Importance of Cyber Security In Your Business and How You Can Improve It

Importance of Cyber Security In Your Business and How You Can Improve It

There is a lot that goes into running a business in 2022. One major aspect that must be considered when running a business is cyber security. All businesses nowadays depend and rely on technology to keep them up and running, which is why it is important that you prioritize cyber security within your business so that you can be kept safe from any attacks.

Technology is constantly evolving, which also means that the way in which cyber-attacks happen is also evolving. This is why it is essential that, as a business, you are always looking for ways to improve your cyber security. In this article, we will go over a few different ways that can help your business improve the level of cyber security you have. Whether you are a small or large company, you are still at risk of a cyber-attack, so you must be aware of the signs and do what you can to protect your business.

If you would like to learn more about how your company can protect itself from cyber-attacks, then this article is for you. Keep on reading to find out more.

Train Your Staff

Training your staff about cyber-crime is just one thing you can do to help improve the cyber security within your business. No matter what their job role is, you should be training every staff member about the issues surrounding cyber-attacks and what they can do on a personal level to protect themselves and the company. As mentioned in the introduction, the way in which cyber-attacks happen is evolving, so the training you offer needs to constantly be updated so that everyone can be kept informed. You should ensure that you are offering training regularly and providing your staff with the right tools that will ensure they are protecting the company’s private data.

Now, this does not mean your staff need to become experts in cyber security, but it is far more beneficial to have everyone on board and working together to prevent any attacks. It could also be a good idea to create a resource file that everyone can access that contains helpful tips people can use on a daily basis to protect the business. Additionally, you should teach your employees how to spot the early signs of a cyber-attack, as this way, if it happens, they can sound the alarm.

Have An Expert Tech Team

While training your staff is certainly beneficial, you should also ensure that your business has an expert tech team who can be on constant watch for any cyber-attacks. Having a team of professionals will mean that your business is kept secure, as they can go through different processes that will protect your business from any attacks. If you have a large company, then you need to have a large tech team. It is likely that your company has a lot of private data that needs protecting, and you must ensure you have a big enough team to handle the responsibility. One method that could be used within your business is DevSecOps, which stands for development, security, and operations. This is a method that allows you to constantly test software during the development process, instead of testing it all at the end. This method is beneficial as it means you can spot any vulnerability straight away and fix it before it becomes a bigger issue. If you want to find out a bit more about the process of DevSecOps, then you can check out ForallSecure’s guide to DevSecOps on their website.

Invest In Updated Technology

Investing in updated technology is another great way to improve cyber security within your business. Modern and uprated technology will be far better equipped to deal with the potential threats of a cyber-attack as it will have the latest protection that older technology may not have. While cyber-crime is not necessarily a new thing, it is in a constant state of evolution, so older tech will not be equipped to deal with the modern forms of cyber-attacks. If your business has been operating in the same way for some time, then you might still have old computers that your staff work on. It would be beneficial for your business to invest in some modern technology that has updated software as it means your private data will be better protected from cyber-crime. You should do some research into the latest tech and find some computers and laptops that would work for your business. Depending on what your business is, you may need some higher functioning computers which although may seem like a lot of money at first, they will be worth it in the long run. Assess the current tech you have in your business and then consider what options and updated tech you can buy to replace the outdated ones.

Regularly Update Passwords And Ensure They Are Strong

Regularly updating passwords is a super simple and easy way to protect your company from a cyber-attack. If your staff have easy-to-guess passwords and they have had the same passwords for a long time, then it will be much easier for someone to hack into your system. You should encourage your staff to change their passwords every 6 months to a year as this will help to protect your private data. Additionally, you should ask your staff to choose passwords that are difficult to guess and contain a mixer of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Having a mix of all of these in a password can strengthen the password greatly. A password like this can sometimes be difficult to remember, so it could be beneficial for your team to use a password manager app or software, as it means they can access those passwords if they should forget. Simple steps like changing passwords regularly and making them stronger are both great ways of improving your cyber security and protecting your company as a whole.

Introduce A Multi-Factor Authentication System

Following on from the above point, as well as having strong passwords that are changed regularly, you should also have multi-factor authentication within your business too. Essentially multi-factor authentication is a way of logging into a system in two different ways. The first could be your strong password, and then the next could be entering a code that is sent to your email, mobile number, or a specific app. Having this multi-factor authentication is important within a business as it means that even if someone has accessed the passwords, they are still unable to get in. It simply adds an extra layer of security to your business and can help to protect your company from any cyber-attacks. You should train your staff about multi-factor authentication and explain to them the importance of having it in place. Improving the cyber security within your business is something that everyone should be responsible for, and you must ensure that everyone is aware of their roles within the company and what they must do to uphold that security. Cyber-attacks can be prevented if everyone works together and does their bit to stay safe and secure while they are at work.

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Importance of Cyber Security In Your Business and How You Can Improve It