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Beware of "Microsoft 2017 Update Request Warning Alert" Phishing Scam

2017-01-22T19:54:28 -  +
Beware of "Microsoft 2017 Update Request Warning Alert" Phishing Scam

The email message below with the subject: "Microsoft 2017 update request/ warning alert," which claims the recipients need to update their accounts because their email messages were placed on hold due to them still using an old version of Outlook, is a phishing scam sent by cybercriminals, and not by Microsoft. The fake email message was created by cybercriminals to frighten and trick the recipients into clicking on the link within it. The link goes to a phishing website or a fake website looking like Microsoft’s website, created by cybercriminals to trick potential victims into entering their Microsoft account usernames and passwords on it, by asking them to sign in. But, any attempts to sign into the fake website, will result in the victims’ Microsoft account usernames and passwords being sent to cybercriminals.

Please continue below.

Once cybercriminals have gotten their potential victims’ account credentials (usernames and passwords), they will use it to hijack their Microsoft accounts and use them fraudulently. Therefore, recipients of the phishing email message (see below) who were tricked into clicking on the link within it and have attempted to sign into the phishing or fake website that they were taken, are asked to change their Microsoft account passwords immediately, before they are hijacked and used fraudulently by cybercriminals.

The "Microsoft 2017 Update Request Warning Alert" Phishing Scam

From: Outlook Security Team kbarbuti@hotmail.com

Date: January 22, 2017 at 2:20:02 PM MST

To: msn-center@outlook.com

Subject: Microsoft 2017 update request/ warning alert!

This message is from a trusted sender.

Microsoft account

Security update alert

Dear Outlook User,

We noticed that your incoming emails was placed on-hold due to you are still operating in our old version.

Take a minute to update your account below for safer and full-featured Outlook experience.

Click here for your new update

Failure to update your account on or before 26th. Jan. 2017 will lead to permanently shutdown of your account from our database.


Microsoft Account Team

©2017 Microsoft Inc. All Rights Reserved

Microsoft users should never click on a link to sign into their accounts, they should instead, go directly to https://account.microsoft.com/ and sign-in from there. If there is something that needs to be done to their accounts, they will be notified. This is will prevent Microsoft users from visiting phishing websites disguised as legitimate Microsoft website that steal account credentials.

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  • Posted: 2017-12-13T16:16:14 by an anonymous user from or near: Compton, California, United States

    Here is another one phone calls from 818 805 0506 voice mail saying there from Microsoft and there is a problem with my system. They call at least twice a day at odd hours. Also 929 2797987 this one at least leaves no message but if you call they try to tell you the same thing that you have problems in your system and it needs to be repaired.


  • Posted: 2017-05-30T00:44:55 by info

    Here is another scam:

    "From: MSN.COM TEAM
    Sent: March 28, 2017 12:47 PM
    To: noreply@outlook.com
    Subject: Important notice about our recent update

    Outlook.com alert

    We noticed that some of your incoming emails were placed on-hold due to you are still operating on our old version.

    Take a minute to update your account below to enjoy our full security protection.


    Failure to update your account on or before 30th March will lead to permanent disable of your account from our database.

    Thank you
    Security Protocols
    Copyright © 2017 Microsoft
    Note: Ignorance of this warning will assume you are a programmed machine built for spam activities and will lead to permanent deactivation of your mailbox"


  • Posted: 2017-02-06T10:38:41 by info

    Here is another scam:

    "From: Microsoft update team update.0502015@outlook.com
    Sent: Sunday, 18 December 2016 3:07 PM
    To: msn@communication.microsoft.com
    Subject: FINAL WARNING:ID:137-Microsoft Account Update

    Microsoft account

    Dear Outlook User,
    This is to inform you that your incoming emails was placed on hold Beacuse you are using our old version of Microsoft Outlook,
    If you choose not to update your account on or beforet 19th December, 2016, your account will be permanently deleted from our data base.

    Take a minute to update your account for a faster, safer and full-featured Microsoft Outlook experience.

    Click Here To Update Your Outlook Account"


  • Posted: 2017-02-01T12:33:09 by an anonymous user from or near: Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany

    I received this email text:

    "Dear Microsoft User,

    This is a courtesy notice from Microsoft Admin Team, and it is to inform you that your email account has exceeded it's mail quota on the database server.

    Your email account will be blocked from sending and receiving emails if your email account is not verified within 24 hours.

    Please Click Here to Re-verify your account.

    The Microsoft Active Directory Team"

    Is this a scam? I am supposing it is, but please let me, thank you!


    • Posted: 2017-02-01T13:29:01 by info

      It is a scam.


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