7 Commercial Property Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

7 Commercial Property Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

If you study properties around, you may find one that is now different from what you know it to be. How did this building go from being admired to an old one in a short time? Poor or no maintenance can do that.

It is natural for properties to depreciate with time. Yet, one's actions or inactions may cause a property to depreciate slower or faster. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep a commercial property in its best state. Poor maintenance leads to its quick deterioration within a short time.

Maintaining a commercial property is similar to maintaining a personal property. However, the maintenance tactics you apply are on a larger scale. Commercial properties need intensive maintenance methods to perform at their best as they have more people in them.

Maintaining a commercial property is not only by repainting. A maintenance routine should be in place too. When you maintain your property often, you solve minor challenges as you notice them. However, when you do not attend to these little problems, they become larger ones. In some cases, they could cost you the whole property.

Property maintenance is about maintaining it right. So what are the tips you should know to maintain a property better? This article will guide you on how to do the right commercial property maintenance.

7 Tips For Commercial Property Maintenance

All commercial properties and buildings are different. Regardless, most general tips to keep the building functioning at its best. Helpful tips you can use include:

1. Carry Out Regular Routine Inspections

The first way to ensure you maintain your property is to do regular inspections. You can see all that needs corrections or replacements and effect the changes via frequent checkups. Frequent inspections ensure every section of the property is up-to-date.

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Carry out inspections as frequently as you can. At least once a month should do. That way, you can spot problems, solve minor problems or make repairs before it even escalates. In addition, carry out routine efficiency checks on all the sections in the building.

2. Get the Mold Out

Take it or not, you are less likely to enter a building covered in mold even if they offer the best services.

Molds are one of the top destroyers of properties. Safely giving properties an eerie look, buildings covered in mold do not last long. Mold causes wood to rot, blocks waterways, and traps dirt. In addition, mold weakens and devalues structures in the property. These organisms may cause you to replace structures sooner than expected.

Molds grow best in moisture, so you may want to avoid moisture around your property. Also, look out for mold near plumbing facilities since they are prone to grow around those areas.

Remove the molds as soon as you notice them to keep your tools and structures in good condition. And one effective way to remove mold is through pressure washing.

Pressure washing and window cleaning will help remove mold from your property. Also, keep roofs clean by roof pressure washing. Using these methods, you will remove mold, algae, and grime. Rigorous cleaning preserves your property for a longer time.

3. Pay Most Attention To the Busiest Areas

Commercial properties have more traffic than an average home will. Yet, some areas in the building get more traffic than others. For instance, reception halls, lobbies, and other central halls have more people than other sections. Increased traffic means that those places need more work than others. So pay keen attention to these areas' floors, windows, doors, and walls.

Areas with high traffic need a regular maintenance routine. That’s why these areas need frequent cleaning to prevent it from degenerating fast.

4. Scheduled Maintenance On Equipment And Facilities

Pay special attention to equipment and facilities in the building. Facilities like elevators and HVAC systems need maintenance often to keep functioning. Allow only experts skilled in the management of these facilities for maintenance since they are very technical.

Check elevators once in at least three months. For HVAC systems, a maintenance schedule of twice a year will work fine. Maintaining these facilities regularly saves costs one will spend on expensive repairs.

5. Fix Damages As You Notice Them

Making repairs at its early stage is the best decision. Pushing repairs off for later could worsen the damage. Minor damages often escalate. They cause a chain of other damages or accidents. The best time to fix a problem is as soon as you notice it. A bigger problem will cost you more to solve.

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Fix bulbs, faulty machines, broken windows, and so on. Effect changes as soon as you notice the damage or someone reports them.

6. Remodel

Sometimes what you need for your property is simple remodeling. Remodeling gives every property an ageless and modern look. Remodeling and repainting may even make the property triple in value.

Replace floors once they show serious cracks. Replace broken or spoilt windows and doors. Change the decorations. If you can afford it, go further by repainting the entire building.

Remodeling covers the flaws of old properties. It also makes a property look as good as new.

7. Put Away Fire Instigators

Remove materials that can worsen fire outbreaks. Regardless of how beautiful they look, inflammable materials fall in this category. If the property can do without these materials, do away with them or replace them.

Fire accidents are common, but you should prevent scenarios that can lead to such incidences. Invest in fire extinguishers to curtail incidences of fire outbreaks when any arise.

Bonus Tip: Get Professional Help

Maintaining a commercial property is taxing. Without prior knowledge, you may be unable to shoulder commercial property maintenance alone. Get professional help from companies to maintain the property instead. Experts in the field know the best tactic to apply to your property to keep it performing at its best.

As you look out for the best maintenance company to hire, ensure the company you settle for is good at their job. The maintenance schedule they use should give you the right value for your money.


Property maintenance is worth investing in. Keeping the property at its best will help you make a profit on the property every time. Always remember that maintaining a property yields the best results when using the best methods.

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7 Commercial Property Maintenance Tips You Should Follow