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Beware of "Claire Hydrafirm" Anti-Aging Cream Scams

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Beware of "Claire Hydrafirm" Anti-Aging Cream Scams

Online users do not visit or purchase from websites that claim to sell "Claire Hydrafirm" so-called anti-aging creams created by so-called Anna and Samantha Williams from Shark Tank or Dragons' Den. This is because the websites are scams created by online scammers and the so-called Anna and Samantha Williams featured on the fake websites are actually Shelly Hyde and Kara Haught, who have nothing to with the product. Shark Tank or Dragons' Den is a reality television format program featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas in order to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists.

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The Anna and Samantha Williams "Claire Hydrafirm" Anti-Aging Cream Website

Anna and Samantha Williams "Claire Hydrafirm"

£4.95 Rejuvenating Cream That Removes The Signs Of Aging Gets Biggest Deal In Dragons' Den History


The Facebook comments on the websites are fakes. The fake comments have been placed on the website to convince potential victims into purchasing the fake weight loss product. And, do not be fooled by the claims that the product was seen by The New York Times, TODAY, StyleWatch and Redbook, this is not true. It is just another trick to convince potential victims into falling for the scam. The scammers may also claim the product is loved by celebrities, but again, this is a lie used to convince potential victims into purchasing the fake product.

Online users, remember, using your credit card on fraudulent websites will allow online scammers to continuously charge it without your consent. Therefore, online users who have been tricked by the scam are asked to contact their banks and have the transactions canceled and their money refunded. They may need to have the bank block further fraudulent transactions or cancel the current credit card and get a new one.

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  • Posted: 4 hours ago by an anonymous user from or near: Edgware (Colindale), England, United Kingdom

    I ordered this product on-line and thought at the price, there's not a lot to lose - how wrong I was! I had the initial payment of £4.93 in November for the trial, then while I've been out of the country we've had three further deliveries of just the cream with the bills following 'under the radar' thereafter.

    One for £49.95 appeared on my bank statement in December, and two of £54.88 appeared in Jan and Feb 2018. These payments showed up on my bank account as FTNSSLDPLUSHELP.CO CDD 2019, so if you have the same sort of thing appearing on your statements which you've have been puzzling over, then this could well be the answer

    I phoned the company earlier today on the number they provided (0800-778-9278) and requested they stop sending out the product, and cancel my 'order'. (Like you, if you're reading this, I thought I was only sending for the 'trial' at £4.93), but when the wife actually liked the product, and another jar of cream was delivered, we didn't give it a second thought that it would be so expensive.

    However, after eventually checking the bank statements you can see that these little jars of gunk are now £54.88 a pop!, hence our decision to try and get these deliveries stopped. The customer service desk lady was polite and quickly found my details through my post-code, and agreed to cancel my 'order' with them. I requested an email confirmation of the cancellation, but thus far I have not received anything.

    As a precaution, I also contacted my bank and asked that any further billings from this company be blocked, and having explained the scenario to them, they were more than happy to do this.
    Hope this helps anybody else in the same situation.



  • Posted: Feb 11 at 6:47 AM by an anonymous user from or near: Chester, England, United Kingdom

    Absolute con, got payment taken out twice.


  • Posted: Feb 5 at 7:22 AM by an anonymous user from or near: Oldbury, England, United Kingdom

    This is definitly a scam. I agreed to pay postage only on a trial basis, buried on the back page of instructions. in small print it says if you don't cancel within a certain time you will be charged every month.

    I have contacted Barclaycard Fraud and they are cancelling the two payments taken bothe over £79! Have emailed said firm cancelling trial & asked for a return address as I haven't even used the cream or serum yet & now don't intend to! Can't believe I was taken in by this, only did it because it said it was backed by "Dragons Den"!!


  • Posted: Jan 24 at 9:55 AM by an anonymous user from or near: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Do not buy, don’t deliver any trial product but will scam you into £49.95 bill thereafter & ongoing. Beware. Never buy as you are entering a hefty subscription & gain nothing but a lowered bank balance. Contact your bank put a stop to this scam


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