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Scam - George Brown Google Sniper E-course is a Bogus System

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Scam - George Brown Google Sniper E-course is a Bogus System

Google Sniper is a scam. Google Sniper e-course is a bunch of tips and tricks that can be found online for free. And, what George Brown has done is package those tips and tricks together, call it Google Sniper, add a version number to it, and sell it to gullible online users who are eagerly looking for ways to make money online or start their own online business. Also, Google Sniper is not endorsed by or is associated with Google, so do not be fooled by the name.

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George Brown Google Sniper Website at www.gsniper.com

George Brown Google Sniper at www.gsniper.com

Google Sniper, which the so-called George Brown claims can help marketers or online users make money by ranking their websites even faster and better on Google search engine even throughout all of the Google updates and algorithm changes, is not true. This is because no one can guarantee a high rank in Google search results, the search engine giant said this themselves. And, even if George Brown found some tricks online that can trick the Google search engine into ranking a website higher or better, that will only be temporary, as Google and other search engines frequently update their search algorithms which will block those tricks.

Be warned, any attempts to trick the search engine giant may result in your website getting a low rank or even banned from it. As Google has always stated, the key to top ranking for your web page is ultimately your website content. Try creating a website with great content that you love and Google and other search engines will find your website and rank it accordingly.

Mr. George Brown claims he and his students are making thousands daily, but he cannot show us the websites that he is making the money from. He just shows a bogus report with large figures that can be created easily with software by anyone, and claim how much money his customers can make.

He included people in his video who claim they have successfully used the Google Sniper, but none of them have shown us the websites that they are earning money from. So, what they are saying is that we should take their word for it. But, not me, I know those people are paid actors. Even the so-called George Brown in the video appears to be a paid actor. There are also fake articles online that promote Google Sniper, but these articles are also a part of the scam to convince online users seeking to make money online into purchasing the bogus product or system.

Also, do not feel special because George Brown tells you have been specially selected to use his system. That is a lie because a lot of people around the world are receiving thousands or even millions of email spam with links to the bogus Google Sniper system. That is how the so-called George Brown advertises his so-called system, illegally sending unsolicited emails to online users and using rogue advertisers who will display any type of ads, whether malicious or fraudulent, once they are being paid.

George Brown now has release Google Sniper 4.0, which is the same as Google Sniper 3, Google Sniper 2, Google Sniper 1 and Sniper X with minor changes, to continue to make money from gullible online users.

Remember, the so-called George Brown is not passionate about you, he is passionate about taking your money. He has not spent thousands or millions of dollars on his bogus system because all of his training material is available for free online. If he can trick 1,000 to 10,000 online users into buying is bogus system, he can make between $45,000 to $450,000. So, do not let him trick you into believing he doesn't want your money or cares about the money.

Online users who have been tricked George Brown Google Sniper scam and want to cancel their Google Sniper subscription and have their money refunded, may click here for help in doing so.

Remember, the Internet is filled with cybercriminals and their is no Internet police to maintain law and order. Most cyber criminals operate in countries where it hard to find and apprehend them, and they use technology to quickly set up their scams as soon as their old scams are discovered.

Therefore, online users should thoroughly research products they see online before spending their hard earned money on them.

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