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Lottery Scam - "2016 World Online Network Promotional Awards"

Lottery Scam - "2016 World Online Network Promotional Awards"

The email message below, which claims that the recipients are lucky winners of the 2016 World Online Network Promotional Awards, is a lottery scamming email message that is being sent by lottery scammers to their potential victims. There is no World Online Network Promotional Awards, and recipients of the fake email message should not respond to it or follow the instructions in it. Remember, every month, lottery scammers send out thousands of lottery scamming email messages in an attempt to trick the recipients into thinking they have won the lottery. Once potential victims respond to the fake lottery scamming email messages, they will be asked by the lottery scammers to send thousands of dollars, which the scammers will claim are for taxes and other fees that the potential victims must pay in order for them to receive their so-called lottery prizes. But, once the lottery scammers receive the money sent by their victims, they will disappear, leaving the victims disappointed, frustrated and a few thousand dollars poorer.

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The “World Online Network Promotional Awards” Lottery Scamming Email

From: "G Promotional office" <g2016.promotionaloffice>
Date: Feb 22, 2016 7:27 PM
Subject: Re: Document


I am writing to congratulate you for been among the lucky winners of 2016 World Online Network Promotional Awards.

Please note that I have managed to obtain your insurance claiming certificate and the Court Affidavit of claiming this morning through the help of my family Attorney and attached are the copies.

I have also forwarded the Court Affidavit to the insurance, and they have confirmed their receipt of the court Affidavit this morning. The insurance said they will now work with their paying bank to approve the cash to you within 48/72 working hours.

According to the Insurance, they will prefer to process your payment with their paying bank, via a Bank Pre-load ATM Card (Visa). The ATM Card will be approved on your name and will be posted to you there in your country.

Then once you receive the ATM Visa Card, you will be able to use it both local /internationally, at any ATM Machine around you. According to the insurance, the daily limit will be $2000 and can be upgraded upon the beneficiary’s request. The bank will only deduct their charges any time you use your card for purchasing or withdrawal and the charge rates are very low.

Also do re-confirm to me your secured postal address, were you knew the parcel will be safer when posted by the bank/insurance.

I will be waiting to receive these from you shortly.

Thanks and Congratulations once again.

Yours in service
Mr. Mark Vanda.
+27 78 2740 996

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