The "FBI Director" Advance Fee Scams Being Sent by Online Scammers

The "FBI Director" Advance Fee Scams Being Sent by Online Scammers

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The fake "FBI Director" email below is a scam. Recipients are asked to delete it and should not follow the instructions in it. The fake email is being sent by scammers who are impersonating the real person and who are attempting to trick their potential victims into sending them money or personal information. An advance-fee scam is a form of fraud and one of the most common types of confidence trick. The scam typically involves promising the victim a significant share of a large sum of money, in return for a small up-front payment, which the fraudster requires in order to obtain the large sum.

An "FBI Director" Advance-Fee Scam

From: Sir Christopher A. Wray - Wray@trust.ocn.ne.jp

Date: Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 12:02 AM

Subject: FBI Director

Attention:FBI Director.

We have this morning discovered that you have been making foreign illegal transactions with Western Unions, Money Grams, Diplomatic Agents and Banks with West African Countries (Benin, Nigeria, Ghana etc.). We went further with the investigations and found out that you don't have Money Laundering Clearance Certificate, which is a major Federal Offence. You have violated the US Federal Law, which constituted against smuggling of large amount of money and trafficking of drug e.t.c., without having Money Laundering Clearance Certificate before you commenced the transaction. You want to receive such huge amount of money from Western Union Head Quater Benin Republic which is a foreign transaction. Meanwhile we have stopped the payment, not only the $5,000 US Dollars was stopped but the total ($7.500.000.00 US Dollars) Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.

Furthermore, be advised that according to the United States Law Enforcement Agency together with the FBI rules and regulations, you are to obtain the document from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Benin Republic which is the origin of the fund in question. Also Note that you are to take care of the document to be issued to you right away, because due to the content of the document and the importance and secured the document is, you are to take care of the document by sending the sum of $75.00 US Dollars only to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Benin Republic for issuing of the document right away and your payment will be release to you. That is the only way the Economic and Financial Crime Commission Benin Republic will issue you the document, because they are going to issue you the Authentic and Original copy of the documents.

Note that your rights are limited; anything you SAY or DO will be used as evidence against you in the court of Law. You have the full rights to remain silent and obey the Law. Don't think we don’t know you or your address. We will get you arrested if you fail to provide the document or pay for it to be obtained from Benin Republic. The Arrest Warrant can only be withdrawn once the document is obtained. There are three charges against you, which are:

1. Smuggling of a huge amount of money into USA without Money Laundering Clearance Certificate is a violation to Federal Law.

2. Smuggling of a huge amount of money into USA without a proper documentation is a violation 2019 Federal Constitution, otherwise, called illegal transaction.

3. it’s a Conspiracy, a Criminal Attempt and Disobedience to the Federal Law, which will eventually lead you to 3-year imprisonment.

You Should Send The Money Direct To The Country Of Origin Of The Fund In Question:

Receiver Name:Mr. JOMES ANAEKWE

Country: Benin Republic

State/City: Cotonou

Text Q.: when

Answer: today


Sender name:


Once, you make the payment, attach and send to us the copy of the payment slip for verification before sending it to the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) Benin Republic.

WARNING: Failure to pay for this documentation is a confirmation that you wanted to smuggle the funds into the USA which is a federal offense and a gross violation of the Patriot Act and legal action will be taken immediately by arresting and detaining you and if found guilty, you will be jailed...... As terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering is a serious problem in our community today. The F.B.I will not stop at any length in tracing down and prosecuting any criminal who indulge in this criminal act.

Your Faithfully,

Sir Christopher A. Wray,

FBI Director.Email (federalministryoffinance12@aol.com)

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  • June 20, 2019 at 10:55 AM by info

    "From: Mr.Jerry Watts <lmayrus@alice.it>

    Date: Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 7:03 AM




    In a recent meeting held with the new FBI Director concerning debt

    reconciliation, the new U.S president Mr. Donald J. Trump has given an

    order to release all the outstanding overdue contract payments,

    winning prizes, compensation funds etc. which the Obama administration

    refused to pay to their respective beneficiary over the past 8yrs.

    Following the records on my desk, it was revealed this morning that you

    are among the beneficiaries that have not received their fund due to

    the strict policies of the past administration. Meanwhile the total amount

    that will be released to you is ($2.8Million) which will come via Global

    Automatic Teller Machine Debit Master Card as instructed by the FBI

    headquarters. However, the below information is needed as to enable the

    profiling of your ATM Card and its delivery to you:

    Full Name:



    Phone Number:


    Underneath is the contact information of appointed dispatch person whom

    you are to forward the above requested details:

    Contact Person: Mr.Fred Johnson

    Email: jamieking636@gmail.com

    Once we receive this information, we will proceed without delay.

    Thank you.

    Mr.Jerry Watts

    FBI Representative"

    Another scam.


  • June 15, 2019 at 9:27 AM by info

    "From: FBI OFFICE <FBiUSAlll@true.ocn.ne.jp>

    Date: May 18, 2019 at 3:50:48 AM MST

    Subject: Attention Beneficiary Email ID,

    Reply-To: FBI OFFICE <contact.cfc@citromail.hu>




    Attention Beneficiary Email ID,

    It has come to the notice of the authority the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) Division United States of American through our intelligence-monitoring network today we have discovered that the transaction that the bank contacted you previously was legal. Recently the fund has been legally approved to be paid via Heritage bank.

    So, we the federal bureau of investigation (FBI), in conjunction with the United Nations (UN) financial department have investigated through our monitoring network regarding your payment of $12.5 million, You have the legitimate right to complete your transaction to claim your fund US$12.5,000,000.00 (Twelve million five hundred thousand united states dollars)

    Because of so much scam going on in internet now We the federal bureau of investigation decided to contact the delivery Courier Company service for them to give us their procedures on how to send this money to you without any further complain or delay. We just got an information from the Heritage bank and they have loaded your US$12.5,000,000.00 into an ATM CARD that will be submitted to the delivery courier company service for immediate delivery to your doorstep as soon as you send their required shipping fee stated below to heritage bank President and Chief Executive Officer Mr John Peck.

    You are required to choose one option, which you will be able to pay the required fee and also ask the management of Heritage bank to give you the information you will use to send the required shipping fee and also convenient for you, for quick delivery of your parcel containing your ATM CARD and other two original back up documents that will enlighten you on how to use the ATM card.

    Service Type, Delivery, Duration Charges, Fees

    FedEx Express (24hrs Delivery)

    Mailing $80.00

    Insurance $270.00

    Vat $40.00

    TOTAL $390.00

    DHL Courier (2 Days)

    Mailing $70.00

    Insurance $195.00

    Vat $25.00

    TOTAL $290.00

    UPS Express (4Days)

    Mailing $60.00


    Vat (0%)10.

    TOTAL $200.00

    You are hereby required to advice the Heritage bank Chief Executive Officer Mr John Peck, on your parcel delivery option by filling the required form stated above.

    Please note that the deadline for claiming your funds is exactly one week after the receipt of this email. At this period your funds will return back to the ordering costumer. That is the instruction given to us from the United Nations (UN) financial department.

    So take note. We advise you to contact Mr John Peck the President and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage bank with this payment number {FBI30FUNDS} and your {mailing address and full name and your contact number} to ensure conformity with our record for immediate dispatch of your parcel to you. Only valid residential, Office address and postal address are certified OK. We are here to protect you from any problem until you receive your package, But make sure you text Mr John Peck on this number 1 (270) 255-5441 yourself with above information and ask him to give you the info you will use to send the required shipping fee to enable quick releasing the ATM card to you because bankers is always engage with many customers activities.

    Below is Heritage Bank President and Chief Executive Officer contact details:

    Contact Person::: Mr John Peck.

    President and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage bank United States Fund Compensation representative

    Contact Number::: 1 (270) 255-5441 <--text message only

    Contact Email::: { ceo.johnpeck@citromail.hu }

    Looking forward to hear from you as soon as you receive this message

    Best Regards,

    Christopher A. Wray

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    J. Edgar Hoover Building

    935 Pennsylvania Avenue,

    NW Washington, D.C."


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