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Beware of "Facebook Award Program 2016 - Congratulations You Have Been Awarded $900,000" Lottery Scam

Beware of "Facebook Award Program 2016 - Congratulations You Have Been Awarded $900,000" Lottery Scam

It is important that Facebook users know that there is no Facebook lottery or "Facebook Award Program." Therefore, Facebook users who have received the lottery scamming message below, which claims they have won or been awarded thousands of dollars in the Facebook Award Program 2016 fiscal year draw, should delete the message. The fake message is being sent by lottery scammers to trick Facebook users into sending them their personal information. Once the scammers have their potential victims’ personal information, they will ask them to send advance fees in order to claim their so-called lottery prizes. Once the scammers received their victims’ money, they will disappear or attempt to get more money from their victims.

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It is important to remember that legitimate companies will never ask their lottery winners to send their personal information via email message or send money in order to receive their prizes. Therefore, if online or internet users are asked to do the same, that should be the first indicator that someone is attempting to scam them.

The “Facebook Award Pragram 2016” Lottery Scam

Subject: Congratulations–You have been awarded $900,000 by Facebook
Facebook Award Pragram 2016

Reference Number FB-FFYD 719
Winning :FB-FFYD-900KUSD-FB

Dear FaceBook User,


You have won 900.000USD. We are pleased to officially inform you of the result of the just concluded Facebook Fiscal Year Draws held on 18th March, 2016 by Facebook Group in cash Promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook all over the world.

Your claim details, please keep confidential:
Batch Number: FB-FFYD-390
Reference Number: FB-FFYD-719
Winning: FB-FFYD-900KUSD-FB

Contact our accredited attorney below with your full details for immediate Claim Procedure and Payment Code.

Name: Lucas SWAT,
FB Regional Representative
Washington, D.C.
27 Massachusetts Avenue NW

1. Full name: 2. Nationality: 3. Contact Address: 4. Telephone Number: 5. Mobile Number: 6 7. Occupation: 8. Age: 9. Sex:

Thank for using Facebook,
Facebook Financal Director
Mark Scott

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