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A Story of a Man Who Finds Pleasure Messing With Scammers January 2015

A Story of a Man Who Finds Pleasure Messing With Scammers January 2015

I got a call from 832-727-4840 but left no message. I returned the call using my Magic Jack as I figured it to be bogus. It SOUNDED like a Verizon automated system but they kept referencing having your credit card handy, so I knew it was a scam. I went through the menus several times and finally was connected to a live person via the tech support option.

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"Vanessa" with Verizon customer service, at first sounded legit as she has most of the Verizon phone etiquette down. That is until I asked for her call back number. She fumbled around, I could tell she was not at a desk or wearing a headset, and finally gave me 800-922-0240. She also gave me attitude when I wanted to inform "Verizon" of a possible phishing scam.

I was in a playful mood so I hung up with "Vanessa" and attempted to call her back. The number "Vanessa" gave me was for "USA rebates" and I could get a free medical alert bracelet if over 50 OR 100 rebate card all for giving them my credit card / debit card information to pay the "processing fee" of $1.95.

I spoke with a "Michelle" who took my bogus name and address of 123 Sesame st, Sunnyside PA. I tried to convince her to just spot me the $2, that I was good for it. She adamantly refused and eventually hung up on me. So... I call back. Got a different person who then put me on hold to get manager, he hung up.

I waited a few minutes and call back. Finally got "Michelle" again and she still refused. I asked what city she was in, she said Virginia Beach. I replied, "OH that's cool what street, I am also in Virginia Beach." The response was please hold for manager and once again hung up. I figure I'll wait until 2 AM then try again.

Is it wrong that I find pleasure in screwing with scammers????

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