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Beware of The Global Fund Help Commission United Nations Poverty Alleviation Scam

Beware of The Global Fund Help Commission United Nations Poverty Alleviation Scam

On Facebook, there is a scam claiming The Global Fund Help Commission works with the United Nations and 146 countries to help alleviate poverty. They claim that the Fund was set up to help people with student loan debt, home loan mortgages, people with disabilities, etc. I was messaged from someone that claim she saw I was in financial distress and she said that they might be able to help me. She told me they gave her $70,000 to help her financially and she saw my name on the eligibility list.

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I asked her who do I contact and she gave me a name that I could contact. The name she used was Lisa Sola Apats, his name was Mike Bruce Richardson. He was supposed to be the claims person for the commission. His profile was so impressive that I thought it had to be real. He said yes they could help me if my name was on the list and it was. He asked for my address, telephone number, then told me their policy was that I needed to send them $430 for the claims processing fee. That was a red flag for me, but still I thought it might be real and I am so desperate! I asked if they could waive that fee or take it off the top of the $70,000. They could not.

I contacted Lisa and asked if she could help me. She said she could send me $200. She sent it supposedly to the claims department so now I only needed to send them $230. I thought it must be real because why would they do that? I told them all I had was my rent money and I was counting on that money or I would become a homeless disabled person.

Mr. Richardson assured me that they were sending the money. Of course they didn't and they blocked me but I took pictures with my phone of his profile and the whole conversation. It was my rent money and now I maybe evicted and what will I do if I get evicted from my home. I have no money to go anywhere. I will become a homeless disabled person! I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Please stop this scam and report it to The Federal Trade Commission, The F.B.I and anyone that can investigate this fraudulent activity. Please help to stop this from happening to people who are already having immense suffering. Thank you for your time.

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