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Virus or Malicious Website

Virus or Malicious Website

The website is a very dangerous one because it is loaded with malicious computer programs called Trojan horses. The website appears to be an audio store with the name Akiho and the cybercriminals behind it lure their victims to it using fake email messages.

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The website

Virus or Malicious Website hxxp://

If you visit this website (DO NOT), you will be prompted to installed Java plug-in and Adobe Flash Player. Both malicious programs are disguised as Java plug-in and Adobe Flash Player installations, to trick the victim into installing them.

The following malicious computer programs where found on the website:

  • Trojan.Win32 .Generic.pak!cobra
  • Mal/Behav-130 20130904
  • Trojan.Agent/Gen-Multi
  • Gen:Variant.Symmi.7141
  • W32/Banker.T.gen!Eldorado

Here is a copy of the email message that is used to lure victims to the website

From: akihoaudio store (

If you can not view this message, please visit this link
Recovery on the request for pending No. 4829173

1 attachment | Boleto.NFe.Pendente.pdf
Download pdf file (2.199.87 MB)

Dear Customer:
Please be advised that you have until 06/09/2013 to pay the invoice for the delay of 08 months (August) of 2013, if payment is not made ??will be taken to protest after the date mentioned. Note: You can Billet print directly from our website by accessing Sincerely, akihoaudiostore financial

This email message is used by the cybercriminals to lure their victims to the malicious website with the hope of tricking them into installing the malicious programs, disguised as Java and Adobe Flash Player.

Also, the email message contains a malicious attachment with the name Boleto.NFe.Pendente.pdf.exe. This attachment is NOT a PDF document, but a malicious program called a Trojan horse. If you open this attachment, your computer will be infected with malwares.

Whatever you do, DO NOT visit this website and if you end up on it unintentionally, please close your web browser. This website may have the capability to infect your computer by just visiting it, that is, without you doing anything.

Once your computer is infected by these malicious programs, it will be taken control of remotely, without you knowing, by cybercriminals who will steal your information and use it to commit other cybercrimes that will be traced back to you.

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