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Beware of Fake Massage Chair Websites or Online Stores

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Beware of Fake Massage Chair Websites or Online Stores

There are hundreds of web addresses and products operated by scammers online. On Black Friday, the scammers had many different products running on Facebook ads. Even after I warned Facebook they continue to allow the ads for some time to run. The products are massage chairs and some of the online stores or websites are located at the following URLs: alubvip.com, savourvip.com, powerfulmill.com, and poweredfulmill.com.

Please continue below.

Powerfulfulmill.com was later changed to all Chinese selling blue jeans and was targeting mainly the island of Taiwan. That was after I kept on spamming the comment section in their Facebook ads, at which time they deactivated the comment section. Your bank statement will show a merchant with something similar to this: Cc Xkkjeir Tech Jilinsheng merchandise; order may have a return address that starts with xing LI.

They have often used the same address and phone number for over 4 years now. Four years ago they operated under Salomon Speedcross shoes on eBay. With the same return address. The phone number is also bogus, I did not post it here because if you call it it will bounce back an infection to your phone, not serious but you would have to shut your phone down and start it back up. I have traced many of these websites as being created on the same day through godaddy.com.

The IP addresses take the same general route, although they always terminate through Cloudflare in San Francisco California which is a company that kind of hosts the site but it scrambles IP addresses so that they are untraceable, in fact, Cloudflare will show ultimately as the owner of every website being run through it. So a big thank you to Cloudflare who is made it so easy for fraud perpetrators to do business.

I have submitted as much of this information to the Federal Trade Commission. And to GoDaddy, who generally does nothing about it and continue to let these sites run, claiming they do not have the authority to determine if a site is legal or not! Cloudflare claims they don't actually have detailed information on the owners of an actual website being routed through their company. If it's too good to be true be skeptical.

Second, in the URL at the top of the screen, it should begin with HTTPS... Not HTTP. It must have the "S". Furthermore look for the locked padlock just to the left of that, sometimes it will be green. If it does not have these do not put your information on the site, and never click on an email. Always log out go to the site directly such as PayPal from your web browser and sign in and then conduct your payment or business.

Examine the site, make sure they have real emails contact information, and phone numbers. Check them for legitimacy first. Curious about a website? Google it, see if there are any fraud complaints yet about it, type the web address in two places such as:

  • URLvoid.com
  • ipvoid.com
  • unmaskedparasites.com
  • http://www.internic.net/whois.html

And from there you can do even deeper searches looking for malware which usually cannot be identified through typical website means such as Google transparency which will show most of these sites as being possibly okay, when they are not.

Hope this helps. Mike.

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