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Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting Already Being Exploited by Scammers and Cybercriminals

Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting Already Being Exploited by Scammers and Cybercriminals

Scammers/cybercriminals have already started exploiting the tragic Orlando Gay Nightclub mass shooting that left approximately 50 people dead and 53 injured. They (scammers) have created fake Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, Facebook pages and websites, asking for donations (charity) that they claim will help the injured, or ask potential victims to visit phishing websites in order to view so-called exclusive videos of the Orlando Gay Nightclub shooting, created to steal their personal or financial information. Also, scammers will trick potential victims into sharing like-farming scams, by claiming that they need to do so in order to view videos never seen before of the horrific shooting. But, there is no video or picture, and potential victims who share the scams thinking they will able to view the so-called videos or pictures, will start receiving spam, deceptive and malicious messages from scammers attempting to rip them off.

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It is recommended that online users never share or “like” websites or posts in order to view videos, photos or other multimedia content. This is because, life-farming or like-harvesting scams, are most widely used by cybercriminals to gather together their potential victims.

Cybercriminals may also ask their potential victims to download and install malicious software or applications created to steal their online accounts’ username and password (credentials), personal and financial information. Therefore, online users are asked not to download software or applications that claim they need to do so in order to view videos or pictures of the Orlando Gay Nightclub shooting.

Cybercriminals or scammers know that the best time to carry out their deceptive schemes or gain new potential victims is to take advantage of tragic events. They know people are vulnerable at that time and will quickly fall prey to scams, thinking they are helping the victims of the tragic events. Therefore, online users should be extra alert of certain charities, websites, posts or events set up or created right after tragic events.

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