Cybersecurity- The Hot Topic For Students Awareness

Today, internet has become a necessity for us. With technological advancement, the internet is being used not only to gather information, but also to advertise, buy and sell products and services in numerous different forms. Not only that, people also use it to communicate with others as well as perform online financial transactions. This has increased cyber-crimes, hacking and other cyber attacks like spreading malware, virus, etc. Cyber security, thus has become an important and a hot topic for the awareness of people, especially students. Also known as Information Technology or IT security, Cyber security basically refers to the various different processes and technologies that are designed to protect your devices, applications, data and networks from any sort of cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity- The Hot Topic For Students Awareness

The experts at assignment help perth explain it in very simple terms. They say that Cyber security simply means the protection of data, networks, etc. from any unintended or unauthorized access, modification or destruction. It is also defined as all the operations and processes undertaken in order to minimize any kind of threats or risks to your devices by administering the required policies to prevent any data loss, recover lost data, etc. Cybersecurity therefore, aims to protect your devices, programs and software from such kind of attacks. In most cases, these attacks aim at accessing, modifying or deleting important sensitive information, stealing money from people via online frauds and so on.

In today’s environment, cyber security has become crucial for individuals as well as business organizations such as the military, government, educational and financial institutions, etc. that accumulate and store a wide range of data, which is confidential and important, on computers and share that with other computers across different networks. For families, the protection of children and other family members from cyber-crime is equally important. For any individual, protecting information and data that could impact their social as well as personal life and finances is important. The trusted scholars at algebra homework help also explain that students are mostly dependent on the internet. Not only do they have their social lives on display, they are also at risk of many cyber-crimes. Photos, videos and other personal information shared by them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be inappropriately used by others and may lead to serious and even life-threatening situations. These sites have created various opportunities for cyber-crimes, compromised personal identities and gave chances for information leakage. Therefore, it is important for students to understand how to protect themselves and others against cyber threats, while learning the difference between virtual and real world.

Subject matter experts known for assignment writing believe that with the internet becoming an important part of the lives of people, especially students these days, the need to protect sensitive and important information has also become necessary. People, more specifically students, use the internet to not just communicate with each other, but also access banking information, study, shop online and so much more. This has also increased the chances of a computer being infected with malicious viruses which could allow hackers to gain illegal access to the data stored in the computer. With the growth of data networks, digital programs and applications and internet users, there has also been a growth in cyber-crimes. Opening email attachments from people you do not know, clicking on malicious web links or unintentionally downloading applications or programs are some of the most common ways through which your computer or device can get infected with virus leading to data loss. Due to such crimes, there is a need to have potent cyber security, in order to protect and prevent inappropriate use of data.


Cybersecurity has been classified into the following different types by our friends at term paper writing help:

  1. INFORMATION SECURITY- this protects the private information of users from unwarranted access and identity thefts. It also protects the data privacy along with the hardware that stores and transfers the data. Examples include Cryptography and User Authentication among others.
  1. APPLICATION SECURITY- this protects the software applications from any risks that could take place due to defects in the development, installation, upgradation or maintenance of an application and its design.
  1. NETWORK SECURITY- this protects the safety and usability of a network along with its related components and the data that is shared over it. Examples include Antivirus and Anti-spyware software programs, Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks.


Cybersecurity threats are of many different types, some of which are listed below:

  1. VIRUSES- these are a type of malware/malware programs which are specifically designed to trigger damage to the user’s (victim) computer/device. These are known to infect a system without the user’s permission or knowledge. Viruses can not only replicate themselves, but can also attach themselves into different computer files along with corrupting and stealing information and data, like credit card details, etc.
  1. PASSWORD ATTACKS- this involves hacking attempts to crack saved passwords of the user. Usually done with a hacking program or tool, the hackers can enter many passwords every second to crack the user’s account and thus gain access to their private information. This is done not only on computers but also to gain access to bank details of the users.
  1. IDENTITY THEFT- the most common threat to cybersecurity, this involves the stealing of the victim’s personal information from various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, and then using that information to create a new person altogether. Not only can it harm your reputation, but it can also allow the criminal to pretend to be you in a different way.
  1. TROJANS- according to websites that provide credible information on such threats and are alternate to SEMrush, trojans are another common cybersecurity threats. They affect your computer while pretending to be harmless and useful software. These can not only download malicious programs onto your computer, but can also delete, modify and steal files stored in it.
  1. ADWARE- these are malwares that generate pop-ups and try to gain permissions that would allow them to further install additional software to your computer. This could delete as well as steal your data. Adwares are most commonly in the form of advertisements.
  1. SPYWARE and KEYLOGGERS- spyware are a malware that can spy on your computing habits. Keyloggers can record your keystrokes like passwords, credit card details as well as the PIN numbers. These gather your information, browsing history, etc and transfers such information to the hackers who either use it or sell that information to third parties.
  1. ZERO-DAY ATTACKS- carried out using zero-day malwares, these attacks exploit an unknown risk in your computer that has not yet been solved. These occur without the user’s consent and knowledge.
  1. PHISHING EMAILS- different from spam emails, phishing emails steal the user’sprivate information like credit card details and login credentials. These are used by hackers who trick the user to click malicious attachments or links provided in the emails that contain malware.

According to specialists at research paper writing service, cyber threats can infect a user’s computer in many ways. From shady websites that lure users into downloading malware on the pretext of free applications and games, or free money, to sharing of movies, music, documents, games, etc. online using P2P (peer to peer) networks, or even downloading torrents from the numerous torrent sites and clicking on phishing emails, cyberthreats can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any given time without their knowledge.

Expert writers at law assignment writing service suggest examples of cyber attacks like the GoldenEye or WannaCry ransomware attacks which incapacitated so many organisations and even forced some to shut down operations. With the new tactics and sophistication of cyberthreats, there has been an increased awareness of cyber-attacks among people.This has led to an increased need of better cybersecurity measures. In order to prevent cyber attacks from causing any damage to users, especially students who are the most vulnerable to these threats, proper cybersecurity measures need to be planned and taken.

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Cybersecurity- The Hot Topic For Students Awareness