"ACS Debt Solutions" Legal Notice and Arrest Warrant Scam

"ACS Debt Solutions" Legal Notice and Arrest Warrant Scam

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The "Attorney Department for Debt Collection and Bank Fraud" email below is a fake. The fake email message is being sent by scammers to trick the recipients into sending them money by threatening legal actions. Therefore, recipients of the fake email message which appears as if it came from a so-called ACS Debt Solutions, should delete it and not follow the instructions in it.

It is important that the public takes precautions when asked to send money via money transfer services like Western Union and MoneyGram, or Prepaid Debit Card to pay legal services or the government. This is because scammers use those untraceable money transfer services to collect money from their victims. Money sent via those services are not refundable, once the scammers have collected or used it.

The "ACS Debt Solutions" Legal Notice and Arrest Warrant Scam

ACS DEBT SOLUTIONS [mailto:legal.acs.debtsolution.payday@gmail.com]

Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 7:34 AM

Subject: LEGAL NOTICE_PS 082416

United States District Court





To: Any authorized law enforcement Officer

An application by a federal law enforcement officer or an attorney for the government request to arrest.

Charges pressed against the name are:

1. Violation of federal banking regulation act 1983 (C)

2. Collateral check fraud

3. Theft by deception (ACC ACT 21A)

Which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine up to $50,000.

YOU CAN APPLY FOR AN OUT OF COURT RESOLVE OPTION (OOCR): All you do is email us back for taking care of this matter outside the courthouse.

PS. If you fail to respond within 24 hours this Legal Action will be activated. You will be Entitle for an OOCR, so please EMAIL us back ASAP.

By requesting an offer in compromise, but if you are failed to do that then we shall start the process of pressing those charges against you.

Attorney Department for Debt Collection and Bank Fraud

Note: Some of the names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or other information in samples on this website may have been impersonated or spoofed.

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  • August 6, 2019 at 2:50 AM by info

    "From: ACE CASH EXPRESS <acs.lawenforcement@gmail.com>

    Date: 8/5/19 3:28 PM (GMT-05:00)

    Subject: Arrest Warrant_Final Payment Due Ace Case File #CF8-792743

    This is in reference to your Case File #CF8-792743 with ACE (ACE CASH SERVICES) in order to notify you that after sending several emails and we were not able to get hold of you. So the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press charges against you.

    We would like to inform you that as we can see here on the file STILL $209.00 (attorney charges, affidavit charges & rate of interest charges ) is pending on your name and SSN and Red Mark is indicating on your Credit Report.

    So if you are willing to resolve this issue from outside of the court house then you have to make the payment of $209.00 Today on August 5th 2019 in order to close this case file fully or I have to leave your case file and forward the file to the Credit Department as well as IRS regarding that you are ignoring our all efforts and you are not interested to resolve this case from outside of the court house.

    You will have Full & Final Receipt once you will make the payment as far as name of lender that is through one of our online website as we are working with 100 different websites of ACS along with transaction ID stating that your account has been closed with zero balance for your record purpose.


    James Young (ACE/TX-211220091878)

    Senior Law Enforcement Officer

    ACE Cash Services"

    Here is another scam.


  • June 20, 2019 at 5:57 PM by info

    "From: "ACS LEGAL DEPARTMENT" <acs.legal.department.debt.inc@gmail.com>

    To: "ACS LEGAL DEPARTMENT" <acs.legal.department.debt.inc@gmail.com>

    Sent: Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 3:08 PM

    Subject: FINAL POLICE CASE FILE # 02/9009

    United States District Court


    Police Case file#02/9009

    Loan Reminder/Debt Recovery

    Due Amount- $990.76

    Dear Debtor,

    We are going to file a lawsuit in next 24 hours at United States District Court #312 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA Against your Name and SSN. After giving several notifications we did not received any Response From your side. We will consider that you are Ignoring this matter and you want to dispute. We are in a Process to inform the Social Security Administration & major Credit Bureaus as well.

    This is our last warning to you; kindly update us ASAP so that we can proceed.

    Note- If we don't receive any response from your side today, your case file will be downloaded automatically against you. After that, we are unable to help you and you will receive court summons at your door steps with the cost of the lawsuit around $4203.86.

    Do update us with your intention that you want to resolve this case or you want to Dispute.

    Again if you want to resolve this matter than contact us immediately thru an E-MAIL.

    If you want to resolve this matter then we have settlement amount for you;

    1. One-time Settlement Payment of $390.00 by today, 06/19/19 so that we can close this case file with this amount.

    2. One-time Payment of $500.00 on June 21st, 2019 or,

    Kindly let us know what type of payment arrangement you are looking for.

    Do provide us with the date on which you can pay so that we can update your account. Once the full and final payment is received a receipt will be sent to you stating that your outstanding debt is paid in full with ZERO balance and you are no more debtor for the company and will update the Major Credit Bureau.

    Do respond us ASAP

    Best wishes,

    Sr. Investigation Officer

    (Department – Law & Enforcement).

    Copyright (c) 2019 | ACE CASH INC | Privacy | Terms of use"

    I got this scam.


  • April 23, 2019 at 10:48 AM by info

    The scammers are using the following email address: ACS INC <acs.legalincorp.recovery@gmail.com>


  • April 15, 2019 at 1:10 AM by info

    The scammers are using this email address: acs.paydaysolution@gmail.com


  • October 16, 2018 at 8:30 AM by info

    The scammers are using this email address: acsdebtsettlementdepartment.us@gmail.com


  • August 20, 2018 at 1:35 PM by info

    Here is another scam:

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------

    From: Legal Collections <legaldebtcollections.us@gmail.com>

    Date: Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 9:38 AM

    Subject: Re: Final Legal Notice: Case number_DC06ACA2380_

    We are still missing your payment. Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will submit the paper work to your local county sheriff department and you will be served by court summons at your door step. If you are willing to resolve your case then you have to pay your debt back to the company and thereafter we will send you the Payment Receipt stating that your account is paid in full with zero balance.

    Kindly reply as soon as possible

    Best regards,

    James Wilson.


  • June 24, 2018 at 7:24 AM by info

    Here is another sca:

    "From: Paul Anderson <attorneypaulanderson@nationwidecredittcollection.org>

    Date: June 22, 2018 at 10:52:32 AM EDT

    Subject: Final Legal Notice.

    Address: 10077 Hayward Rd Spring Hill FL 34608

    Find Your Warrant Copy: FGTM-98524L2 will be going to release

    This is last chance for you, you must have to make minimum $300.00 today for hold this Case File.

    This Legal Proceeding will be issued on your Docket Number DL-20731642 with one of Cash Advance Inc. Company to let know you that after making calls to you on your phone number we were not able to get hold of you. So the account's department of Cash Advance has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you.

    CASE NO: FGTM-98524L2

    Amount Outstanding: $1200.00

    We have sent you this warning notification about legal proceedings of March 8, 2015, but you failed to respond on time now it’s high time if you failed to respond in next 4 HOURS we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final warning. And we will be Emailing/ Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict against you. Your salary wages will we garnished.

    Do revert back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make payment arrangement today or else we would be proceeding legally against you and this notification will also send to your current employer. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end. We would hate for you to lose the option of resolving this before it goes to the next step which is a Lawsuit against you, but to do so you must take immediate action.

    You can email back to get the payment mode.


    We will we forced to go ahead legally against you and once it proceed in the Court House, The creditor has entire rights to tell your employer and your references about this issue and the lawsuit will be the next step which will be amounting to $6700.00 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in the future.

    Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will send the paperwork to your local county sheriff department and you will we served by court summons at your door step.

    We informed you and we have more than 17 kinds of technical proof against you to prove that you are guilty and committed the following frauds.

    1. Violation of Federal Banking Regulation.

    2. Collateral Check Fraud

    3. Theft by Deception

    4. Electronic Fund Transfer Fraud.

    Note: This notice provided to you for Cash Advance Inc. and its parent company, and their respective family of companies including Cash Advance, its parent company, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, (after this... takes effect collectively called the “Cash Advance Related Companies,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). The Cash Advance Related Companies include, but are not limited to: Cash Advance, Cash America International, Inc., and all of their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, including those that work under the trade names Cash Advance, 100 Day Loan, Net loan USA, Fax free Cash, Payday one, Sonic Cash, Money tree, Egg loans, Check cash Loan, Quick Payday, Personal Cash Advance, Rapid Cash, Sonic Payday, Speedy Cash, My Cash Now, National Payday, Payday OK, Cash Central Loans, Cash Net 500,Cash Net USA, Allied Cash, Super Pawn, Check into Cash, Check Smart, Cash America, Cash America Pawn, Cash land, Super Pawn, Cash America Payday Advance, or any company-owned Mr. Payroll locations. “You” or “Your” means you as a participant in or as a user of the products and/or services offered by a Cash Advance Related Company.



    By electronically signing this Loan Agreement by clicking the “I AGREE” button below, you are confirming that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Consent and that you have downloaded or printed a copy of this Consent for your records.

    Note: To make payment you would have to contact our email address


    We are informing you that if we will not receive your payment then, unfortunately, we have to go ahead further with the legal action against your name

    Note: - If you ignore this email and failed to take care of this debt than all of your bank accounts will we seized through Major Credited Bureau within Seven Business Days that's why your co-operation will we appreciated.

    Paul Anderson (Accounts Dept.)

    Bureau of Defaulters agency FTC Incorporation

    National Debt Solution

    PO Box 105028

    Atlanta, GA 30348-5028"


  • June 12, 2018 at 6:08 PM by an anonymous user from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

    I received an email stated that I owe $990.00 and that an arrest warrant has been issue for my arrest unless I get a prepaid card and pay at least half the amount. This email came from AVE Debt collections


    • June 12, 2018 at 6:28 PM by info

      It is a scam. Once you are asked to get prepaid card.


  • April 6, 2018 at 3:32 PM by info

    Here is another scam:

    "From: ATTORNEY ACS [mailto:attorney.usa.acs@gmail.com]

    Sent: Friday, April 06, 2018 3:14 PM



    We have tried to many time work with you but as you are not co-operating with us. Then, unfortunately, we have forwarded your case file to the legal department of FDCP and IRS to put a hold on your Tax return and if it was released then it should be seized until the judgment of your case file with us. We already updated legal department to file the Court petition in Courthouse. Once the Court Summons will be signed by the court clerk we will update you one copy at your postal address along with one copy at following places:

    1. Nearest Police Station

    2. At your Employer

    3. Internal Revenue Services

    4. Federal Bureau of Credit

    5. Bank with which you have accounts.


    Accounts Department."


  • January 9, 2018 at 8:37 AM by info

    Here is another scam:

    ----- Forwarded Message -----

    From: Department of Law & Enforcement <lenders.collections@gmail.com>

    Sent: Monday, January 8, 2018, 9:20:24 AM EST

    Subject: Re: CASE REGISTERED : Legal Action have begun

    We received your Customer ID to our FINAL COLLECTION DEPARTMENT with the amount of $1285.85.

    As we having your file showing that you took a loan of $500.00 from one of our WEBSITE and you never pay your debt back to the company. Now you have to pay $1285.68 and in this amount all charges will be included along with your ignition loan amount.

    A summary of your original loan with other charges provided below.

    Principal: $500.00

    Loan Fees: $67.33

    Lender Interest: $505.99

    Attorney Charges: $98.68

    NSF Charges: $56.85

    Other Charges: $57.00

    A summary of your original loan terms is provided below.

    If you are still willing to resolve this matter outside courthouse, you need to make this payment. Once your account will be paid in full with zero balance then we will send you a Payment Receipt stating that your account has been paid in full with zero balance.

    If you will ignore this E-mail, we will download the case against you and once your case will be downloaded on your Name and Social thereafter we will send you the court paper at your door step as well as your employee which is in our file. In courthouse you have to pay Seven Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Dollars.

    If you have any questions or concerns, our Customer Support Team is available SEVEN days a week to help answer all of your questions via E-mail.

    *If your payment is returned for any reason, this receipt for your payment will be considered null and void and we will be forced to start collection procedures. SM Law Group & ACS does not warrant that the content of this correspondence is error-free. For the most accurate and up to date information about your account and/or terms of use of SM Law Group & ACS products please see your agreement and/or account information on the SM Law Group & ACS Department.

    Customer Notice: Payday advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution. Customers with credit difficulties should seek credit counseling."


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"ACS Debt Solutions" Legal Notice and Arrest Warrant Scam