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Beware of WMoney.press - it is a Fraudulent Work-From-Home Website

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Beware of WMoney.press - it is a Fraudulent Work-From-Home Website

The website www.WMoney.press is a scam or fake being operated by online scammers or cyber criminals. The website (WMoney.press) claims it offers members the opportunity to earn money for viewing ad units and attracting referrals, but this is only a trick get potential victims to sign-up with them. Once potential victims become members and have reached the $150 payment threshold in order to cash out or receive their money, WMoney.press will ask them to buy fake referrals. If members buy the referrals, the website will charge their credit cards, kick them out of their accounts and disable them. This is when members will know that they have been scammed, when it is too late, because they have done all the work and have realized that they will never get paid. Therefore, online users are asked not to register with the fraudulent website and those who have already registered and working with the website are asked to stop.

Please continue below.

www.WMoney.press - the Fraudulent Website


Again, do not waste your time working for WMoney.press because you will never get paid. Only the scammers responsible for the website will get paid and they will never share the earnings with you although you have done all the work. And, they will steal your money by tricking you into buying fake referrals.

You cannot delete your account and theWMoney.press may sell your email address to other online scammers. Therefore, members of the fraudulent website are asked look out for fake, phishing and malicious email messages that may start flooding their email inboxes. And, they should be aware of online scammers pretending to be online users claiming that they have gotten paid by the fraudulent website. This is a trick by online scammers to convince potential victims into registering with their fraudulent websites.

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Remember to forward malicious or phishing email messages to us at the following email address: info@onlinethreatalerts.com

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  • Posted: Sep 24, 2017 by an anonymous user from or near: Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Good night, this is what happened to me at wmoney.press website.

    I reached the amount of 150 dollars and asked for the service, they asked me for 40 referrals, which is impossible, I
    bought the same for 10 dollars and I transferred bitcoins to the account: 1JPTbHY7p2rawZB7AU8kSHRjh3dmHK 5uRU and I covered a transfer of 150 dollars but look at their responses:

    "Hi, syphonss.

    Unfortunately, in addition to references, a database was not issued.
    It is your lost payment, there is no chance to restore.
    We bring you our deepest apologies and, as compensation,
    We charge $ 150 in your account. We promise it will not happen again.

    Pará references Get, fast You Need REFERENCES Once Again Buy IN THE EXCHANGE of Any Gender
    Go to stock exchange APOS One Purchase, Follow the Confirmation link from I personally check Buy and transfer As references For Your Account Within 10 Minutes.
    And you can withdraw affiliate money.

    Best regards
    Martin Wood
    Project Manager"

    I did it again, I transferred another 10 dollars to the account
    1ATbAksHAuC8cTwZ2JhFrxuDiua3Ms FNLi, copied again by replicas and
    the dollars, no answers repeatedly as charges, nothing, when
    I tried to request another transfer this is what happens:

    "Dear syphilis!

    Your account is not approved.
    The approval time is approximately 30 to 60 days.
    You can also send without delay on the quick transfer (3-5 min.)
    And receive cash aff.

    START a quick search

    By clicking on start, see:

    For a quick one, you need

    Make the most count $ 10

    Bitcoin Account Number

    You can refill the seller's Bitcoin account through the Localbitcoins.net website or through the terminal

    Instructions for paying a Bitcoin account

    Instructions for refilling Bitcoin account

    Find the Bitcoin terminal in your city

    Upon receipt of money for a Bitcoin account, the $ 322 is transferred to you within 5-10 minutes.

    Check receipt of payment"

    I did, I transferred another 10 dollars to the account
    194pgPcR9D4d3oAwjo8i7JVpfFxRhp V5oW.

    So far I have received nothing. I'm waiting for someone I can communicate with.


    • Posted: Jan 18, 2018 by an anonymous user from or near: Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

      OMG!!!!! Same!!!! I have the same exact problem now. I know how it is. OMG exactly the same for me. those are the exact words. I have tried contacting the support after that. No response. No one to contact. This is bad. Im still waiting for some response actualy. But is it worth waiting is my question now.


    • Posted: Sep 24, 2017 by info

      The website is a fake or scam, please stop sending your money the scammers operating it.


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