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Beware of "Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni" Scam

Beware of "Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni" Scam

The website: "www.wwana.com" and others like it, which claim to belong to an organization that calls itself "Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni" that are advertised by unsolicited emails, is a scam. The websites, which claim that they are dedicated to empowering their clients with effective branding tools to help them achieve success, is another trick used by scammers to collect personal information. Once the scammers have collected their potential victims' information, they will contact them in order to trick them into paying for bogus or fake membership service that cost hundreds of dollars. Therefore, online users should not visit the websites "www.wwana.com," "www.thewana.com" and others like it, which claim they should register to the join the so-called "Worldwide Network of Notable Alumni Network."

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Online users who have already made payment to the fraudulent organization created by scammers, should contact their banks or credit card companies and let them know that they have unknowingly used their credit cards on a fraudulent website.

The Fake "Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni" Website

Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni - www.wwana.com

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