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The Global Help Commission Poverty Eradication Program is a Scam

The Global Help Commission Poverty Eradication Program is a Scam

Online users, beware of The Global Help Commission scam. There is no such poverty eradication program created by the United Nations that gets funding from 146 countries to help end poverty. The Global Help Commission scam was created by scammers to trick potential victims into sending them money. The scammers contact their potential victims, claiming they are from The Global Help Commission that is a part of the United Nations. The scammers will then claim that due to the potential victims’ situation, they will receive thousands of dollars to help them out of poverty. They (scammers) will further ask their potential victims to send hundreds of dollars, which they claim are for fees to process the potential victims’ claims. But, if the potential victims send their money, it will be stolen by the scammers, who may continue to trick the same victims into sending more money, by promising that they will receive the so-called thousands of dollars they were selected to receive.

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Why would a poverty eradication program ask poor people to send hundreds of dollars they don’t have? The reason, it is a scam. Online users, once you are asked to send money in order to receive money, in most or all the cases, a scammer is attempting to scam or rob you. Legitimate companies will never ask their awardees, users or customers to send them money (fees or taxes) in order to receive thousands of dollars in return.

Here is a message that we received from an anonymous user who the scammers were attempting to trick into sending them money:

“Has anyone heard of The Global Help Commission? They said they were part of the United Nations and get funding from 146 countries to help end poverty. They said that they were aware of my situation and that I was going to get $70,000.00 cash delivered to my door and they were processing my claim. Then at the very end they said there was a $430.00 Claim Processing Fee.

I asked them how you can be helping poverty stricken people because none of them will have money like that so how are you helping. The Claims person, Bruce Michael Richardson, said that it was their policy. A girl contacted me and she said that it really helped her. I told her I really needed the money but did not have $430.00. She sent them $200.00 towards the fee for me.

At first I thought it was a scam, but why would she pay $200 for me? I know she knows the Claims person, they both live in the same town in Georgia. So if she is working with them then they would only be making $230.00 if I could come up with the money. Is this a scam?”

Luckily, the anonymous user did the right thing by contacting us and asking us to verify the authenticity of the program, instead of sending his/her hard-earned money to scammers, who make a living wrecking people’s lives.

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