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Beware of World Lottery Association (WLA) Scams

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Beware of World Lottery Association (WLA) Scams

Online users who have received emails like the one below, which claim they have been selected to benefit from a World Lottery Association(WLA) program that has recovered and approved millions of dollars from unclaimed lottery winnings, are asked to delete them. This is because the messages are fakes being sent by lottery scammers who are attempting to trick their potential victims into sending them their information, and subsequently asking them to send money. The scammers will claim the money is for taxes, processing fee, delivery fee or some other bogus fee. But, do not be fooled. The scammers will take your money and disappear once you have sent it, and you will not receive the lottery prize or money that you were promised.

Please continue below.

Remember, once you are asked to send personal information or money in order to receive a lottery prize, it is a scam.

A Sample of the "World Lottery Association" Scam

From: "Mr. Jean-Luc" <online232@tim.it

Date: August 31, 2017 at 8:42:56 PM EDT

Subject: Attn: Official Notification

Reply-To: office01.credit@gmail.com


Through a recently finalized investigative program finessed by the Board of Directors of World Lottery Association; we wish to notify you that you are among the lucky ones to benefit from the program.

The management of the World Lottery Association recently organized a program to trace and recover all unclaimed lottery winnings from all lottery Benefactors around the globe; The need arose because of several reports in our office about failed lottery claims from around the World.

Enlisted among other recovered winnings which have been thoroughly investigated and approved is your Lottery Winnings of Twenty Six Million, Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars ( $26,350,000.00 ).

All recovered winnings are deposited with one of the Banks with the best worldwide services for dispatch of the funds to the beneficiaries at contact; First Nations Bank of Canada have been tasked therefore to handle all transactions to a logical conclusion.

You're advised to contact the management of First Nations Bank Of Canada today through the outlined information below and request for your lottery winnings of



Bank Name: First Nations Bank Of Canada

Contact Person: Joseph Casilass

Email: fnbc_consult@consultant.com

Contact the Bank with your Personal Identification Code ( WLA/021.PG/511 ) and

a full identification of yourself which must include; Your Name ---,

Profession--- and Age---.

All deposits have been confirmed by the management of First Nations Bank Of Canada and winnings have been made available for receipt; so do not hesitate to

contact the Bank as soon as you receive this message.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jean-Luc Moner-Banet.


World Lottery Association.

The World Lottery Association is aware of the lottery scamming emails and have published the following tips to protect the public:

“You’ve won the lottery!” It’s something that many people want to hear. But most often, those words come through emails and letters from scammers who are trying to steal your money.

The scammers use different company names, the names and logos of legitimate lotteries, and some have even used our association’s logo to give their scam credibility, but they all operate in a similar manner. We assure you we are not involved in these schemes. The WLA is not a lottery and does not offer any winnings.

Here are some tips that can prevent you from being scammed:

  • If someone says you have won a lottery from the World Lottery Association (WLA) it is fraudulent as the WLA is not a lottery and does not offer any winnings.
  • If someone says you have won a lottery that you have never played, be suspicious. You can’t win a legitimate lottery if you didn’t buy a ticket.
  • If you have caller-ID on your phone, check the area code when someone calls to tell you you’ve won. If it is from a foreign country, that is a red flag. Also, be aware that some con artists use technology that allows them to disguise their area code: although it may look like they’re calling from your state, they could be anywhere in the world.
  • Be suspicious if an e-mail contains misspellings or poor grammar, or if the person who called you uses poor English.
  • If you are told that you need to keep your “win” confidential, be suspicious.
  • No real lottery tells winners to put up their own money in order to collect a prize they have already won. If you have to pay a fee to collect your winnings, you haven’t won.
  • Just because a real lottery is mentioned does not necessarily make it a real prize. Someone may be using the lottery’s name without its permission or knowledge.
  • Never give out personal information or send money unless you verify the company’s or solicitor’s legitimacy.
  • Be suspicious of any offer that asks to have money sent by Western Union, MoneyGram or other transfer methods. It is nearly impossible to track payments and recover funds sent to scammers.
  • If they offer to wire the “winnings” directly into your bank account, do not give them your bank account information.
  • If you are told that you can “verify” the prize by calling a certain number, that number may be part of the scam. Instead of calling it, you should look up the name of the lottery or organization on your own to find out its real contact information.
  • If you think someone on the phone is trying to scam you, hang up immediately. If you engage them in conversation, your name and contact information could end up on a list that’s shared with other scammers.

Please share with us what you know or ask a question about this article by leaving a comment below. Also, check the comment section below for additional information, if there is any.

Remember to forward suspicious, malicious, or phishing email messages to us at the following email address: info@onlinethreatalerts.com

Also, report scams, untrustworthy, or fraudulent websites to us. Tell us why you consider the websites untrustworthy or fraudulent.

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  • Posted: Mar 13, 2018 by info

    Here is another scam:

    "Van: USA
    Verzonden: maandag 12 maart 2018 15:24
    Aan: INQUIRIES@usalott.org
    Onderwerp: WORLD

    American International Lottery Department.

    This message is to inform you that your e-mail has won $ 1,500,000
    Contact us with your

    Send details via email: INQUIRIES@usalott.org

    View the attachment for more information

    Copyright © 2018 World Lottery Association.All rights reserved."


  • Posted: Oct 28, 2017 by an anonymous user from or near: Giza, Egypt

    Here is another scam:

    Game Information Center
    Game Regions: United States/Canada
    Address: 4120 Yonge Street, Suite 420. Toronto, Ontario M2P 2B8, Canada
    : 9746 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, USA
    Email: enquiries@usalott.org

    Dear Email Owner (WLA Winner),

    We happily announce to you the draw of Americas International lottery programme held in United States/Canada 2016. Your e-mail address attached to Online Draw Number (ODN): 19 879 87 09 00 23, with Serial number: 111 098 45556 drew the winning number: 051-506-175-520-238-42 (Bonus 67), which subsequently won you the lottery award in the 2nd category. Your email address has therefore been approved to claim a total sum of $1,500,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in cash credited to File Number: K P C/9030108308/03. This is from a total cash prize of $6,000,000.00 (Six Million United States Dollars) shared among the first 5 lucky winners in this category worldwide.

    All participants were selected randomly from Worldwide Website through computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000,00 companies and individual email addresses. Be fully informed that your e-mail emerged as one of the winner of $1,500,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) on our online draws which was played on the 19th of June, 2017. Your Email Address number attached to Online Draw Number (ODN): 19 879 87 09 00 23 with Serial Number: 111 098 45556 Drew Lucky Numbers 051-506-175-520-238-42 (Bonus 67)

    Be informed that the payment of your Americas Lottery Prize has been successfully approved with your Online Draw Number (ODN): 19 879 87 09 00 23 and Valid Email Address which proof that you are the true beneficiary of this prize.


    How to claim your prize:
    We the management and staff of World Lottery Association wish to congratulate you once more on your success as one of the lucky beneficiary of the $1,500,000 from The Americas International Lottery

    For the release of your grant kindly Contact the Payment Shipping Company (Aramex International Courier) via Email: info@aramxlogistics.com

    Aramex International Courier
    Address: 1472 182nd St
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
    Springfield Gardens

    Contact Dispatch Manager: Mr. Elvis Taylor
    Email: info@aramxlogistics.com
    Direct Telephone Number: 1 (646) 491 9683
    WhatsApp: 1 (518) 601 1538

    UK 44 151 3290824
    DE 49 157 35998522

    Note that when contacting the Courier Company it's mandatory you add the details below

    1: Full names (Surname First):
    2: Residential address:
    3: Mobile number:
    4: Fax number:
    5: Occupation:
    6: Gender:
    7: Age:
    8: Nationality:
    9: Email Address:
    10: Online Draw Number (ODN): 19 879 87 09 00 23
    11: Winning number: 051-506-175-520-238-42
    12: Serial number: 111 098 45556

    IDENTIFICATION: Send a Scan copy of any of the following International Passport, Country ID or Drivers License.

    The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a member-based organization to advance the interests of Email/Internet Users and to increase the social economic standards of the society. Our vision is for the America International Lottery to be recognized as the global authority on the lottery business, to uphold the highest ethical principles, and to support our lucky winners in achieving their vision for their own communities.


    With Regards,
    Mr. Risto Nieminen
    Lottery Coordinator President
    Email: enquiries@usalott.org
    Inline image OWAPstImg846580

    Copyright © 2017 World Lottery Association. All Rights Reserved."


  • Posted: Oct 17, 2017 by info

    Here is another scam:

    "From: Masisian, Marina
    Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:07 PM
    Subject: DRAW No.:19 879 87 09 00 23
    Importance: High

    World Lottery Association
    c/o Loto-Québec
    500 Sherbrooke Street West
    Suite 2000
    Montréal, Québec H3A 3G6

    Dear Email User,

    The WLA (World Lottery Association) is pleased to announce that your email address has just been selected as the winner of $ 1,500,000 in America's International Lottery 2017.

    To facilitate the application/claims process, please contact Mr. Risto Niemin, President of WLA via email: enquiries@usalott.org

    Please note that you must provide the following message information for the message
    President WLA

    Draw Number: 19 879 87 09 00 23
    1: Full name
    2: Country
    3: Date of birth
    4: Office/ Mobile Number

    Have a nice day.

    Marina Masisian
    Lottery Coordinator"


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