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Get Your Computer Tested For The DNS Changer Malware

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Get Your Computer Tested For The DNS Changer Malware

The FBI will be shutting down the rogue DNS Changer Malware servers on July 9, 2012 and, all computers that are infected with the DNS Changer Malware will not be able to browse the internet after the shutdown. The DNS Changer Malware is a Trojan Horse that will redirect your web browser to malicious websites, which will steal your credit card information, identity and other personal information.

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If you want to know if your computer is infected with this malware, please click the following link.

DNS Changer Malware Checker

Click here to test your computer at

If the following green picture appears on the DNS Changer Malware Checker page, it means that your computer is NOT infected.

DNS Changer Malware Checker Icon

Use the following tools to remove the DNS Changer malware:

McAfee Stinger Free Tool
MAC Scan

For more information about the DNS Changer Malware Trojan, please click here.

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