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Fake News - George Zimmerman Arrested While Visiting Ferguson

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Fake News - George Zimmerman Arrested While Visiting Ferguson

The article: "George Zimmerman Arrested While Visiting Ferguson," published on fake or news satirical website:, is NOT true. George Zimmerman was NOT arrested in Ferguson, Missouri and did not have an altercation outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts with two black teenagers. The fake news is spreading on the internet like wildfire.

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The articles on the website '' are all fictional and should not be taken as facts.

The Fake News: George Zimmerman Arrested While Visiting Ferguson

George Zimmerman Arrested While Visiting Ferguson

George Zimmerman

Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, who was acquitted in July of 2013 of all charges related to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, was arrested Wednesday morning in Ferguson, Missouri after an altercation outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts, where Zimmerman allegedly aimed a handgun at two black teenagers who confronted him.

This news article is called news satire, also called fake news, and is a type of a humorous imitation presented in a format typical of mainstream journalism, and called a satire because of its content.

Please remember that not everything that you read on the internet is true. That is why it is important to check with reputable or popular news websites, before sharing, commenting on, and “liking” news posts on social networking websites.

The website is considered a threat because some persons are taking the fake articles that they have published as authentic news.

The website is also similar to the fake or satirical news websites:

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