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Beware of Unstoppable Funds located at unstoppablefunds.com - it is a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

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Beware of Unstoppable Funds located at unstoppablefunds.com - it  is a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

Unstoppable Funds, located at www.unstoppablefunds.com, which the owners claim is a global charity organization that helps its esteemed members, is a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. Online users are advised not to register with the website or become a member. And, those who are already members are asked to stop making payments to the website.

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www.unstoppablefunds.com - The Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme Website

www.unstoppablefunds.com - Unstoppable Funds

www.unstoppablefunds.com is considered a scam because they promise members interest on their donation based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public, making them appealing to people who want to make some quick cash. And, to prevent prosecution from the law, the fraudulent website use the word "donate", which makes it seems the members are donating their money, but they are actually asking members to invest their money in a scheme that is not sustainable and will mostly benefit the owners or operators of the website.

Why is unstoppablefunds.com a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme?

unstoppablefunds.com is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme because they do not do any form of investments, sell products or services to make money. Instead, they take money from new members that old members recruit, to pay the same old members. If unstoppablefunds.com fails to recruit new members, they will be unable to pay old members, which will cause the scheme to crash. Once the scheme crashes, the owners will take whatever money they have collected and disappear.

The owners of unstoppablefunds.com just collect money from new members, and pay some out to old members and keep the rest for themselves. That is all they do. Once the pyramid scheme fails, new members will suffer the most, because they will not get back a single dime of their so-called investment. For the owners, it will be a big payday for them, because they would have already collected thousands or millions of dollars from their members or participants.

What is a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme?

A pyramid or Ponzi scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.

In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals to join and make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit. The directors of the organization (those at the top of the pyramid) also receive a share of these payments. For the directors, the scheme is potentially lucrative - whether or not they do any work, the organization's membership has a strong incentive to continue recruiting and funneling money to the top of the pyramid.

Such organizations seldom involve sales of products or services with value. Without creating any goods or services, the only ways for a pyramid scheme to generate revenue are to recruit more members or solicit more money from current members. Eventually, recruiting is no longer possible and most members are unable to profit from the scheme.

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  • Posted: 2018-07-11T09:59:00 by an anonymous user from or near: Riyadh, Ar Riya?, Saudi Arabia

    My name is Sunday, I have been receiving their message and there fake testimonies more than 1 years, I was just thinking on how to join.. thank for the info


  • Posted: 2018-07-08T06:10:04 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    You said that you are not be scamming people now where is my donation.

    I paid to this account name of account Ogbite Sunday, account number 0064347841 bank union bank, phone number 07051696036. Since then I have not received any donation.


  • Posted: 2018-07-06T11:15:36 by an anonymous user from or near: Colchester, England, United Kingdom

    I open free account but I clear pending donation, two of them. remain one I wont to delete the last one which is 08100123705, and pay me the rest ojb,
    acct name ojebola
    acct no 3011993205
    banks name skey bank


  • Posted: 2018-07-05T09:12:24 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    If u don't release my money your time is up; heaven will judge u people; in Jesus name I prayed.


  • Posted: 2018-07-02T16:23:39 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    And I could not be able to upload my proof of payment; is there any solution from Allen.


  • Posted: 2018-07-02T16:20:56 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    I have not received my donations; is it pending; I paid #20000.


  • Posted: 2018-07-02T04:27:08 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    Please I have not here any respond from u people; I paid #20000 on Friday to Sunday Ogbite account and they ask me to pay extra #30000 and according to you people, u told us that the money we contribute will be donated to us times 5, so what is going on; I have not be matched and they block my. account


  • Posted: 2018-06-30T13:29:15 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    Okomor Allen I donated #20000 to the account of Sunday Ogbite and I have not be match and he ask me to pay 30000 and I don't have that money; cannot retrieve my money back from him


  • Posted: 2018-06-27T11:32:58 by an anonymous user from or near: Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

    Thanks for this info. I paid 50k and they are asking me to pay another 50k to another member.

    I wish every victim are talking out, a lot more people would have been aware of this antics of theirs and run away as far as they can.


  • Posted: 2018-06-12T14:48:22 by an anonymous user

    anonymous, from Jos, plateau state. they took away my 50,000 pn first donation and they are asking me to pay another beneficiary. how they got my email is still a surprise to me. it's a scam. people don't trust unstoppable funds, they are crooks.


  • Posted: 2018-03-26T14:58:13 by an anonymous user

    I have been receiving their mails for close to one year, now. I was convinced to invest until I saw this post.. Thank you all


    • Posted: 2018-03-31T11:49:32 by an anonymous user from or near: Stavanger, Rogaland Fylke, Norway

      They same MLF that took my 26,0000 naira without pay back


  • Posted: 2018-03-09T13:53:32 by an anonymous user from or near: Stockholm, Sweden

    Hmm, I am there latest scam personality, I tried sending 20k by 6th of this month, now I am crying all the way.


  • Posted: 2018-02-18T13:37:02 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    I am a victim of unstoppable funds pp my 60000 is with them


  • Posted: 2017-12-19T04:45:28 by an anonymous user from or near: Lagos, Nigeria

    Am a victim of unstoppable funds, they are worse than ponzi, they penetrate through sending emails, with fake testimonies of their group members, once you donate, they will match another beneficiary as the call it to you and if you insist on getting paid on the first donation, they will simply block your account with out pay, my 50k is in their bank account.


    • Posted: 2018-01-13T15:37:33 by an anonymous user from or near: Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria

      You are lucky you got away with only 50k loss, mine is 450k.