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Beware of "Virgin Atlantic 35th Anniversary 2 Free Tickets" Giveaway Scam

2018-03-31T09:13:05  +
Beware of "Virgin Atlantic 35th Anniversary 2 Free Tickets" Giveaway Scam

The fake Facebook or WhatsApp post below which claims that Virgin Atlantic turned 3 years old, and to celebrate they are giving away 2 free tickets per family to celebrate, is another Virgin Atlantic scam. The scam will attempt to trick potential victims into commenting on it,liking it, sharing it and completing surveys, by claiming that they have to do so in order for a chance of receiving one of the free first class tickets.

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But, the Facebook or WhatsApp post is a fake and is not associated with Virgin Atlantic. It is only a scam to get Facebook or WhatsApp users to comment on, "like" or share in order to spread the same scam to other Facebook or WhatsApp users. Facebook ir WhatsApp users who have received the scam , are asked to report it to Facebook or WhatsApp as spam.

The "Virgin Atlantic 35th Anniversary 2 Free Tickets" Giveaway Scam

*Virgin Atlantic is giving away 2 Free tickets Per family to celebrate its 35th Anniversary* . Get your free tickets at : http://www.viṛginatlantic.com/free-tickets/ .

What an amazing year 2018 is as we officially turn 35 years old! To celebrate our 35th Birthday we are giving away FREE First Class Tickets to anywhere in the world and $5,000 to spend for you and up to 4 of your closest friends and family!

Simply Like and Share this photo then Comment "Happy Birthday!" below.

Remember to Like our page to see who wins!

Always go to the legitimate Virgin Airways Facebook page to verify the authenticity of a promotion before taking part in it. The legitimate Virgin Atlantic Airways Facebook page is located at:

Now, by liking, commenting on or sharing the scam, you are only helping to spread it to other Facebook or WhatsApp users and making the scammers responsible for this, earn money. Scammers earn money when they make a page popular and are able to sell it to the highest bidder, along with the names and other public information of the persons who liked or shared the scam.

I guess the last thing we want to do is to make these scammers rich by tricking you and others into commenting on, liking and sharing a Facebook post or website. So, if you have already liked, commented on, or shared this scam, please unlike, remove your comment and 'unshare' it.

Click here for instructions on how to remove things you have already posted on Facebook. And be careful, because scammers and spammers are tricking Facebook users into commenting on, sharing and liking things on Facebook.

After tricking Facebook users into doing the abovementioned activities, the scam will then ask them to go to a fake Virgin Airways website to complete surveys.

The website will ask Facebook users to complete surveys and share the same website in order to stand a chance of receiving free flights for one year, but this is a trick to get you to complete the surveys that the cybercriminals behind this scam will get paid for.

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  • Posted: 2018-04-04T07:36:04 by an anonymous user from or near: Clifton, New Jersey, United States

    Google it first, it goes along way


  • Posted: 2018-04-04T04:55:14 by info

    I received this last night via WhatsApp:

    "*Virgin Atlantic is giving away 2 Free tickets Per family to celebrate its 35th Anniversary* . Get your free tickets at : http://www.virginạtlantic.com/free-tickets/ ."


    • Posted: 2018-04-04T07:27:46 by an anonymous user from or near: Clifton, New Jersey, United States

      There is a dot under letter a, it’s fake.


  • Posted: 2018-04-04T01:58:28 by an anonymous user from or near: Edinburg, Texas, United States

    My sister just sent it to me and I sent to 20 friends . I never fall for these scams but this time I did! Lol! I didn't give any details but still ! I had to send messages to everyone that I'd sent it to apologising and telling them it was a scam! Embarrassing! But no real harm done! ( Hopefully! )


    • Posted: 2018-04-04T07:35:03 by an anonymous user from or near: Clifton, New Jersey, United States

      Next time you get anything like that google it first


  • Posted: 2018-04-03T09:00:38 by an anonymous user from or near: Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

    I'm really annoyed as I've just been fooled by this. This was sent to me by a friend so stupidly didn't question it. No bank details were given but I did provide my name, DOB, email and home address along with my telephone number.

    They now have my details and I can do nothing about it. Lesson learned the hard way sadly.


  • Posted: 2018-04-02T02:59:03 by an anonymous user from or near: South Norwood, England, United Kingdom

    I got it from a WhatsApp from a friend. We both enter lots of competitions. I was fooled by the website address which looked legit. I answered the questions but didn't share the post on WhatsApp.


  • Posted: 2018-04-02T00:30:00 by info

    Received via email:

    "Hi. On my what's up l received a message from someone l know a Nike Williams 07846377375.who sent a virgin Atlantic giveaway 2 Free tickets Per family. I went to the website. It was asking 3 questions giving a yes or no then asking to share. Then to claim tickets. All best Gaylyn"


  • Posted: 2018-03-31T10:06:25 by an anonymous user from or near: Ilford, England, United Kingdom

    Hey, I just stupidly filled this out as I believed it was from a legit source, somebody forwarded it on and I did fill it out. I am now really concerned as I believe they have some details, what can I do?


    • Posted: 2018-03-31T10:57:12 by info

      If you gave them your credit card information, please contact your bank for help, otherwise, you have nothing to worry about.


  • Posted: 2018-03-31T09:02:04 by an anonymous user from or near: Southampton, England, United Kingdom

    Although I believe that the scammers can earn money from this scam I am unsure how it will affect me in the future; if I haven't given any of my bank details then surely they cannot access my bank account? I am a bit confused by this scam. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Posted: 2018-03-31T09:06:58 by info

      The purpose of the scam is harvest potential victims' information. Once the information is harvested, the scammers keep the information and sell it to other scammers.

      The scammers will then contact the potential victims and attempt to scam them.


  • Posted: 2018-03-31T06:44:25 by an anonymous user from or near: Brighton, England, United Kingdom

    I 've received the scam from a friend today.I thought it was genuine and now I'm worried because they have my name and tel number.


    • Posted: 2018-03-31T08:58:30 by info

      There is no need to worry. Just be careful going forward because the scammers will contact you and attempt to scam you.


  • Posted: 2018-03-31T05:02:06 by an anonymous user from or near: Denny, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Wife just sent me this scam on WhatsApp. I always verify things before clicking and a quick search on the proper website showed no promotion and a search for virgin free tickets scam lead me to this page. Great work guys keeping people on the ball and combating the scammers


  • Posted: 2018-03-31T02:31:24 by an anonymous user from or near: Chatham, England, United Kingdom

    I received this through Watsap. Thought it was one of these jokes where something happens. Answered the initial couple of questions then got to the pass it on order. I deleted it then so hopefully no harm done.


  • Posted: 2018-03-30T02:30:32 by an anonymous user from or near: Ilford, England, United Kingdom

    Was sent this scam by a friend on WhatsApp, it asked me to forward the promo to 20 of my WhatsApp friends to get the free tickets, feel like a total twonk now, should of remembered my too good to be true rule - it has really ruined my day!!!!!