"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams

There is no "WhatsApp Lottery". Therefore, online users who have received e-mail messages like the one below, which claim they are winners in such a lottery or promotion are asked not to follow the instructions in them because they are lottery scams being sent by scammers.

WhatsApp Lottery Lotto Scams

Every month, thousands of these email messages are sent out by lottery scammers to trick their potential victims into stealing their personal information and subsequently asking them to send money in order to receive their so-called lottery prize. Sending your personal information to these cyber-criminals will only help them rip you off or steal your money. Therefore, online users who have received the same email messages are asked to delete them.

A Sample of a "WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scam


WINNING PHONE NO: +248 2 7 ....

AMOUNT WON : £1M POUNDS =(SCR 18,399,488.80M)

WHATSAPP NUMBER: +30 694 479 0118 (WhatsApp Only)


Dear WhatsApp Lottery Winner,

We happily announce to you that your mobile phone number have won A Lucky Prize of GBP 1,000,000.00M (One Million Great British Pounds Sterling) from WhatsApp Awareness Promo in collaboration with Greece,UK and UAE Lottery Commissions.

Your winning ticket number is: 0021/2018

with Serial number 0368/2018 respectively.NOTE:Every WhatsApp User was a participant to this Promo and selection was done randomly through a computer draw system and extracted from WhatsApp Users data base worldwide.

This promotion takes place yearly to support the less priviledge in thesociety and as part of our Social Corporate Responsibility.

For prize claim and payment,kindly provide the following information via our WhatsApp number + 30 694 479 0118 (WhatsApp only)





5.Winning ticket number


Serial number

This info will enable us prepare a Certificate of Winning and other releavant paper works for cheque procurement.

For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed.This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program.Please be warned!.Note:

WhatsApp Inc will not be blamedfor your inability to claim this prize within the applicable British law and stipulated time flame.Please call/sms +44 745 218 6971.

Yours in service,

Dr Andy Tony

Coordinator, WhatsApp Lottery



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Note: Some of the information in samples on this website may have been impersonated or spoofed.

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June 2, 2022 at 2:02 AM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Quatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems District, Mauritius

Here is another scam:

*Attention: Our dear WhatsApp lottery winner from MAURITIUS,*

Good news!. You have won a prize of *GBP10.2M* from WhatsApp 2022 Lottery. Be informed that your *WhatsApp phone number* have won a prize of £10,200,000.00 MILLION (Great British Pounds Sterling,equivalent to USD 14.6 and *Euro 12.09M* and 551,716,521.99MUR from WhatsApp Awareness Lottery in conjunction with the UK, Greece, UAE and Africa Lottery Commissions.

For claims and payment, please forward the followings to our WhatsApp: * 234 812 525 6126, email: lottoygame@gmail.com.

1: Your full name

2: Full address

3: Age


5: Marital status

6: Profession/Job

7: Winning Ticket Number

8: Serial number

9: Your WhatsApp number

10: Have you won a lottery before?

11: Amount won

12: Your email address (winners email address id only)

Upon receipt of the above mentioned details via email, we shall raise a cheque of £10.2M in your favour.

Yours faithfully,

Ms A A Mallinson,

Secretary, WhatsApp Lottery,UK.


1: Your details for payment (1 to 12) must be sent to our WhatsApp: 234 812 525 6126 and email: lottoygame@gmail.com

2: *Winning Ticket No: WHSP/CV/0122/2020/21*

3: *Serial No: *WHPLT/CV19/20/21*.

4: Amount won: GBP10.2 Million

5: Upon receipt of the above mentioned details, our Director of Payment will contact you from our EU Pay Centre for cheque provision/payment.

Please forward all correspondence to WhatsApp: 234 812 525 6126. Email:lottoygame@gmail.com

*Attention : Notre cher gagnant de la loterie WhatsApp de MAURICE,*

Bonnes nouvelles!. Vous avez gagné un prix de *GBP10.2M* de la loterie WhatsApp 2022. Soyez informé que votre * numéro de téléphone WhatsApp * a remporté un prix de 10 200 000,00 MILLIONS de livres sterling (livres sterling britanniques, équivalent à 14,6 USD et * 12,09 millions d'euros * et 551 716 521,99 MUR de la loterie de sensibilisation WhatsApp en collaboration avec le Royaume-Uni, la Grèce, les Émirats arabes unis et Commissions de la loterie africaine.

Pour les réclamations et le paiement, veuillez transmettre les éléments suivants à notre WhatsApp : * 234 812 525 6126, email : lottoygame@gmail.com.

1 : Votre nom complet

2 : Adresse complète

3 : Âge

4 :Sexe/Genre

5 : État civil

6 : Métier/Emploi

7 : Numéro du billet gagnant

8 : Numéro de série

9 : Votre numéro WhatsApp

10 : Avez-vous déjà gagné à la loterie ?

11 : Montant gagné

12 : Votre adresse e-mail (identifiant de l'adresse e-mail des gagnants uniquement)

Dès réception des détails mentionnés ci-dessus par e-mail, nous lèverons un chèque de 10,2 millions de livres sterling en votre faveur.

Cordialement votre,

Mme AA Mallinson,

Secrétaire, Loterie WhatsApp, Royaume-Uni.


1 : Vos coordonnées pour le paiement (1 à 12) doivent être envoyées à notre WhatsApp : 234 812 525 6126 et email : lottoygame@gmail.com

2 : *N° de billet gagnant : WHSP/CV/0122/2020/21*

3 : *N° de série : *WHPLT/CV19/20/21*.

4 : Montant gagné : 10,2 millions de livres sterling

5 : Dès réception des informations mentionnées ci-dessus, notre directeur des paiements vous contactera depuis notre centre de paiement de l'UE pour la fourniture/le paiement des chèques.

Veuillez transmettre toute correspondance à WhatsApp : 234 812 525 6126. Courriel : lottoygame@gmail.com


September 14, 2021 at 5:02 PM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: New York, New York, United States

Received this scam:

"Dear Email Subscriber and WhatsApp lottery winner,

You have won a prize of GBP10.2M from WhatsApp Inc.

Please be informed that your EMAIL ADDRESS have won a prize of

£10,200,000.00 (Great British Pounds Sterling), equivalent to:

$14,202,075.00 United States Dollars from WhatsApp Awareness Lottery

Draw 2021 recently conducted here in the UK in conjunction with the UK,

Greece, UAE and Chinese Lottery Commissions.

For claims and payment, please forward the followings to: 30 698 035

8191 (WhatsApp only).

1: Your full name

2: Full address

3: Age


5: Marital status

6: Profession/Job

7: Winning Ticket Number

8: Serial number

9: Your WhatsApp number

10: Have you won a lottery before?

11: Amount won

12: Your email address (winners email address id only)

Upon receipt of the above mentioned details on our WhatsApp number

only ( 30 698 035 8191) -1 to 12, we shall raise a cheque of £10.2

Million in your favor.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Anna Manierska,

Secretary, WhatsApp Lottery,UK.


1: Your details for payment (1 to 12) must be sent to our WhatsApp

number 30 698 035 8191). Note, this is a WhatsApp Awareness lottery

and all processes of payment must go through our WhatsApp number only.

Note: any reply to our email address is a WASTE .

2: Winning Ticket No: WHSP/CV/0122/2020/21,

3: Serial No: WHPLT/CV19/20/21.

4: Amount won: GBP10.2 Million."


September 17, 2020 at 11:16 AM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Saint George, Bermuda

I received 1 from phone number 2894271997 and a miss Miriam gully as coordinator


August 18, 2020 at 3:01 PM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Mauritius

"Dear WhatsApp Lottery Winner,

Thanks for the details.We shall process your winning certificate and cheque within 1 hour and will get back to you as soon as possible.Please note that this cheque when processed/procured shall go through registry in compliance with the UK law on monies in excessof half a million Pounds Sterling.

You may be required to pay some token fee for this registration with the British government.Please let us know if our terms and conditions are acceptable to enable us go ahead with the cheque procurement.Simply text a Yes or a No.In case you say No or do not say anything we shall discontinue with this process.Note also that this token fee will not be deducted from the cheque we are issuing to you.


Dr Jonas Mesonne, Co-ordinator,

WhatsApp Lottery"

Here is another scam.


August 18, 2020 at 3:01 PM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Mauritius

Here a whatsapp lottery lotto scams I got and they asked for token fee which I'm obliged to give by the british government law!


August 18, 2020 at 2:59 PM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Mauritius

"Greetings and good news from WhatsApp family. You have won  a prize of GBP6.2Million!

We wish to inform you that your mobile/WhatsApp phone number have won a prize of £6,200,000.00 (Great British Pounds Sterling) from WhatsApp Lottery Draw recently conducted here in the UK in conjunction with the UK, Philippines and Greece Lottery Commissions.

For claims and payment, please forward the followings to:  30 698 035 8191 (WhatsApp only).

1: Your full name

2: Full address

3: Age


5: Marital status

6: Profession/Job

7: Winning Ticket Number

8: Serial number

9: Our WhatsApp number 30 698 035 8191

10: Have you won a lottery before?

Upon receipt of the above mentioned details-1 to 10, we shall raise a cheque of the won amount in your name.

Yours faithfully,

Ms  Davee Seebal,

Secretary, WhatsApp Lottery,UK.


1: Winning Ticket No: WHSP/CV/67/2020

2: Serial No: WHPLT/CV19/20/21.

3: Country: Mauritius-indian Ocean( Africa).

4: Amount won:  GBP6.2 Million= Mur25.2 Million and

5: Our contact numbers are : 30 698 035 8191

(WhatsApp only) and 44 745 205 8058 call and sms only no WhatsApp

6: Please not that WhatsApp Inc. is not a lottery company therefore, we are not allowed by law to advertise this lottery by any medium whatsoever.So whatever advert you may see anywhere is not from WhatsApp, so be warned and

7: Also note that your  personal information as demanded is safe, confidential, cannot be shared and will only be used for your cheque procurement and postage and most importantly, will be discarded immediately after this promo.


Salutations et bonnes nouvelles de la famille WhatsApp. Vous avez gagné un prix de 6,2 millions GBP!

Nous souhaitons vous informer que votre numéro de téléphone mobile / WhatsApp a remporté un prix de 6,200,000.00 £ (Great British Pounds Sterling) du tirage de loterie WhatsApp récemment organisé icI au Royaume-UnI en collaboration avec les commissions de loterie du Royaume-Uni, des Philippines et de la Grèce.

Pour les réclamations et les paiements, veuillez transmettre les informations suivantes au: 30 698 035 8191 (WhatsApp uniquement).

1: votre nom complet

2: adresse complète

3: Âge

4: Sexe / Genre

5: État matrimonial

6: Profession / Emploi

7: Numéro de ticket gagnant

8: numéro de série

9: Notre numéro WhatsApp 30 698 035 8191

10: Avez-vous déjà gagné à une loterie?

A réception des détails 1 à 10 mentionnés ci-dessus, nous émettrons un chèque du montant gagné à votre nom.

Cordialement votre,

Mme Davee Seebal,

Secrétaire, loterie WhatsApp, Royaume-Uni.


1: Billet gagnant n °: WHSP / CV / 67/2020

2: Numéro de série: WHPLT / CV19 / 20/21.

3: Pays: Maurice-Océan indien (Afrique).

4: Montant gagné: 6,2 Millions GBP = 25,2 Millions Muraux et

5: Nos numéros de contact sont: 30 698 035 8191

(WhatsApp uniquement) et 44 745 205 8058 appel et sms uniquement pas de WhatsApp

6: Veuillez noter que WhatsApp Inc. n'est pas une société de loterie, par conséquent, nous ne sommes pas autorisés par la loI à annoncer cette loterie par quelque moyen que ce soit.

7: Notez également que vos informations personnelles telles que demandées sont sûres, confidentielles, ne peuvent pas être partagées et ne seront utilisées que pour l'achat de vos chèques et les frais de port et, plus important encore, seront supprimées immédiatement après cette promotion."

Here is another scam.


June 15, 2020 at 10:55 PM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, Chile

"Notificación ganadora de la Lotería Internacional de WhatsApp.

Cantidad ganada: $ 1,000,000.00

Nuestro WhatsApp

Escribimos para informarle que su dirección de correo electrónico ha ganado un premio de $ 1,000,000.00 (USD 1 millón de dólares estadounidenses únicamente) de la promoción de concientización de WhatsApp en colaboración con la comisión de lotería de la UE y Grecia. Esto se llevó a cabo aleatoriamente a través de un sistema informático extraído de la base de datos de correo electrónico / WhatsApp en todo el mundo y sus números de boletos ganadores son los siguientes:

Número de ticket: 085-12876077-09, Números de lote: EGS / 22504002/03, Serie

Números: 51390-0 y número de la suerte: 03-05-12-14-28-38.

Para reclamar este premio, reenvíe amablemente lo siguiente:

1. Nombres completos:

2. Dirección completa:

3. Número del boleto ganador:

4. Números de lote:

5. Números de serie:

6. Número de la suerte:

7. Edad:

8. Sexo / género (masculino o femenino)

9. Estado civil (casado o soltero)

10. Profesión / trabajo:

11. ¿Has ganado lotería antes? (SI o no)

12. Su número de teléfono:

13. País de origen:

14. País de residencia / trabajo:

Los detalles anteriores nos permitirán obtener su certificado ganador, cheque y algunos documentos relevantes según lo requiera la Unión Europea (UE).

Se recomienda que guarde sus datos ganadores para evitar dobles reclamos y abuso de este programa.

Finalmente, tenga en cuenta que debe enviar su respuesta e información al Sr. wilbert Joseph sobre

este correo electrónico:

Sra. Linda Sue.

Asistente de Coordinador en línea.


Sr. Wilbert Joseph.



Sra. Joyce Ha,

Coordinador de notificaciones"

Here is another scam.


June 15, 2020 at 6:02 AM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania

"Hey there || >


You have won seven hundred thousand dollars in the annual promotional program,

Send Ref No: ( WH7 ) to official ballot Email Immeidiately for claim:


Contact Email: winner@whatsappteam.info for claim

Congratulations once more!"

I got this scam.


May 26, 2020 at 12:06 AM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams
an anonymous user from: Tehran, Iran

"Hello, WhatsApp family service!.

We would like to inform you that your mobile / WhatsApp mobile phone number has been awarded the 2 6.2 million Grand Stirling Prize for WhatsApp Lottery, which was recently awarded here in the UK in collaboration with the Lottery Committees of the UK, Greece and the UAE. We have obtained.

For claims and payments, please send the following to: 30 694 629 5472 (WhatsApp only).

1: Your full name

2: Full address

3: Age

4: S*x / s*x

5: Marital status

6: Profession / Job

7: Winning ticket number

8: Serial number

9: Our WhatsApp number: 30 694 629 5472

10: Have you ever won the lottery?

After receiving the details mentioned above - 1 to 10, you can check the winning amount in your name.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Zara Matthias,

Secretary, WhatsApp Lottery, UK.

important points:

1: Winner ticket number: WHSP / CV / 67/2020

2: Serial Number: WHPLT / CV19 / 20/21.

3: Country: Iran (Asia).

4: Winning amount: 6.2 million pounds = 319,001,111.02 Rials and

5: Our contact numbers are: 30 694 629 5472 (WhatsApp only) and 44 745 205 8058 and SMS only without WhatsApp

6: Please don't take the fact that WhatsApp is not a lottery company, so we are not allowed to advertise by law.

It is drawn by each mediator. Any ads you may see anywhere are not from WhatsApp, so be warned!

7: Also note that we use Google Translate and therefore recommend that you send all your details in English. Thanks"

Another scam.


February 26, 2020 at 11:43 PM by
"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams

"From: WhatsApp Lottery <mailtosinowolabi@yahoo.com>

Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 10:03:09 PM


WhatsApp International Lottery Winning Notification.

Amount Won: $1,000,000.00

Our WhatsApp email for reply:

We write to inform you that your email address have won a prize of $1,000.000.00 (USD One Million United States Dollars Only) from WhatsApp awareness promo in collaboration with the EU and Greece lottery commission. This was carried out randomly through a computer system extracted from email/WhatsApp data base worldwide and your winning ticket numbers are as fellows:

Ticket number:085-12876077-09, Batch Numbers:EGS/22504002/03, Serial

Numbers:51390-0 and Lucky Number: 03-05-12-14-28-38.

To claim this prize, please kindly forward the followings:

1. Full names:

2. Full Address:

3. Winning Ticket number:

4. Batch Numbers:

5. Serial Numbers:

6. Lucky Number:

7. Age:

8. S*x/Gender (Male or Female)

9. Marital status (Married or Single)

10.Profession/ job:

11.Have you won lottery before? (Yes or No)

12. Your phone Number

The details above will enable us procure your winning certificate,cheque and some relevant documents as required by the European Union (EU).

You are advised to keep your winning details to yourself to avoid double claims and abuse of this program.

Finally, note that you are to send your reply and information to Mr Albert Jay on

this email:

Mrs Linda Sue.

Assistant Online Coordinator.


Mr Albert Jay.



Mrs Joyce Ede,

Notification Co-ordinator."

Here is another scam.


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"WhatsApp Lottery" Lotto Scams