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Beware of "Attention - Your Account Will Be Disabled" Facebook Phishing Scam

Beware of "Attention - Your Account Will Be Disabled" Facebook Phishing Scam

If the message below: "Attention: Your Account Will Be Disabled," is posted on your Facebook Wall/Time or sent in an email message, please delete it. The message is a phishing scam created by cybercriminals/scammers to steal their potential victims' Facebook user names and passwords, by taking them to fake Facebook websites and asking them to sign in with their Facebook user names and passwords. But, Facebook user names and passwords entered on the fake websites, will be sent to the cybercriminals behind the phishing message. And, with their potential victims' Facebook account credentials (user names and passwords), cybercriminals will gain access to their victims' accounts and send spam, malicious content or links to all of their Facebook friends.

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The "Youг Account Wιll be Dιsabled" Facebook Scam

ATTENTION: Youг account wιll be Dιsabled!
Fαcebook will immediαtely disαble your αccount thαt is considered ineligible use.

Fαcebook does not αllow:
• Pretendιng to be someone else
• Usιng α fαke nαme
• Not represent α reαl person

If you αre the originαl owner of thιs αccount pleαse confirm your αccount below:

[Link removed]If within 12 hours you do not visit our links, we will block your αccount permαnently αs a reαson for not fulfilling the terms of use.

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415 Depaгtment, PO Box 10005, CA 94303

Facebook users who were already tricked by the phishing scam, should change their Facebook passwords immediately, before their Facebook accounts are hijacked by cybercriminals.

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