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Scam - Cinematrix.net is a Fraudulent Movie Streaming Website

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Scam - Cinematrix.net is a Fraudulent Movie Streaming Website

Cinematrix.net, which owners claim is the next-generation of video-on-demand (VOD) provider that simplifies movie watching for users all over the world, is a scam. The website doesn't deliver the movies it promises and trick people into registering for free or trial accounts, and still charges them after they have cancelled within or before the trial period expires. Online users who have already signed up for Cinematrix services are advised to check their credit card statements keenly and report unauthorized charges to their banks.

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Cinematrix.net - The Fraudulent Movie Streaming Website


After acquiring payment from their members, Cinematrix never delivers what their members have paid for. All they will do is to show advertisements in order to generate revenue, although members have already made payments. Also, Cinematrix offers a computer program which is bundled with various adware and potentially unwanted programs, which will hijack online users’ web browsers and redirect them to their website and may even display annoying advertisements. If your web browser constantly redirects or goes to www.vinematrix.net, it means that your computer has become infected with the VideoStripe adware or potentially unwanted programs. To remove the adware or potentially unwanted programs, click here to use a program called AdwCleaner.

After my wife signed up for the free account, she received an email which stated that if she didn't cancel, she would be charged monthly, no amount was specified. During the whole account creation process there was no mention of any charge or how much they secretly intended to charge. She immediately canceled the account after receiving the email.

They charged her credit card $39.95 about 10 days after she cancelled the account. We didn't even know she got charged until our bank statement showed a mysterious entry listed as "MovieEase.com". The phone number listed on the transaction was incomplete, missing the last digit, as you would expect with a scam.

I have now researched the company and found many complaints and poor ratings that have confirmed this to be a scam.

In the end, we canceled our credit card and filed a dispute with our issuing bank.

Be advised: Research any website unknown to you before entering a credit card number. The 5 minutes you spend searching the internet is way less than the hours necessary for filing a claim, cancelling your credit card, and then writing negative reviews to try and help other people.

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  • Posted: Feb 16 at 11:07 AM by an anonymous user from or near: Santo Domingo, Nacional, Dominican Republic

    I had money taken out of my account without my knowledge and the funny thing is I never signed up for any services at all. I don't know how they can get hold of the credit card information though because I never gave it to them.


  • Posted: Feb 9 at 8:06 AM by an anonymous user from or near: Oslo, Oslo County, Norway

    I had absolutely no idea I was regularly being billed for "services" from Cinematrix! Have never had the need to be so vigilant about checking bank statements and discoverd these mysterious payments for a service I have never used almost by accident.

    Have probably been scammed for hundreds of dollars over the past couple of years without realsing it!Have now cancelled my subscription (which I never requested in the first place!) But from what I've read there is no guarantee that the scam stops here.


  • Posted: Feb 1 at 12:23 PM by an anonymous user from or near: Chester-le-Street, England, United Kingdom

    Cinematic took £28.09 from me and I didn't even get to watch the movie I chose


  • Posted: Jan 25, 2018 by info

    Received via email:

    "Hi! Cinematrix.net is taking me every month 35£ and I don't know why because I never registered on this site and never use this site."


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