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The "Facebook International Lottery 2017" is a Scam or Fake

2017-05-23T08:56:21 -  +
The "Facebook International Lottery 2017" is a Scam or Fake

The email message below which claims the recipients are winners in the Facebook International Lottery 2017 is a scam. There is no such lottery. As a matter of fact, there is no Facebook lottery. Therefore, recipients of similar messages claiming they are winners in some so-called Facebook lottery should never respond to the fraudulent email messages with their personal information or financial information, and should never send money to the lottery scammers.

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And, do not be fooled by fake Facebook lottery winning certificates and remember, once you are asked to send personal information or money in order to claim a lottery prize, it is a scam.

The "Facebook International Lottery 2017" Email Scam

From: David Clark <facebookclaimsdepartment383@gmail.com>

Date: May 22, 2017 at 5:25:03 PM CDT


Dear Honorable winner,

I want you to know that this is 100% Real and Legitimate in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI in Washington DC are also aware of this on-going Facebook International Lottery 2017. So what you have to do is to choose a delivery option here, Below listed method of claiming your winning funds such as....

Via Check/Via ATM Card.

Our special diplomatic delivery agent will personally come to your state and release your winnings to you and also handle over all your necessary winnings document to you for your own good and safety security purpose.

We want you to know that your winning certificate has been completed and it is attached to this email for confirmation purpose, so verify your winning certificate and get back to us with your mode of transfer ok so we can proceed.


Facebook, Inc.

Social network company

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  • Posted: 2018-07-14T16:02:46 by an anonymous user from or near: Alexandria, Teleorman, Romania

    Here is another scam:

    "The Online Consumer Promotions 2018.
    European Region Office:
    Facebook International Lottery
    1601 Willow Road
    Menlo Park, California 94025.USA
    Inquiries Phone: 1-650-446-5022


    This is to officially inform you that we are still waiting to receive your mail regarding the confirmation of your winning with Facebook here in United Kingdom. We have confirmed your E-mail as one of the lucky winner but for further verification we would like you to confirm the following.

    (**) Your Full names:
    (**) Your Telephone Number
    (**) Your Contact address:
    (**) Your Occupation:
    (**) Your Country:
    (**) Your Age & Sex:

    Congratulations once more on your winning and I advise you to make a judicious use of this huge amount of money as soon as you receive it.

    Mr. David M. Wehner
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Facebook, Inc.
    1601 Willow Road
    Menlo Park, California 94025
    Inquiries Phone: 1-650-446-5022"


  • Posted: 2018-03-16T17:28:47 by an anonymous user from or near: La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada

    I was contacted by a few people claiming that I have won a big amount of money. asking me to send 350$. scam or what?


    • Posted: 2018-03-16T20:58:57 by info

      Once you are asked to send money, it is a scam.


  • Posted: 2018-03-08T04:46:07 by an anonymous user from or near: Hamburg, Pennsylvania, United States

    Sent you info about Facebook winning of 40,000 dollars from a Catharine Fibian. Fox


  • Posted: 2018-03-08T04:43:21 by an anonymous user from or near: Hamburg, Pennsylvania, United States

    A Catharine Fibian Fox contacted me about a winning one Facebook


  • Posted: 2018-02-28T03:53:13 by info

    Received via email:

    "I got a Texts Messages from Mr Mark Zuckerberg tell me I had won 600,00,00 from the facebook lottery promo I was wanting to know if it is true or not my name is Annette the phone number I got The Texts is 914-861-5290 and it came from new york"


    • Posted: 2018-03-22T21:06:19 by an anonymous user from or near: Auckland, New Zealand

      This is a scam bahahaha


  • Posted: 2018-02-12T17:18:42 by an anonymous user from or near: Slough, England, United Kingdom

    agentboylesconnor@gmail.com - he now has my full name address email address and mobile number. Can’t believe I could have been so stupid to give out my personal details .


  • Posted: 2018-01-29T21:47:39 by an anonymous user from or near: Columbus, Georgia, United States

    Received message from Lydia Gord saying "I was lucky winner of $100,000 in the International Lottery in conjunction with Facebook" she posted a "list of winners" and when I Googled the supposedly chairman the only listing was an obituary for this person in April of 2015.

    She repeatedly messaged me late at,early morning and even on Sunday... assuring this wasn't a scam. The supposedly "cashier" was a man by the name of Calvin Reece from Ferndale, Washington...this AM she messaged that she was forwarding me to a woman from Alberto,Calgary (Canada) this person posted a picture of a "winner" holding an oversized "check" which was dated 2015 and a package of a recent "winner" with no return address that supposedly contained his "winning" when I told her I was reporting this her reply was I have nothing else to say.

    Both these individuals used very poor Grammar and had a lot of misspelled words


  • Posted: 2018-01-25T01:38:30 by an anonymous user from or near: Mimbres, New Mexico, United States

    Just got this scam on my fb page via message from a mark chan for this so called fb lottery offer thanks for your vital info site


  • Posted: 2017-12-26T19:46:22 by an anonymous user from or near: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Okay, I'm in Canada an d they said I won 950.ooo.ooo and they reported that my account was hacked and a woman by the of name Amanda long Smith...her account was hacked by a John Long Smith and I believed it ..and sent 600.oo Canadian...and yes money order ..and western union...is it true.


    • Posted: 2017-12-26T19:54:00 by info

      It is not true, it is a scam.


  • Posted: 2017-12-13T13:54:30 by an anonymous user from or near: Foxborough, Massachusetts, United States

    It is not fair to say that you won a lottery by your e-mail on Facebook. It is just cruel. I think I will get off Facebook and go elsewhere, as they are slimy worms.


  • Posted: 2017-12-11T03:36:29 by an anonymous user from or near: Inkster, Michigan, United States

    A woman by the name Linda snow (Mary snow) is saying that I won, what should I do. she is messaging me right now as we I am writing this.


    • Posted: 2017-12-11T03:42:33 by info

      Ignore her messages.


  • Posted: 2017-12-07T19:30:39 by an anonymous user from or near: Savannah, Georgia, United States

    I am currently talking to a woman named Mary Ann who supposedly works for Facebook about my 'winnings' and a shipping fee. But I don't trust her.


  • Posted: 2017-10-13T03:03:14 by an anonymous user from or near: Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

    I had also same lottery scam from the woman Linda Kay Lange (maybe she is a hooker) and also ask 450$ and Federal Aviation Administration 1550 $ and 6000$ from British Insurance Cooperation.
    All is Fraud. Please beware of this woman.
    They use Facebookclaimsdept_2017@outlook.com.


    • Posted: 2017-11-18T02:26:22 by an anonymous user from or near: Springfield, Missouri, United States

      Had this done to me twice; once I blocked her after she said I won the Facebook International lottery and work for FB; and some guy texts me saying he was Mark, and the other one today, she said work for FB and I need to pay to get my prize the next day right. He said a computer randomly picked me and I have to pay 50000 and 900 upfront. But, why pay money to get money.


  • Posted: 2017-09-12T23:08:21 by an anonymous user from or near: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

    I received the following e-mail through Facebook:

    "Your name was among the 20 lucky winners of $600,000.00USD each on the Facebook group promotion award attached to Lucky Number (FB-4441137/07), Ticket Number (FB-77510433/07), Batch Number (FB-1044365641) and Serial Number (FB-4441137/244)"

    This is a scam or a fake lottery!


    • Posted: 2017-09-15T17:46:06 by an anonymous user from or near: Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

      I have received a Winning lottery certificate for the Internatinal
      Facebook Winnings 2017, certifying that I am the winner and I certify
      100% legitimacy and free risk. How to believe it.


      • Posted: 2017-09-15T22:58:52 by info

        There is NO Facebook lottery. Ask Facebook if you do not believe me.


  • Posted: 2017-09-04T10:47:50 by an anonymous user from or near: Carteret, New Jersey, United States

    Here is another scam, please do not follow the instructions in it:



    Attention: Facebook User

    This correspondence officially confirms that we are in receipt of your mail regarding the claim of your winnings value of ($600,000 USD) Six hundred thousand United State Dollars and I want to let you know that this is 100% real and legal.

    Meanwhile we have look into the possibility of you having your Winning Fund, so you are to choose from the mode of payment as stated below:

    1. (CHECK). In this method of certified Check is a form of check for which the bank verifies that sufficient funds exist in the account to cover the amount on the check.
    2. (ATM CARD). In this method you fund will be loaded into an ATM CARD that can work anywhere in the world.
    3. (BANK DRAFT). A certified draft is a check that is written by a bank and is therefore certain to be paid and it is signed/certified by an authorized bank official.

    Kindly Re-confirm your NAME, CELL PHONE NUMBER, HOME ADDRESS and COUNTRY OF ORIGIN and Acknowledge this mail by replying back immediately.

    Yours Faithfully, Am sorry for not replying back your mail, I have been at the Hospital but am back to work.

    John Cole
    Promo Coordinator
    © 2017 FACEBOOK"


    • Posted: 2017-09-11T22:28:04 by an anonymous user from or near: Anaheim, California, United States

      This is me Genaro again, this person said that he works for Google Lotto.


    • Posted: 2017-09-11T22:25:49 by an anonymous user from or near: Anaheim, California, United States

      HI my name is Genaro Carrera they have been telling me that I won 500000 I actually fell for the first to send them $300 for insurance that my money will get to men.

      $300 I sent them went to this one person and and then they messaged me saying that they're here in my state at the airport telling me that.

      Receiver's name: William czarneski
      State :Georgia
      City: Macon
      Zip Code: 31220

      This is where I sent a $300 to this person to this address; please message me back I want the FBI to text you people they got me good for $300 but I hope they catch him with this address and name so anybody can message me back please do.


  • Posted: 2017-08-27T12:27:56 by an anonymous user from or near: Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg Region, Germany

    A Rachel B Jones sent me friendship request. I only took it because it said in her profile she works for Facebook. Know she wrote to me over the messenger that I am the winner of 500.000,00$
    I do not believe this so I thought to check if this could be real and found it is not. That is why I am writing to you. You should know about this scam.


  • Posted: 2017-08-21T21:57:56 by an anonymous user from or near: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    What is going on here on facebook? Someone from "Facebook Lottery contacts me saying I'm a winner of 500,0000. To send money to release my money. I sent 500$ and am still being asked to send more. I don't understand if this is real or not. Some Facebook said it's real and the other said no its a scam. my problem here is that why is it so complicated to get a proper answer to my questions. Either there is or is not. Of course, I didn't want to miss out on money if being true. But at the same time, I'm out of money I sent. 500$ I COULD HAVE USED. I feel if this is a scam that facebooks, Mr, Zuckerberg should be held responsible. To pay back stolen money off his company's site.


    • Posted: 2017-08-21T22:38:36 by info

      There is no Facebook lottery. And, once you are asked to send money in order to receive a lottery prize, it is a scam.


  • Posted: 2017-08-19T22:42:17 by an anonymous user from or near: Pulaski, Virginia, United States

    Yes, I fell for it. I sent them photo of my ID. I didn't send money. On messager a women named Bonney Sperry said she was an agent. Should I be worried I sent them my info, but got concerned when ask for 350.


    • Posted: 2017-08-19T23:16:41 by info

      You have nothing to worry about, just do not send them your money.


  • Posted: 2017-08-17T22:46:38 by an anonymous user from or near: Seattle, Washington, United States

    A person named Sir David Douglas agent, messaged me after I had received a message from someone using a friend's info telling me they had won money from Facebook Lottery. He said each family could only receive funds one time and to send $150 to Africa so FedEx could deliver money to your front door.

    He continues to text me. The person helping him I confronted over the phone and he started sending out friend requests and telling the same story to my family and friends. Contact numbers I have. Please help stop this.


    • Posted: 2017-08-19T22:43:47 by an anonymous user from or near: Pulaski, Virginia, United States

      Same thing happened to me. I gave my info but no money.


    • Posted: 2017-08-18T06:01:44 by info

      Block the sender and report it to Facebook.


  • Posted: 2017-08-16T13:43:07 by an anonymous user from or near: Riverdale Park, Maryland, United States

    What if I gave them my personal information. Can I stop them from using it?


    • Posted: 2017-08-16T14:15:49 by info

      No, you cannot stop them. But, just be careful next time because they will be contacting you and attempt to scam you. Once you do not send money, financial information, or more personal information, you are OK.


  • Posted: 2017-07-16T04:17:10 by an anonymous user from or near: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

    I was contacted by Erskine B Bowles, saying he was a facebook lottery agent, that I had won 500,000.00 dollars. I need to send 320.0 to get my winning. Is this a scam?


    • Posted: 2017-07-16T07:53:00 by info

      Yes, it is a scam.


      • Posted: 2017-07-27T20:18:29 by an anonymous user from or near: Waycross, Georgia, United States

        I was contacted by a selana lopaz is that one a scam too.


        • Posted: 2017-07-28T01:27:41 by an anonymous user from or near: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

          I was contacted by her too.


        • Posted: 2017-07-27T20:28:20 by info

          The name doesn't matter because the scammers can use any name they choose. Just remember there is no Facebook lottery. Therefore, if you are contacted by someone who claims you are a winner in the Facebook lottery, it is a scam.


  • Posted: 2017-07-10T13:08:35 by an anonymous user from or near: Edgar, Florida, United States

    Thank you for confirming what I already thought. .


  • Posted: 2017-07-01T05:18:22 by an anonymous user from or near: Kuwait City, Al Asimah, Kuwait

    I was contacted by tina dinese vazques....that I won 500 thousand usd...asking me to pay delivery charge so I can get my prixe...it is a scam right?


    • Posted: 2017-07-01T08:45:36 by info

      Yes, it is a scam.


  • Posted: 2017-06-25T12:14:06 by an anonymous user from or near: Seattle, Washington, United States

    My friend was contacted by Lisa Case using the exact email listed here. She told him he won $150,000 but needed $320 for delivery.


  • Posted: 2017-06-22T22:24:34 by an anonymous user from or near: Laurinburg, North Carolina, United States

    I had someone to contact me today off Faceboo telling me that he is a CEO and said I had won 980 million dollars.


  • Posted: 2017-06-13T11:12:12 by an anonymous user from or near: California, Missouri, United States

    Is there anything that can be done if you have been informed of winning a lottery, and you paid money to get your winnings? I am, unfortunately, one of those who believed that I had won money.


    • Posted: 2017-06-13T13:03:42 by info

      The only thing you can do now is to report it to the police.


  • Posted: 2017-06-02T01:28:51 by an anonymous user from or near: Evansville, Indiana, United States

    What about the FBI AGENT that contacted me from Facebook saying I have unclaimed winning package.


    • Posted: 2017-06-02T05:51:16 by info

      A FBI agent would never contact you about winning a lottery package. That's how you know it is a scam.