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Beware of "The Monday Lottery SMS Promo" Scam Messages Being Sent by Lottery Scammers

Beware of "The Monday Lottery SMS Promo" Scam Messages Being Sent by Lottery Scammers

If you have received unsolicited SMS Text or email messages claiming that you have won thousands of dollars in the Monday Lottery SMS Promo, asking you to send money or personal information in order to receive your so-called prize, please delete them. And, you should not follow the instructions in the same messages. This is because messages are lottery scams being sent by lottery scammers to trick potential victims into sending them money or personal information to receive their so-called lottery prizes or winnings. Please see samples of the lottery scam below.

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There is NO such "The Monday Lottery SMS Promo" and online users should not send the lottery scammers their personal information or hard-earned money. Remember, legitimate lottery companies will not request personal and financial information in order to collect lottery prizes, and will never ask their winners to send them money.

Samples of the "The Monday Lottery SMS Promo" Lottery Scam

"your cell phone # has won $875,000 in Monday lottery 2017 SMS promo, contact Mr.freeman only on for claim(2/2)"

"Your cellphone has won $875000 in Monday Sms Lotto. To claim prize, email Mr Kelly on:"

"Your cellphone #has won $875,000 in Monday lottery 2017 sms promo contact"

"Your cell phone has won 875000 on Monday sms lotto. To cla8m prize. Emal mr Kelly On . Pmnl1@outlook. Com 0044071927756"

"Your cellphone # has been awarded $875000 in Monday Lotto SMS promo. For details on claims email Mr Freeman (1/2)"

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Remember, forward malicious email messages to us at the following email address: .

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