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The Website "" is a Fraud.

The Website "" is a Fraud.

The website: "" is a fraud. The bogus website, which the owner (MrFredSpears - Federick Sears) claims he is paying his users $50 per click, or they can earn $1000 every 5 minutes, is ridiculous. The owner of "" claims he makes money from advertisements on the website, which is what he uses to pay his users, but no advertisement company, even the best paying advertisement company called Adsense that is owned by Google, pays out that amount of money per click. So, there is no way the owner of fiddyshare will be able to pay his users $50 per click.

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The Website “”

The aim of the owner of fiddyshare is to trick people into advertising his website for free, which will send a lot of web traffic to his website. Once the website receives a lot of traffic, the owner will make money from the advertisements on it. Note: every time you click on a link on the website, an annoying popup advertisement is displayed. And, once the owner has earned money from advertisements on his fake website, he will keep it for himself, because there is no way he can pay the amount of money that he promised his users.

I have seen on the website where a so-called user made approximately $4,000,000 USD after registering for a month. Now, this is clearly a scam, as very popular websites that we know of, don’t make so much money in a month.

So, internet users who are desperately looking to earn money online, please avoid the website: Do not let fraudulent websites like “,” which claim they are the simplest social media money making experience ever created, take advantage of you, by tricking you into working for free, while the scammers behind the fake websites get rich from your hard work.

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