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Beware of "Republic of Benin Money Transfer" Scam

2018-02-10T16:51:54 -  +
Beware of "Republic of Benin Money Transfer" Scam

Online users, if you have received the email below, which the sender claim he/she is from Republic of Benin in West Africa, asking you for you help to transfer money, please delete the email and do not follow the instructions in it. The email is being sent by online scammers who entice gullible online users into sending them personal information and money in return for money they will never receive.

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If the scammers are contacted, they will ask their potential victims to send their personal information, which they will keep and sell to other scammers. The scammers will then ask their potential victims to send money which the scammers will claim their potential victims must do in order to receive their cut of the money. But, once the money is sent, the scammers will disappear and move to other potential victims. Some may be brave enough to continue scamming the same victims.

The "Republic of Benin Money Transfer" Scam

Date: On Feb 10, 2018 05:50

From: "Barrister Gogwin Egobia" <www.@peace.ocn.ne.jp>

Barrister Gogwin Egobia & Co.Chambers l.l.b.l.ml.b.l

Legal Practitioners, Solicitors and consultants,

Member Constitution drafting committee 1995.

Plot 121, Cotonou Benin Republic.


E-MAIL :barrister.godwinegobia16@yahoo.com

Hello Dear,

My name is Barrister Gogwin Egobia, I am a citizen of Republic of Benin in West African region. I am writing to seek your consent for the transfer of $10.5 Million USD. It belongs to my late client who died

in the year 2000.The bank has issued me a notice to present the next of kin or risk confiscating the money into Government Public Treasury.

Kindly contact me through my private email for


Yours Faithful.

Barrister Gogwin Egobia


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  • Posted: 2018-06-12T13:50:03 by info

    Here is another scam:

    ---------- Forwarded message ---------
    From: Message from His Excellency Dr Thomas Yayi Boni Former President
    Date: Thu, Jun 7, 2018, 11:04 PM
    Subject: Message from His Excellency Dr Thomas Yayi Boni Former President general of Benin Republic

    Message from His Excellency Dr Thomas Yayi Boni Former President general of Benin Republic, West Africa….

    Well i was to write you because i have tried to call in one way the other but there is no way to get, due this morning i went to the IMF of Benin to check all the fund that was not delivered on my sit last three years ago, now the news now is that the present president Mr Talon was so bad to see foreigners to have their fund, so he press a tax and tax to people and they pay and pay yet they never gets their fund... So on this case i reported this to Human right and UN and they have approved that any abandoned fund in IMF Benin are to be released with immediate effect , so i want you to know that your name are among those who are to released they fund of $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS so what wee need from you now is to be sincerely to stop any other offices or persons here in Benin who claims they have your fund alright?

    I will tell you in my reign i tried all my possible best for all foreigners to have all their fund but due to the time is off in my hand i could not so please if you can work with me you will get your fund, without no delay. So in any how you wish to have your fund you will have it via CHECK OR BANK TRANSFER . But remember so members send cards to people from UBA bank that is not the legitimate card of you, there is no way the card will work in your favor, yet they demands for fees and fees till the end, so in this case i will advise you, in any organization they have no right to send you visa card without proper account details on how the card is been issued, so be aware of fake directors and office like DHL.

    Now i personally will indicate to see you have your fund, by bank draft or wire transfer bank, that is only way you will get your fund, so if you wish to have this fund of yours be noted that you will only obtained only HUMAN-RIGHT AND UNITED NATION PERMIT and this was at rate of $150 dollars only. The main reason why you are to send this fee was to see that your name are on the stamp of this certificate permit of this various offices.

    hed in your country with your bank without no problem, if it is for bank wire transfer the bank will not ask for any serial questions when this comes to your account.

    Nevertheless this fee will go to the name of the Human -Right second in command to avoid any problem so once you send this fee then you will kindly provide your details banking details or your home address where your fund will be send to... remember this fee $65 dollars are the only money you will ever spend in this so try and stop any communication with anyone, all i YAYI BONI will assured you is that you will have your fund in good manner...

    RECEIVER ................SERGEANT JOHN
    COUNTRY................BENIN REPUBLIC
    QUESTION............... MY WORRIES
    ANSWER...................ARE OVER
    AMOUNT............$65 DOLLARS
    SENDER NAME............

    Finally if you can call for more details on this point kindly call, but i will tell you again, over years you have spend and spend yet you have not yet gets your fund, ask yourself this question why is this happening, but i have come to see your problems are over so if you can abide and send this fee point yourself to have your fund without no delay or story....

    Yours Sincerely
    Dr Yayi Boni


  • Posted: 2018-02-15T12:59:46 by info

    Here is another scam:

    -------- Original message --------
    From: DR Phillip Swanson
    Date: 2/15/18 8:46 AM (GMT-08:00)
    Subject: Attn; beneficiary


    Attn; beneficiary;


    Information reaching us from our Western Union Corporate Headquarters now, States that you only have 48hours to effect payment for the activation of your $3,500,000:00 USD to enable you to cash up your total (fund) since you are fine it difficult to make the total payment, We have decided that you can go ahead and pay whatever you have for the activation fee since you are not able to come up with the total required sum. Time is of the essence here. You are to pay what ever you have for activation fee; we will activate your fund upon receipt of this payment to enable you receive your first $5,000:00 USD from any Western Union center around you today. Be informed that you will have to pay the balance sum of your activation upon cashing up of your first payment.

    i want you to use Western Union and send whatever you have for the activation fee with the information Bellow.

    Receiver Name:
    country: BENIN REpublic
    Text question:
    Text answer:
    Sender's name

    Kindly reconfirm to me the following below information:

    Your full name
    Your address
    Your country
    Your Phone number
    Your ID
    Send us the MTCN number, Send your Address immediately you pay the money and also immediately we confirm the activation fee,i will transfer you the fund today and not tomorrow. Regards yours DR Phillip Swanson For your payment please Email me On the Email Address:[westernunion2356@mail.com]

    I promise you as soon as we hear from you with the payment of ANY AMOUNT YOU HAVE NOW as we told you to send today, we shall send your first payment of $5,000.00 for you to pick up with the information you need to receive your payment the same day you send the payment of ANY AMOUNT and I swear you will receive your payment immediately.

    DR Phillip Swanson
    Head Office Operations Manager.
    Western Union Office Department
    Tel: 22965448522