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Beware of mocelli.com (Mocelli) - it is an Untrustworthy eCommerce Store

2017-08-27T15:27:15 -  +
Beware of mocelli.com (Mocelli) - it is an Untrustworthy eCommerce Store

The website www.mocelli.com (Mocelli) is an untrustworthy eCommerce store claiming to sell watches, or give away free watches and the shoppers pay shipping only. Online users are advised to stay away from the untrustworthy website, and those who have shopped from it, run the risk of receiving counterfeit goods, poor quality goods that look nothing like what were advertised, or nothing at all. Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing from the Mocelli.

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www.mocelli.com (Mocelli) - the Untrustworthy Ecommerce Website

www.mocelli.com - Mocelli

Unsatisfied online users who have shopped on the untrustworthy website are asked to contact their bank or financial institution to have their transactions canceled and money refunded.

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  • Posted: 2018-06-13T04:21:15 by an anonymous user from or near: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Fake. Don't order anything from that site.


  • Posted: 2018-06-12T06:36:21 by an anonymous user from or near: West Hartford, Connecticut, United States

    Ordered two watches; received only one in the delivery. Not able to even get a response to multiple emails to the company. No answer to my complaints. This is fraud.


  • Posted: 2018-05-30T00:31:56 by an anonymous user from or near: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    I'm about to buy or rather say "order for free" without considering the delivery charges. Thanks to my wife, she showed me this website. So yeah! my $39 was saved =)


  • Posted: 2018-05-29T21:50:45 by an anonymous user from or near: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

    I had ordered 2 watches in the month of march. After one month I received one of my order,but other one is missing. I sent mail to the support team and they are not responding. don't buy anything from this website.


  • Posted: 2018-04-24T22:46:16 by an anonymous user from or near: New York, United States

    Garbage. Scam. DO. NOT. PURCHASE.
    Probably lead contaminated, made by 8 year olds in some dark factory in China.


  • Posted: 2018-04-24T22:38:22 by an anonymous user from or near: New York, United States

    Worst quality watches, ever. Absolutely not worth shipping fees, arrived damaged in a plastic bag with $.48 USD value on package (about right)... no response to my emails, they don't even seem to go out, nothing in my sent box after numerous attempts. Total scam, f*ck this website and f*ck this company. I hope they all rot in the same contaminated factory these pieces of s**t were made in.


  • Posted: 2018-04-23T07:43:39 by an anonymous user from or near: Saint Ann, Missouri, United States

    Ordered LED watch. Took 3 months to get it. Came in a beat up package. No instructions on how to set it. No brand name on watch. They won't reply to email. So it is useless if I don't have instructions.


  • Posted: 2018-04-20T14:45:16 by an anonymous user from or near: Saint Ann, Missouri, United States

    odered mine in feb. just came today. No instructions on how to set it.


  • Posted: 2018-04-18T08:04:06 by an anonymous user from or near: Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States

    Mocelli watches?? hahaha!! I've been waiting a month for the watch to be delivered. since April 5, 2018, it supposedly is sitting on a Chinese airline. well, it's April 18th and it's still sitting on a Chinese airline. don't fall for their scam.

    americans, don't ever worry about the Chinese military. hahaha, the Chinese are too incompetent. I'd never, ever order anything from mocelli!! they don't reply to my emails. lesson learned by me.


  • Posted: 2018-04-08T14:15:15 by an anonymous user from or near: Ware, Massachusetts, United States

    This is indeed such a SCAM. Ordered watches, still haven't received one of them weeks after getting the others, received, weeks apart as well even though all ordered at the same time. Such poor quality if you do actually receive one. Part of the band broke the first time wearing on one, two others arrived and are not working. Hand on one just swings around not actually moving. SHAME!!!


  • Posted: 2018-04-02T14:50:44 by an anonymous user from or near: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I ordered 2 purses on Janauay 5 of this year. I received an Email from from MocellI shipping department saying that my order #68592 is on the way.
    My credit card has been debited. I have been following the tracking number until I lost sight of it. I send about 6 emails to MocellI no body replied back.

    I'm going to contact my Bank and see what they can do.


  • Posted: 2018-03-30T06:06:40 by info

    Received via email:

    "I have ordered 2 watches online 3 weeks back, and paid through AMEX. Money has been deducted but I have not received any delivery yet.
    order no: 89662"


  • Posted: 2018-03-27T09:34:08 by an anonymous user from or near: Cary, North Carolina, United States

    I ordered two watches, one for myself and one for my husband for our anniversary. I received mine in about 2 weeks, but it broke the first night I got it. And we still have not received his watch, and it has been well over a month. I disputed the transaction with my back, but I am waiting for my bank to reply.


  • Posted: 2018-03-12T09:27:30 by an anonymous user from or near: Rogers, Arkansas, United States

    I never got the watches that I ordered back on 10/30/17. My bank acct. was debited for the order in November 2017. I have sent approx. 6 emails to date requesting information from customer service, and have rec'd none.


  • Posted: 2018-01-31T15:50:53 by an anonymous user from or near: Calera, Alabama, United States

    I never received the watch they claimed they tracked by mail. But they just charged me 97.21 out of nowhere.


  • Posted: 2018-01-25T19:10:34 by an anonymous user from or near: Houston, Texas, United States

    I have not yet to receive my 2 that I ordered on Jan. 5th.


  • Posted: 2018-01-12T18:24:55 by an anonymous user from or near: Dallas, Texas, United States

    I just received both of my watches that CLAIM are MocellI watches? Biggest ripoff. The one watch has one of the buttons off of it, just floating around in the bubble wrap, doesn't work...The second watch might have A NEW strap on it, but the back of it won't even stay on, and it's so scratched up enough to tell you that this is NOT A BRAND NEW WATCH! I've seen the EXACT same watch starting at $1 on WISH and TOP HATTER. And they both say... MADE IN CHINA. NOT worth it.


  • Posted: 2018-01-06T09:46:27 by an anonymous user from or near: Bensenville, Illinois, United States

    Can someone get in touch with the company about our money?


  • Posted: 2018-01-06T09:45:03 by an anonymous user from or near: Bensenville, Illinois, United States

    I ordered my watch the first part of December and haven't received my package yet


  • Posted: 2017-12-27T10:56:29 by an anonymous user from or near: Denver, Colorado, United States

    SCAM!!! I ordered in early November and paid the shipping as requested. Still have not received any watch or any kind of response from the ?company?!!


    • Posted: 2018-01-03T12:50:30 by an anonymous user from or near: Sundown, Manitoba, Canada

      I too ordered watches off this website, if only I had seen this site first, looking up the tracking one time an item was in usa now it's just leaving china!!


    • Posted: 2017-12-28T12:01:34 by an anonymous user from or near: Waycross, Georgia, United States

      I have the same problem, going to contact bank.


  • Posted: 2017-12-13T16:12:27 by an anonymous user from or near: Miami, Florida, United States

    It is true! this is a scam. I paid the shipping for different wrist watches and I received the same model twice. The model that I received came from China and they took a long time to arrive. The second one arrived today (12/13/2017) and it came all disassembled. It is shame that one believes in this kind of ecommerce. I will advise to everybody to avoid purchasing anything from Mocelli.


  • Posted: 2017-12-13T08:50:15 by an anonymous user from or near: Norwich, England, United Kingdom

    I ordered a watch more than 3 weeks ago not sure I will ever receive it! Tried to trace it but no luck; what are the chances of getting my money back.


    • Posted: 2017-12-13T12:22:41 by info

      Your bank should refund the money since you didn't get the order.


  • Posted: 2017-12-12T10:09:29 by an anonymous user from or near: Oxford, Mississippi, United States

    I ordered a watch and can't figure out how to track it, don't know if it's ever going to come; sent several messages and nobody responded back; I'm very angry.


  • Posted: 2017-11-23T13:33:45 by an anonymous user from or near: Dublin (Ballymount), Leinster, Ireland

    I ordered two watches and got sent a cheap necklace with a clock face image. Scammers.


  • Posted: 2017-11-09T21:38:56 by an anonymous user from or near: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

    The LED watch was nothing like the pictures. There is no logical way to set it and there are no instructions. It only came in a plastic bag. The hands on the clock are painted. Its more like a toy watch.


    • Posted: 2018-04-23T07:46:03 by an anonymous user from or near: Saint Ann, Missouri, United States

      Same here. Three months to get it. No instructions.


  • Posted: 2017-09-20T18:54:25 by an anonymous user from or near: Chicago, Illinois, United States

    TERRIBLE quality. Glue used for paper face is clearly visible on mine. My wife's pink gold watch turned green after wearing it once without getting it wet. These watches aren't even worth the shipping price.


  • Posted: 2017-09-19T04:53:15 by jjfcpsi@mail.com from or near: Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

    I ordered one of these watches online on 20 August 2017 and after getting confirmation and a tracking number I was informed after 5 weeks that the goods were stuck in customs in Ireland and that I would get a refund but that was when my emails stopped being answered.

    Please DO NOT ORDER FROM THE COMPANY IT IS ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT of $13.00 BUT OVER THE INTERNET , that can run into Millions of Dollars.





  • Posted: 2017-09-13T09:27:33 by an anonymous user from or near: Akron, Ohio, United States

    I agree, poor quality watches...nothing like advertised, they look like they came out of a cereal box. Orders are processed once every 4-6 days, so don't be surprised if they sit on your order for a while without Processing. Then it takes 30-45 days for the watches to arrive, because they are coming from china. They do send tracking numbers, and all 6 of my watches arrived without issues.

    I left a review on their facebook page, stating the above, and then they blocked me.


  • Posted: 2017-09-02T13:27:25 by an anonymous user from or near: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    They say on the website $13 shipping, but checked my bank statement and it said $16. Watch is poor quality, something you get in a dollar store.