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Malicious Download - Your Version of Flash Player for Chrome is Outdated

Malicious Download - Your Version of Flash Player for Chrome is Outdated

The Chrome Flash Player update page below is a fake and is malicious. If you are asked to download, upgrade, or install the Adobe Flash Player on your computer while browsing the internet, please do not install it from the website that you are browsing. There are malicious websites or advertisements that will attempt to trick you into downloading and installing a malicious program disguised as the Adobe Flash Player.

Please continue reading below.

If the Adobe Flash Player web browser plug-in is not installed on your computer or needs updating, only download it from the following website:

If you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player from the above website and you are still being asked install it, the website that you are on is either malicious or there is a malicious advertisement displaying the fake Adobe Flash Player link.

Because most persons are always anxious to watch a video online, they will quickly click on a link and install any software in order to do so. Doing so is very dangerous because you can download a malicious program, which will spy on you, steal your personal information, credit card information, or online accounts user name and password.

The Fake Adobe Flash Player Download

The Fake Adobe Flash Player Download
Please note

Your version of Flash Player for Chrome is outdated. We recommend installing the latest version before continuing.

You are using Chrome to navigate and your Flash Player add-on is outdated.

To improve your experience download now the latest version and get an optimal performance.

Download the latest version of Flash Player and forget about playback issues.

The malicious Adobe Flash Player page will attempt to trick you into downloading the malicious file: installer_adobe_flash _player_English.exe from the website: 12097742981411612827

The file name and website name may change.

When we scan the malicious file, we found the following the threats:

  • Vittalia Installer (fs)
  • ADWARE/InstallCore.Gen9
  • Trojan.Packed.28459
  • Win32/InstallCore.QH
  • W32/InstallCore.AC.gen!Eldorado
  • Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud)
  • PUP.Optional.Vittalia
  • BehavesLike.Win32.CryptInno.bc
  • Trojan.Generic

Again, only download the Adobe Flash Player from this website:

Also, your Google Chrome browser already includes Adobe® Flash® Player built-in. Google Chrome will automatically update when new versions of Flash Player are available.

For more information about the dangers of downloading software to watch movies or videos online, please click here.

Please share with us what you know or ask a question about this article by leaving a comment below. Also, check the comment section below for additional information, if there is any. And, forward malicious email messages to us using the following email address: .

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