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Fake-News - "Facebook To Ban Religious Posts, Memes After Criticism From Atheism Groups"

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Fake-News - "Facebook To Ban Religious Posts, Memes After Criticism From Atheism Groups"

The article: "Facebook To Ban Religious Posts, Memes After Criticism From Atheism Groups," published on fake or news satirical website 'www.nationalreport.net', is NOT true. Facebook has not announced banning religious posts. They will only block or ban content that attacks people based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease.

Please continue below.

The articles on the website 'www.nationalreport .net' are all fictional and should not be taken as facts.

The Fake-News or Hoax

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

In a closed-door session with shareholders on Tuesday, Facebook executives wheeled out a set of new rules which, when implemented later this year, will ban their users from creating status updates and image posts related in any way to religion, while also vowing to disband groups and take down pages with religious goals or affiliations.

Facebook will introduce their new rules in three waves. The first will see religiously-themed pages being removed, as well as religious groups, private or otherwise, being disbanded. The second wave will prohibit the posting, sharing, and general distribution of religious images and memes; images asking Facebook users to pray, or encouraging them to believe in one or any religion, will be banned, with warning messages and even account suspensions for those who repeatedly attempt to violate the rule.

This news article is called news satire, also called fake news, and is a type of a humorous imitation presented in a format typical of mainstream journalism, and called a satire because of its content.

Please remember that not everything that you read on the internet is true. That is why it is important to check with reputable or popular news websites, before sharing, commenting on, and “liking” news posts on social networking websites.

The website www.nationalreport.net is considered a threat because some persons are taking the fake articles that they have published as authentic news.

For information about the fake news or satirical website: www.nationalreport.net, please click here.

The website www.nationalreport.net is also similar to the fake or satirical news websites:

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  • Posted: Sep 29, 2016 by an anonymous user from or near: San Jose, California, United States

    Need to stop all fake news and hoaxes from Facebook.


    • Posted: Nov 18, 2016 by an anonymous user from or near: Merrillville, Indiana, United States

      Really? I think we need to stop the theft of American minds via propaganda and biased reporting on the mainstream news. I think we need to reenact the domestic prohibition of propaganda by restoring the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948. I think we need to take responsibility for our own judgement (or lack thereof) and reject the nanny-state agenda. I think we need to list CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, FOX, The New York Times, and a laundry list of other media outlets as fake news sites. I also think it's time for the American people to admit that the media tactics employed by networks and publications, and who have an obligation to provide a free press, are actually destabilization strategies straight out of the KGB communist playbook.

      And lastly, I think we Americans need to embrace our duty to freely speak out against and boycott all platforms that threaten any human being's sovereignty of thought, language, and voice. If the social media platforms would like to better filter trending topics for accuracy, legitimacy, and integrity, perhaps this endeavor would be more effectively pursued by enacting policy that requires alleged "fake news" peddlers to tag their sensationalism more rigidly. A rating system might also be beneficial, but banning "fake news" is a gross overreach.


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