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Beware of "Federal Government Empowerment Money Program" Facebook Scam

Beware of "Federal Government Empowerment Money Program" Facebook Scam

Facebook users are asked to delete or ignore messages that claim they are have won thousands or millions of dollars in the federal government program for community empowerment, and that their names were seen on the winner list. Some of the messages claim that the government and Mark Zuckerberg are sending checks to disabled people and the recipients' names are on the list. But, the messages are fakes that are being sent by cybercriminals. Therefore, recipients of those messages are asked not to respond to them with their personal information, or follow the instructions in them, even if the messages appear as if it they were sent by a friend or family member. Scammers have cloned or hijacked some Facebook users' accounts, and are sending fake messages to their friends, in an attempt to trick them into sending their personal information and money.

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Here are some complaints that we have received:

  • "someone has repeatedly presented themselves as someone I know, using her name and picture. Claiming that Facebook is awarding 150,000.00 for my use to support community services. My friend and I want this to stop. I was given contact info to win my money. we both know this is a scam and have not responded, but want a block set up. we would like to see the police track them down and arreet them, but they are probably out of this country. What can be done to block these contacts?"
  • "Beware of the federal government empowerment money program facebook page! It is an identity theft scam! If you have had any contact with this site, please stop now! They are stealing your identity! They will lure you in by stealing one of you follower's messaging and sending you a message. They will ask for your personal and financial data on a form they send you by messaging on fb. I looked them up while i was online with them because their offer was too good to be true. I checked two scam sites and they were on both of them. I messaged their fb page that they were a scam. I also messaged the friend whose messaging they stole that they were identity thieves. They immediately shut down the fb page and any additional messages i made to my friend! Beware! If you have given them your info, you need to take precautionary measures so that they don't steal your!"
  • "I received a facebook message from an old high school friend telling me she «won» $150,000.00 in a federal government program for community empowerment, and that she saw my name on a «winners list» that the man who brought her her check had. She wants me to contact Mark Samson Lekky on his facebook page. There is VERY little information on his page, and I have blocked him from mine as I am afraid this is a total scam."

Facebook users, should not send their personal information to anyone on Facebook who claims they are winners of lotteries, online promotions, government program awards, or some other organizational awards. And, they should not send their hard-earned money or financial information either.

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