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Beware of "Delta Airlines is Giving 2 Free Tickets to Celebrate Anniversary" Survey Scam

2018-02-19T13:46:42  +
Beware of "Delta Airlines is Giving 2 Free Tickets to Celebrate Anniversary" Survey Scam

The Facebook post below which claims that Delta Airlines officially turned 33 or 85 years old, and to celebrate they are giving away free tickets, is another Delta Airlines Facebook survey scam. The scam will attempt to trick potential victims into commenting on it, liking it, sharing it and completing surveys, by claiming that they have to do so in order for a chance of receiving one of the free airline tickets.

Please continue below.

But, the Facebook post is a fake and is not associated with Delta Airlines. It is only a scam to get Facebook users to comment on, "like" or share in order to spread the same scam to other Facebook users. Facebook users who have received the scam on their Facebook Wall or Timeline, are asked to report it to Facebook as spam.

The "Delta Airlines is Giving 2 Free Tickets Anniversary" Survey Scam

Delta Airlines is Giving 2 Free Tickets to Celebrate 85th Anniversary Survey Scam

Delta Air Lines is giving 2 Free Tickets to celebrate 33rd / 85th Anniversary!

Get Your Tickets now! and Fly any where!


Always go to the legitimate Delta Airline / Airways Facebook page to verify the authenticity of a promotion before taking part in it. Their Facebook page is located at:

Remember, by liking, commenting on, or sharing the scam, you are only helping to spread it to other Facebook users and making the scammers responsible for this, earn money. Scammers earn money when they make a page popular and are able to sell it to the highest bidder, along with the names and other public information of the persons who liked or shared the scam. I guess the last thing we want to do is to make these scammers rich by tricking you and others into commenting on, liking and sharing a Facebook post or website. So, if you have already liked, commented on, or shared this scam, please unlike, remove your comment and 'unshare' it.

Click here for instructions on how to remove things you have already posted on Facebook. And be careful, because scammers and spammers are tricking Facebook users into commenting on, sharing and liking things on Facebook.

After tricking Facebook users into doing the above-mentioned activities, the scam will then ask them to go to a fake Delta Airways website to complete surveys. The website will ask Facebook users to complete surveys and share the same website in order to stand a chance of receiving free flights for one year, but this is a trick to get you to complete the surveys that the cybercriminals behind this scam will get paid for.

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  • Posted: 2018-02-13T15:35:04 by an anonymous user from or near: Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

    I have been sent a 85th birthday offer from air France re free tickets via whatsapp. Also they want me to send to 20 friends.


  • Posted: 2018-02-05T13:15:03 by an anonymous user from or near: Morehead City, North Carolina, United States

    How do I cancel. I completed it all except credit card


    • Posted: 2018-02-05T13:44:20 by info

      If you didn't submit your credit card information you are ok.


  • Posted: 2018-01-20T00:05:14 by an anonymous user from or near: Bridge City, Texas, United States

    Can these people see or have access to my contacts on WhatsApp? Because I received it and sent it to 20 of my contacts. They said that way I will get 2 free tickets. Can they see my contacts information? I am very worried. :-(


    • Posted: 2018-01-20T03:07:52 by info

      They cannot see or access your contacts unless you have downloaded some malicious app.


  • Posted: 2018-01-20T00:02:02 by an anonymous user from or near: Bridge City, Texas, United States

    I received it via whatsapp and answer 3 questions like would you recommend it, Do you like Delta airlines... something like that. But I was asked to send it to 20 of my friend's and I did :-( I feel so bad about it now. I wish I had this information before. I am worry about what they can do to my friends accounts.


    • Posted: 2018-01-20T03:05:55 by info

      They will send them the same fake survey.


  • Posted: 2018-01-18T01:22:23 by an anonymous user from or near: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

    I give them my name and phone number also address; finally I didn't confirm I just deleted, so without confirm they tricking me?


  • Posted: 2018-01-17T13:01:07 by an anonymous user from or near: Jamaica, New York, United States

    How to remove scam delta free tickets from WhatsApp.


  • Posted: 2018-01-15T16:52:35 by an anonymous user from or near: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States

    Delta ticket giveaway is a scam!


  • Posted: 2017-12-03T19:15:52 by an anonymous user from or near: Hyde Park, New York, United States

    I did it too :(


  • Posted: 2017-11-07T22:59:55 by an anonymous user from or near: Chisago City, Minnesota, United States

    Wish I had seen this earlier, I answered name, address and date of birth questions.


  • Posted: 2017-11-07T21:02:16 by an anonymous user from or near: Metairie, Louisiana, United States

    The delta ad was sent to me via whatsapp. I fell for it. Thought it was something on my screen by the letter a. What do I do now?


    • Posted: 2017-11-07T21:08:35 by info

      Just delete it.


  • Posted: 2017-09-06T12:49:32 by an anonymous user from or near: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Today I received a call from delta sharjah in crystal plaza that I won two vouchers one for dinner free and second for five day trip in another country. I don't know it's true or a fraud; plz help.


    • Posted: 2017-09-06T15:12:14 by info

      It is not true, it is a fake.


  • Posted: 2017-07-06T16:22:09 by an anonymous user from or near: Albany, New York, United States

    A friend posted this, so I gave it a try. It's a survey loop - MY WORRY... is it a virus??


    • Posted: 2017-07-06T17:05:49 by info

      Once you didn't download and install a software or app you will not get infected with a virus.


  • Posted: 2017-06-11T14:13:00 by an anonymous user from or near: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

    Wish I had seen this earlier, I answered name, address and date of birth questions. when they asked if I had a checking account I left the site.


    • Posted: 2017-08-13T18:45:14 by an anonymous user from or near: Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States

      I just did the same thing.


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