

A clean installation of an operating system on your mobile device is required (a process called "flashing"). As this is a complex process, we recommend powering off your device and approaching a certified technician, or your mobile service provider, to request that your device be "re-flashed." Also, change your Google account passwords immediately after this process, before it is hijacked and used fraudulently.

Here is a list of Android apps infected by the Gooligan malware:

  • Perfect Cleaner
  • Demo
  • WiFi Enhancer
  • Snake
  • gla.pev.zvh
  • Html5 Games
  • Demm
  • memory booster
  • StopWatch
  • Clear
  • ballSmove_004
  • Flashlight Free
  • memory booste
  • Touch Beauty
  • Demoad
  • Small Blue Point
  • Battery Monitor
  • UC Mini
  • Shadow Crush
  • Sex Photo
  • tub.ajy.ics
  • Hip Good
  • Memory Booster
  • phone booster
  • SettingService
  • Wifi Master
  • Fruit Slots
  • System Booster
  • Dircet Browser
  • Puzzle Bubble-Pet Paradise
  • GPS
  • Light Browser
  • Clean Master
  • YouTube Downloader
  • KXService
  • Best Wallpapers
  • Smart Touch
  • Light Advanced
  • SmartFolder
  • youtubeplayer
  • Beautiful Alarm
  • PronClub
  • Detecting instrument
  • Calculator
  • GPS Speed
  • Fast Cleaner
  • Blue Point
  • CakeSweety
  • Pedometer
  • Compass Lite
  • Fingerprint unlock
  • PornClub
  • com.browser.provider
  • Assistive Touch
  • Sex Cademy
  • OneKeyLock
  • Wifi Speed Pro
  • Minibooster
  • com.fabullacop.loudcallernameringtone
  • Kiss Browser
  • Weather
  • Chrono Marker
  • Slots Mania
  • Multifunction Flashlight
  • So Hot
  • Google
  • HotH5Games
  • Swamm Browser
  • Billiards
  • TcashDemo
  • Sexy hot wallpaper
  • Wifi Accelerate
  • Simple Calculator
  • Daily Racing
  • Talking Tom 3
  • com.example.ddeo
  • Test
  • Hot Photo
  • QPlay
  • Virtual
  • Music Cloud

For more information about Gooligan, please click here.

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