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Beware of the "Cnoocoil Secret Shopper LLC" Scams

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Beware of the "Cnoocoil Secret Shopper LLC" Scams

Online users, be aware of "Cnoocoil Secret Shopper LLC" mystery shopper email messages like the one below, which claim that the recipients have a mystery or secret shopping assignments in their areas and are asked to participate. The email messages are fraudulent, therefore, recipients of the same email messages should not respond to them with their personal information or any other information that is requested by the senders. The fake email messages are being sent by scammers/cybercriminals.

Please continue below.

The victims of this scam will be provided with a fake or counterfeit check (cheque) and are advised to cash it and then asked to use some of the proceeds to do some form of mystery shopping. Also, the victims may be asked to take part in surveys or other promotional services. But, the counterfeit check will bounce and the victims who cashed the check will be held responsible for the money lost in the transaction and any additional fees imposed by their bank. They may even get arrested for fraud.

Remember, never send your personal information to anyone in an email message or send money to someone who contacted you via unsolicited email messages.

The "Cnoocoil Secret Shopper LLC" Email

From: Cnooc Oil Base Group Limited <fpa@fpabrzeg.pl>

Date: Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 3:05 AM


Cnooc Oil Base Group Limited

Address: No.25, Chaoyangmenbei Dajie,

Dongcheng District, Beijing, China 100010

Telephone: 010-8452101 , 010-8453198

Good Days.!

You have been selected for an assignment as a Detective Shopper in your area.

And you will earn $425 per week being a Detective Shopper. Your employment packet will include funds for the shopping. A full job description will be sent to you before your assignment.

Provide the following details if you interested :

#Full Name :

#Full address:



#Zip code:

#Cell phone number:



#Email Address:

Thanks as we anticipate your understanding and looking forward to your becoming our corperate partner(s). A partnership grounded on fairness, equity and reliability.

Paul Bruce

Hiring Manager

Cnoocoil Secret Shopper® LLC

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