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Beware of Missed or One-Ring Scam Calls From 48-614-2366 Poznan, Poland Area Code

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Beware of Missed or One-Ring Scam Calls From 48-614-2366 Poznan, Poland Area Code

Thousands of people around the world, especially in Jamaica, are receiving Missed or One-ring scam calls from telephone numbers starting with "+48-614-2366" from a Poznan, Greater Poland, Poland area code. Missed or One-Ring Scam, also called the "Wangiri Scam," is a fake phone call used to trick the recipients into calling back international phone numbers that are premium pay-per-minute services that the recipients will be charged for. The money collected via the premium pay-per-minute services will be paid over to the scammers unless the scam is detected and shut down by the callers' service providers. The danger of these scams are not receiving the phone calls, but calling back the phone numbers. Therefore, recipients of missed calls from the same telephone numbers are advised not to call back.

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Scammers use auto-dialers or computer phone software to call thousands of numbers and hang up after one ring. The reason for hanging up after one ring is to allow a missed call message to pop up on the recipients' phones. Once the recipients see the missed call message, they will call back the phone number because that is what people do when they receive a missed call message.

Now, once recipients call back the phone numbers, they will hear a voice recording that asks them to hold, but while holding, the recipients are actually being charged for the international call and for a premium per-minute service, which they know nothing about until it shows up on their phone bills.

The Telephone Numbers the Missed or One-Ring Calls are Coming From

  • +48614236642
  • +48614236653
  • +48614236654
  • +48614236655
  • +48614236656
  • +48614236657
  • +48614236658
  • +48614236659
  • +48614236660
  • +48614236661
  • +48614236666

Some people have reported receiving text messages or SMS asking them to call the same numbers. If you have received the same calls from telephone numbers not listed in this article, please leave them in the comment section below.

For more information about Missed or One-Ring Call Scams, please click here.

You may also receive Missed or One-ring scam calls from the following telephone numbers:

  • +48614236643
  • +48614236644
  • +48614236645
  • +48614236646
  • +48614236647
  • +48614236648
  • +48614236649
  • +48614236650
  • +48614236651
  • +48614236652
  • +48614236662
  • +48614236663
  • +48614236664
  • +48614236665
  • +48614236667
  • +48614236668
  • +48614236669

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  • Posted: Jan 29 at 12:37 PM by an anonymous user from or near: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

    I received a call from 48668729605


  • Posted: Sep 27, 2017 by an anonymous user from or near: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    I just got a missed call from this country code as well.
    The number is 48-780-206-547.


  • Posted: Jul 26, 2017 by an anonymous user from or near: Cacem, Lisbon, Portugal

    I received call from a 487290188.


  • Posted: Jul 3, 2017 by an anonymous user from or near: Kingston, Jamaica

    I got the call call back but hang up immediately.


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