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Account Alert - Important Membership Notification - American Express Scam

Account Alert - Important Membership Notification -  American Express Scam

The email message below: "Account Alert: IMPORTANT Membership Notification for your Card(s)," is a phishing scam, and was not sent by American Express. The spoofed email message contains a fake American Express form designed to trick the recipients into entering their American Express user names, passwords, PINs, credit card and personal information on it. Once the information is entered on the form and submitted, it will then be sent to the cyber-criminals who are behind this phishing scam.

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The Fake American Express Email

Subject: Account Alert: IMPORTANT Membership Notification for your Card(s)
Attachment: 2,,9_082--AmExCiVS_479,30.html

NEW! Card Security Guarding Procedures

For your security:

Valued CardMember,

This message is to inform you that All American Express(R) Card(s) now has new secure guarding procedures.

We have changed security guarding procedures for your American Express(R) Card(s). 

Please follow the given instructions in order to comply with our recent additional security features.

To continue, We have sent you an attached HTML Web Page.

See e-mail attachement
Download and save it
Open the attached document
Get started by filling your informations

Thank you for your continued Cardmembership.

American Express Customer Service


The Fake American Express Alert Notification Form

Fake American Express Alert Notification Form  or Document

Remember, although the email message appeared as if it came from an American Express email address, it was not. This email address was spoofed, meaning it was not sent from an American Express email address, but from some other email account.

If you have already entered your financial and personal information on the fake form and submitted it, please try changing your American Express password and contact them.

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