4 Major Benefits of Playing Video Games

4 Major Benefits of Playing Video Games

Video games have recently risen in popularity across the world. This increase in popularity is majorly attributed to the fact that a good portion of the population, including kids, teenagers, and the old, is participating in video gaming.

Playing video games has positive impacts and benefits on our lives. For instance, playing a life game, one of the simulation games, has been associated with boosting our critical and creative thinking on matters to do with survival tricks. Not only do games provide us with life hacks, but other benefits are worth noting.

Below are the 4 major benefits and positive impacts of video gaming.

1. Improvement of Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities are the fundamental skills based on the brain's ability to undertake any activity from its most superficial to the most complex stage. In many cases, cognitive abilities are associated with how a person views the world they are living in and the actions they do within that particular world. For instance, playing a city building game allows gamers to connect with the world.

Game of Thrones, for example, allows the gamer to have a virtual view of real-life situations as it is majorly associated with the signs of an upcoming Winter season. On the other hand, Romans, being associated with the historical activities of the Age of Caesar, allows the gamer to improve their visuospatial abilities.

Visuospatial ability is the major cognitive ability affected by playing video games. Of course, it involves the ability of an individual to recognize and recall objects and the relationships between them. This skill is essential even in other everyday life activities, such as finding an appropriate way through a city, driving, and understanding the objects around you or the associated map.

2. Enhanced Logic and Problem-Solving Ability

Video games are often referred to as mind games. The fact that they involve creative and critical thinking expands our brain's ability to solve various problems we often encounter in our daily lives. The skills derived from playing video games are also based on logical reasoning. Since logic is an important aspect of problem-solving, it is essential to play video games to boost our logic.

Those involved in active video gaming have more grey matter than their inactive counterparts. This fact can easily be determined by scanning the brains of gamers. Through the scanning, it is always clear that active gamers have heightened connectivity within their insular cortex. When put into practice, this connectivity can be associated with improved cognitive abilities, among which are logic and enhanced problem-solving skills.

Moreover, many gamers, especially those playing games that involve strategic thinking, planning, and the use of logic to achieve goals, are more likely to develop the area of the brain that is associated with reasoning and problem-solving.

3. Improved Coordination Between Hand and Eye

Hands and eyes are the major organs that are involved in active gaming. Hands are often used to hold the controller pads while ensuring that every object is placed in its right position as the gaming continues. Eye, on the other hand, ensures that the gamer visually perceives everything that happens during the gaming period.

Therefore, participating in regular gaming improves sensorimotor skills. These skills are essential to enhancing learning capability and adopting activities that need coordination between hand and eye. At this point, active video gamers gain their super excellent abilities to participate in other activities such as typing, bike riding, and other activities requiring hand-to-eye coordination. Of course, the underlining aspect of these activities is that they require one to coordinate the motion of hands with the movement of the eyes for a perfect result.

Moreover, in a study involving an equal number of gamers and non-gamers tasked with following a certain dot of a particular colour (green) on their screens with the mouse, the gamers were likely to follow the dot at a faster speed than the non-gamers. They can coordinate hand movements with their eyes better than non-gamers.

4. Excellent Multi-Tasking Ability

Finally, video gaming has since been associated with improving the multi-tasking ability of gamers. This ability is a fundamental aspect of our daily performance as it enables us to carry out our daily tasks more efficiently and produce better results. Having greater multi-tasking ability also lets you complete many tasks simultaneously, thus, helping you save time.

Final Thoughts

Video gaming has gained popularity worldwide because of its numerous benefits and positive impacts on our daily life. Video gaming improves our cognitive and problem-solving abilities. It also increases hand-to-eye coordination and lets us have excellent multi-tasking ability.

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4 Major Benefits of Playing Video Games